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Continued Series

Birthday Banditry: Part Three

“Because, this seems mostly a public indoor robbery,” declared Hypoteny, “this could be difficult, not to mention risky. This particular assignment also requires climbing and quick thinking skills, so we suggest that Rainbowflash tackle this job seeing that she specializes in those areas.”

by apollo_lunar

Eternal Spirit: Part Three

I felt as if my heart had begun to melt. I sighed and turned away from the Eyrie, looking out into the lake that stood behind the castle. It was so beautiful, so clear. The water shone, twinkled, and sparkled.

by erileen

Mystery of the Neolodge: Part Six

Drawers from shelves had been pulled out, loose papers covered the floor, there were even floorboards that had been ripped out of the floor and were propped against the wall. Somebody had been desperately looking for something: the Storm Amulet.

by playmobil_is_my_life

Pishicu and the Wisdom Council: Part Three

"Like I said before, the Faerie Queen is eye-candy. All she does is run the Hidden Tower, and talk to people as if she knew a whole lot."

by chipster33

Statues Of Kings and Evil Faeries Are Definite No-No's In Roo Island: Part Two

"I think someone's coming in," Zoey whispered in an ever-so-soft voice.

by blubblub317

The Haunted Woods Secret: Part Two

Daton strolled through the library looking at books. She used to rent books all the time and loved to read, but the Library had been closed down for a long time since then.

by meowth4

The Mystery of the Stolen Gem: Part Two

Silence. For a moment, all that could be heard was the pitter-patter of rain on the roof.

by ridergirl333

The Techo Mountain Excavation: Part Eight

"With all these pieces together, we have the completed inscription." Hamperdank frowned at Brier, "And, just so you know, I am qualified to translate this; languages and cultures are what I specialize in."

by resurrectedwarrior

Windstorm: Part Four

Too late. As soon as my paw brushed the strange curtain, I felt a sharp sensation, like I’d been burned, only severely. I cried out in pain and fell to my knees on the ground, where I inhaled and exhaled deeply, shaking off the shock of the sudden agony.

by sara_mossflower

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