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Adskidaf, Inc.


by _chazm_

An Avatar Too Far?

Poor Snowflake...

by equinewhispers

Destination: Sanity

Err... the family?

by black_magefive

Evil Usul & the Wishing Well

Evil Usul time!

by snowychristmas2017

Faellie Tails: Snowball Fight!

Coral, what have you done!?

by neodandelion

Faerie Funny

These Faeries... are so funny!

by lizz7372

Good Times

Be prepared for the coolest... Flash... EVER!

by nefelim99

I Love Omelettes!

Mynci + frying pan = trouble!

by moscowmule

If You Only Knew...

It's bad luck to be superstitious...

by mindela_me

Insanely Nuts

That's nuts... insanely nuts!

by horserider149

Ironies of Neopia

I'm... so... tired!

by choclated

Just Don't Ask

Trust me... that ain't snow.

by raynbow_light

Life's Surprises

Tough luck.

by sweetgirl47929

Luupine (#1)

The first of, err... Luupines.

by black_spiral

Meridellian Mayhem

Part 1.

by ikkin_with_attitude

Moraled Out

Wow... fierce one.

by lllil_msz_jokeyll


Friends you shouldn't bring home...

by chibikatza

Neopia To Glazerock

Calling Glazerock! Calling Glazerock!

by scoobydoobabee

Pteri No More

Again... tough luck.

by lyrielle

Really Confused

"About A Marmalade Sandwich"

by stoneman3x



by towershieldbolt

Sashas Sketches

2K/1.4 mil!!!

by washeh

Simply Random

The real origin of the Pant Devil...

by saraistarr

Stuck in the Neopet House

How fast does Meepit syndrome spread?

by spotthechelsey

The Meerca Siblings

And it continues...

by comedian872001

The Misadventures of a Pink Lenny

Lenny's All Wet!

by immortalmina

Turmaculus Trouble

That username is a killer on filenames...

by __x_avril_lavigne_x_

Wandering Neopia

I hope not.

by cacti20

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"Five Neopian Crazies in King Skarl's Court" by fantasy_scifi

His cream-colored fur shined in the light of the midday sun, matching the polish of his golden wing protectors...

Other Stories


I Like The Way You Groove!
Welcome to the Hard Sloth Cafe!

by plushieowner


Pigglet the Mallard
It's not everyday you'll find a little Faerie Kacheek with a Mallard named Pigglet...

by kacheekluva504


Looks ARE Everything: Part Two
Some change into bold, intimidating, battledome-ready Neopets. Others need to BE changed. Ummm, their diapers, that is.

by stoneman3x


How To Be A Great Guild Leader
I mean, you look at a guild and you think, "I could make one much better than that!"

by karlitea


The MAGAX Chronicles: Part One
He whipped out his battleaxe, slashing at the ghosts as they swarmed around him, making horrible rattling noises as they came, as if they were trying to draw breath but couldn’t quite manage it.

by grimpixie


Hunt for Cadima: Part One
The sea glittered wistfully in the sun; the bird-like Petpets chirped in their trees, the Catamaras and Scados swam, looking for food to eat.

by cruzerchic123

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