There are ants in my Lucky Green Boots Circulation: 81,645,694 Issue: 153 | 16th day of Hiding, Y6
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Short Stories

A Typical Beggar

The sticky, humid heat of the summer day hovered in the air in Neopia Central, enveloping the city and clutching everything in its tight grip.

by mrs_fluff

Digging for Dubloons

Dantes the Dragoyle, as he was called, sped up beside her and snorted in agreement, causing a puff of smoke to escape his dragon-like nostrils.

by mimed

Five Neopian Crazies in King Skarl's Court

She took a few tentantive steps forward and asked, "Who isn't a pack of… umm… blue Babaa… wanting to start their own… D'Achoo?"

by fantasy_scifi

Goddess Has Landed

Don’t worry Artemisluv... we’ll get you there safely.

by immortalmina

I Like The Way You Groove!

Welcome to the Hard Sloth Cafe!

by plushieowner

Midnight Mystery


by blubblub317

Musical Meaning

“Hey, Lo, take a look at this!” exclaimed a small Lupe pup, dragging his sister towards a notice in the Toy Shop window.

by harmo333

Pigglet the Mallard

It's not everyday you'll find a little Faerie Kacheek with a Mallard named Pigglet...

by kacheekluva504

Sarah And The Baby Kougra

As my owner Sarah and I walked down to the Neopian Pound, I shuddered... what if Sarah got another pet?

by qwerty_you3162

The Charlie Chronicles: The Moving News

You think you know what it is like to be a female? Yurble? Green? An artist or a painter?

by roxycaligirl101

Who Stole the Cookies?

Once upon a time in a Neohome, not too long ago, there were seven Neopets renting a place for the summer.

by singinsweetiedusty

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Insomnia Got Ya?

Sleep is the one thing everyone needs. It relaxes and rejuvenates us... but according to some random poll, 45% of pets and their owners do not get the recommended eight hours of sleep!

Other Stories


Looks ARE Everything: Part Two
Some change into bold, intimidating, battledome-ready Neopets. Others need to BE changed. Ummm, their diapers, that is.

by stoneman3x


How To Be A Great Guild Leader
I mean, you look at a guild and you think, "I could make one much better than that!"

by karlitea


The MAGAX Chronicles: Part One
He whipped out his battleaxe, slashing at the ghosts as they swarmed around him, making horrible rattling noises as they came, as if they were trying to draw breath but couldn’t quite manage it.

by grimpixie


Hunt for Cadima: Part One
The sea glittered wistfully in the sun; the bird-like Petpets chirped in their trees, the Catamaras and Scados swam, looking for food to eat.

by cruzerchic123


Good Times
Be prepared for the coolest... Flash... EVER!

by nefelim99


Simply Random
The real origin of the Pant Devil...

by saraistarr

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