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Could we please have an update on what is happening with regards to the cursed land of Australia? - Bolttony
Hehe, I wouldnt say you were cursed, by all accounts Australia is a very nice place apart from the spiders. Basically we have changed it so you have to be over 13 to play the games that we removed. As long as you are over 13 you should have no problems playing no matter what country you are from. If you are under 13 we are very sorry, but had to have some limitation there. Note - this is not specific to Australia, it is across the board.

I just got this wonderful petpet called the Sauropod only to realize you can't paint it! It doesn't come in any other colors! Could you please give it some color? - iluvfrogies15
Of course!

I think there should be a morphing potion or a chance from the lab ray to get and Ice-colored Bori. My friend who does Neopets said he got an Ice Bori the day they were released to the public! You didnt say that was gonna happen! Oh, and I wont stop nagging till you give in ;) - borisrock100
Well, we really don't want to devalue the prize of getting an Ice Bori for the people who took part in the offer, but maybe we could make it a super super super rare lab ray thing. I said maybe though, I will need to check with Adam about this.

Are the avatar from the Guildmasters' Dinner available to unlock? Please I love the Baby Kiko. - vanse2
They will be available as prizes for getting the answer right, as well as many other things.

Baby Kiko

Beast Burger

Fire Peophin

Battle Duck

Scarab 21

Scout Unit

When you were talking about a new game going into the game graveyard you said "A baby creaks. A gate starts to cry..." was that on purpose? - Derf321
Aye, it was!

My birthday is December 25th and I dont want the b-day sidebar to show because I want to see the xmas sidebar. What will happen? - Kandigurl
That is a really good question, after asking around it seems the Birthday bar will over-ride any other themed bars, but you will still have the chance to get the special theme bar as a permanent option (not the Birthday one though, that will only appear on your birthday).

Hello! Now, as of usul day is coming up (yay!) and me, being a usul lover (*points at faerie usul*) Could they please be the next pet to get a makeover? Specily the faerie *cough* I mean, I love me pet, but the usuls in general need a major makeover.. I've loved all the makeovers so far, I think they've all turned out for the best, by the way ^__^ - forgotten_library
Thank you for your positive comments. Unfortunately I don't think the Usul will be the next Neopet to be made over. It will probably be the Quiggle although we want to finish the Techo and Poogle changes before we start another one.

Help me look great!

What is all the kadoaties obsessions with Blue Draik Egg??? I recently saw 8 (Yes, EIGHT!) kadoaties asking for Blue Draik Eggs! I know you said that its completely random, but this is a conspiracy! And anyway, if these kadoaties already have owners why do they want draik eggs? Eh, eh? -Rrhcpmunkeyrocker
Maybe one particularly spoilt Kadoatie started asking for it and now they all want one :p I will look into it and see if this is right. They should ask for more varied things.

Assuming that the Space Faerie in Caption Contest #489 is THE Space Faerie I pose a question to the Neopets Team...Why has she suddenly turned non-ethnic? Before she was of a gorgeous-ly deep skin tone, lighter than Jhudiah but darker than the other her skin tone is like that of ALL the other faeries... Why? I'm hoping it was a glitch in the colouring...but in both the background AND Caption? Please relieve me of my worst fear... - x_cartoon_krazy_x
Heh, its ok. That was just drawn by one of our newer artists and they made a mistake. Rest assured the Space Faerie is her old self still.

Oh no! There was no Pteri Day avatar released! What happened? Are you furiously working on the plot? - Samschelfohut2
We are, but that isn't the reason the avatar was done. There has been this horrible flu-like bug going through the office, I think just about everyone has had it at some point in the last month. Sadly that is when Snarkie was out of action and she is the main avatar bunny. I will make sure a new Pteri avatar is added soon and that the Neopets staff start taking vitamins regularly heh :)

Are there going to be a cave-maker for HATIC like there is for HATPC? Pleeeeeeeeeeease? I have lost of great cave ideas for HATIC already! - Jgggh
There should be yes. I will check on its progress.

Did ya forget the random contest? - iamursk8erboi
No, just with everything else that has been happening this week I haven't had time to read through the thousands and thousands (I'm not kidding) of entries. I will get to that over this weekend and the winners should be announced Monday or Tuesday along with a new contest.

It was my cousins b'day and she didn't have the side bar that was told she was going to get. My birthday is a week after hers (november 25th) and I hope this doesn't happen to me :P - Frozen_mizz_lyrical
Ack! Someone is getting fired out of a cannon for that! I am so sorry. It should have been set up weeks ago but it seemed to have been forgotten about. It has now been done so if it is your birthday from now on it will appear.

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