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9 Reasons I Keep Coming Back to the Site

I can still remember the time I created my first ever account— My older cousin was there showing me the ropes and showing off his Darigan Kougra, which I thought was the coolest thing ever at the time, and still think is pretty cool today!

by milestrong
How to Become a Great Neopian Times Writer

The Neopian Times has always been a place of inspiration and admiration for me. Always full of stories, awesome articles, and comics, but for years I wasn’t sure how to get published until I learned these steps...

by rkbear
The Nesting Habits of 9 Types of Weewoo

Learn all about the nesting habits of 9 different types of Weewoos from the esteemed Professor Jeremiah Quigglesnoot The Third.

by chirigami
30 Facts about The Neopian Times

30 Facts about the Neopian Times also by Neschulz

by sthephanie
What Does the Number 900 Remind you of?

In order to celebrate the 900th edition, we interviewed celebrated Neopians and asked: What does the number 900 mean to you? collaboration with _kathy_2004_

by _annefrank_
25 Ways to Repurpose 900 Issues of the Neopian Times

Twenty-five fun and creative ways to recycle and repurpose your Neopian Times issues!

by sixaroo
Thank you, Neopian Times

Despite my comings and goings from Neopia, and those moments when my well of inspiration proved to be dry and parched and utterly useless, I will never forget the lessons and opportunities the Neopian Times has provided for me, and many other writers and artists...

by precious_katuch14
Nine Ways To Stay Healthy

a guide on the NINE best ways to stay healthy while you are traveling around Neopia! written in collaboration with afsheen_27

by spica
Neopian Vacation Guide

So, you’ve finally decided to take a little vacation – something a bit more exotic than the neolodge. But, the question is with all the different worlds to visit, what world should you travel to?

by catapult1718
20 ways to spread Neopets joy!

There can never be enough joy in the world, and what better way to gain it than by spreading it to others? Here are 20 ways you can brighten another Neopian’s day with a random act of kindness.

by esophee
What Should I do with my Gallery Anyway?!

There are thousands and thousands of items on Neopets, so how do you decide what to put on display? This guide will serve as inspiration for anyone who is at a loss for what to do with their gallery.

by ultimatekai123
The 9 Worst Places to Host Your 900th Edition Party

You let time slip away from you again, didn’t you? The 900th edition of the Neopian Times is here, and you haven’t planned a thingCollaborated with bha288

by drobss
Taking proper care of your Weewoo

The Weewoo has always been one of Neopia’s most popular Petpets. Because of their intelligence and appearance, they have been the symbol of the Neopian Times for as long as anyone can remember.

by youi234
Nine Ways to Neo-Flex!

Do you want to amaze your friends and earn the begrudging respect of your enemies? If so, keep reading!

by costumely
The Lockdown Lookback – A Guide

Musings, Tips and Observations for the returning player during the pandemic

by epode
A Rap Battle: Neopian Kings and Queens

The ultimate rap battle featuring rulers from all over Neovia

by high_5_98
9 Fun Things to Do 900 Times

Sharing 9 amazing, fun, and 100% Dr. Sloth approved* activities you can partake in nine-hundred (yes 900) times. How wonderful! So without further ado, let's begin. *Approval pending

by umbrex
Last Year's Best NC Mall Events

Last year's fashions are so last year, but that doesn't mean they are totally unwearable! There were some amazing outfits and trinkets released in the NC Mall in 2019...

by cinnamontea
Specializing your Neopets - Spread Out Your Resource

Ever wonder how the most successful players do it? How they can afford all of those books, gourmet foods, training codestones, and job tickets at once, while setting aside Neopoints for their own endeavours?

by halleycat2235
Happy Happy

Are you feeling blue? Does the thought of another listless day or night just leave you feeling cold?

by karlynne1964
90 Reasons to Return to Neopets as an Adult!

90 reasons to celebrate the 900th Edition of the Neopian Times!

by okayls
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How to Become a Great Neopian Times Writer

Hello reader! How are you? I bet you read the Neopian Times all the time, I know I do. I read it for years before I finally got the courage to submit an actual story to it. That story, unfortunately, did not get in, and neither did the next one. Then one day I got the most exciting neomail I’ve ever gotten. I got in! The Neopian Times has always been a place of inspiration and admiration for me. Always full of stories, awesome articles, and comics, but for years I wasn’t sure how to get published until I learned these steps.

Other Stories


The Lonely Kadoatie
Sure, some Kadoaties have expensive tastes, which can come as a surprise, but Mew was different. There’s no item listed underneath her cage at all; there’s nothing she seems to want.Also by noitalletsnoc

by neon3002


Getting A White Weewoo
Meet Angello, the mailman who just wants a Weewoo of his very own...

by luvdisc_123


The Move
For the Creep family, the moving process was an awful one. No one was expecting it, heck, no one wanted it, but Hannah thought it would be a good idea to bring the family together in one big neohome to bond better.

by hannahcreep


Harker's Story
Harker is finally reunited with his sister...but at what cost?

by tanikagillam


900th Neopian Times Celebration Crossword Puzzle
Crossword about the colours of our famous NT mascot, the WeeWoo for issue #900

by xlorally


Secrets of a Delivery Weewoo
One Weewoo's expert tips on how to get published in the Neopian Times!

by pikcel

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