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Continued Series

The River that Flows Eternal

Jahbal stood on the balcony of his fortress, his gaze sweeping the snowstorm. Ice and snow were all that the Two Rings knew, here on this high peak. But there was no better place from which to survey his domain.

by movie138music
Harker's Story

Harker is finally reunited with his sister...but at what cost?

by tanikagillam
Avatar Goldmine

Dr Sloth chuckled as he stared down at Harry who was trying to flap his wings to flee from the scene. Hew then turned his head towards Rysony and spoke in a deep voice..‘Hello there, my friend. I’ve been looking for you for a while now.’ Edited by rabbits_forever

by wizzkid_
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How to Become a Great Neopian Times Writer

Hello reader! How are you? I bet you read the Neopian Times all the time, I know I do. I read it for years before I finally got the courage to submit an actual story to it. That story, unfortunately, did not get in, and neither did the next one. Then one day I got the most exciting neomail I’ve ever gotten. I got in! The Neopian Times has always been a place of inspiration and admiration for me. Always full of stories, awesome articles, and comics, but for years I wasn’t sure how to get published until I learned these steps.

Other Stories


Getting A White Weewoo
Meet Angello, the mailman who just wants a Weewoo of his very own...

by luvdisc_123


900 Weewoos Over Neopia
Authors Note: Thank you to all of the wonderful members of TNT and all who have submitted to the Neopian Times throughout the years for getting us this far! Happy Issue 900! We all look forward to 900 more! I would like to dedicate this story to everyone who made this issue a reality!

by platinum_marauder


Specializing your Neopets - Spread Out Your Resource
Ever wonder how the most successful players do it? How they can afford all of those books, gourmet foods, training codestones, and job tickets at once, while setting aside Neopoints for their own endeavours?

by halleycat2235


20 ways to spread Neopets joy!
There can never be enough joy in the world, and what better way to gain it than by spreading it to others? Here are 20 ways you can brighten another Neopian’s day with a random act of kindness.

by esophee


Just Another Day
Happy 900, everyone!

by miacirclegirl


900 Issues & Counting!
I mean you wanted 900 right? Also by kimmyfied and latrellstephen

by depraving

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