Come dance with the Wanderers... Circulation: 196,228,680 Issue: 900 | 1st day of Hunting, Y22
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Dr Sloth

Worth it! Also by acespades1

by o_babypet4me_o
Celebrating 900 issues!

Weewood never miss a celebration of the 900th issue!

by oomp
Head in the Clouds: Issue 900

That's WAY too obvious...

by yoshisislandbandit
Team Work

Teamwork makes the dream work!

by rafa_potter
Slow News Day

Can you spot the hidden 900? :) concept by ciarza & art by riss_chan

by riss_chan
He's just standing there... menacingly!

Almost pulled a sneaky on ya... Art by glittery4u

by 1337_masta
Neopian Times Through the Years

The Neopian Times really has come a long way! Art by _frostmourn

by realidade
Neopian Editor Troubles 900

Trouble rolls around every 100 issues!

by andypopo
900th Neopian Times Celebration Crossword Puzzle

Crossword about the colours of our famous NT mascot, the WeeWoo for issue #900

by xlorally

After 900 issues of the Neopian Times, has it all just been an evil Dr. Sloth scheme?

by _espy_
Just Another Day

Happy 900, everyone!

by miacirclegirl
900 Issues & Counting!

I mean you wanted 900 right? Also by kimmyfied and latrellstephen

by depraving
Perspective Matters!

Different points of view... Collab with Rockysmom

by geneames1
Special Edition Delivers Leg Day

Seriously?Art by tifnkittygrundler!

by kaddisti
Time's Change

A comic to to celebrate the changes Neopets has gone through over the years!

by rukhmar
Secrets of a Delivery Weewoo

One Weewoo's expert tips on how to get published in the Neopian Times!

by pikcel
Objects seen from the Virtupets Space Station

Neopet made structures that can be seen from the Virtupets Space Station Collaboration with zeacade

by starscreamer54
Distracted Neopets User Meme

Hey what are you looking at!

by secant
Sound the Alarm!

Do you hear sirens? collab with devotedly

by steve_km
White Weewoo gets a special order

Wait... how many?

by sirrusty2000
Where there's a Weewoo there's a way!

Congrats on 900, lets hit 1000! (ps. isn't the weewoo the best Petpet?)

by communicable
The Floating Islanders - NT 900

You'd have a different conception of time too if your planet was 22 Years Old...

by yankeesrule244444456
(IN)SANE - #900

900? No way!

by rocksockgirl95
Neopian Manopoly

Well, what're you going to do?

by heartswold
The Big Issue

It's not just big, it's huge! Also by xxcrayzylilboyxx

by roxanna203
Just Cake #17

Dang it, Nick!

by flameshard
Chaos Causers: Issue 900 Special

Virtupets technology sure is crazy!

by huntercn
Creative Solutions for Not-So-Creative Neopians

Creativity comes in many forms...

by cloudypoogle
Breaking News!

Your resource for the best news coverage across Neopia. Happy 900th issue!

by saintsalmon
Forgetful Follies

I never remember anything!

by focalin_xr
Boogie Time

Pretty pleeeeeeeeeeeease?

by cherokee165
It's that time of the year...

It's starting!

by redturtlegirl12345
Desert Dessert!

Chocolate petpets shouldn't take vacations here...

by xxautumnxx

What? I have a big family! idea by scraplets

by siqu
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"900 Weewoos Over Neopia" by platinum_marauder
Countless shining stars light up the night sky over Neopia Central. If any were awake at this hour they could look up into this mesmerizing sea of diamonds above, smile, and ponder the brilliance of the universe. Though the stars were breathtaking, there was another reason that this night was one to be remembered. For tomorrow when dawn comes, Neopians throughout the lands...

Other Stories


The Odd One Out
Rin had always been just a little different. Not different in a fun, quirky way, like how Eva would change up her paintbrush colour every month; and she wasn’t so different as to be a landmark of her own, like how Jordan was the Neoschool’s only student from Kreludor and wasn’t that just so cool?

by aurorapearl


The Lonely Kadoatie
Sure, some Kadoaties have expensive tastes, which can come as a surprise, but Mew was different. There’s no item listed underneath her cage at all; there’s nothing she seems to want.Also by noitalletsnoc

by neon3002


Specializing your Neopets - Spread Out Your Resource
Ever wonder how the most successful players do it? How they can afford all of those books, gourmet foods, training codestones, and job tickets at once, while setting aside Neopoints for their own endeavours?

by halleycat2235


The Lockdown Lookback – A Guide
Musings, Tips and Observations for the returning player during the pandemic

by epode


~The Golden Quill~
Deep in the snowy terrain of Terror Mountain, there is a small house. It is constantly covered in snow, and stands firm up against the constant barrage of winter that the mountain thrusts upon it...

by mystify


The River that Flows Eternal
Jahbal stood on the balcony of his fortress, his gaze sweeping the snowstorm. Ice and snow were all that the Two Rings knew, here on this high peak. But there was no better place from which to survey his domain.

by movie138music

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