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Short Stories

Faerie Tales: Cloud Nine

Author's note: Inspired by the Neopian book of the same name.

by fairyxhearts

Dr. Landelbrot shares a secret with Scintilly...

by herdygerdy
The Lonely Kadoatie

Sure, some Kadoaties have expensive tastes, which can come as a surprise, but Mew was different. There’s no item listed underneath her cage at all; there’s nothing she seems to want.Also by noitalletsnoc

by neon3002
A Day at the Bark

Larry the Quiggle finds a new friend at the park.

by arqien
Sery and Vina

A story about two Mutant Hissi sisters learning to love themselves.

by swordlilly
The Evergreen Clearing

After Romyne's best friend moves away she meets an unexpected stranger leading to new opportunities.

by cyberfall
The Weewoo in Jail

Wiley the White Weewoo sat perched on the thin rail inside his prison. He’d been trapped in the small cell for what felt like weeks already, when in reality only a few days had passed by. Collab with Sportsagain

by fizztop
Pip's Special Delivery

Pip was excited. Well, he was normally excited every Friday, but this Friday was extra special. It was issue 900 of the Neopian Times, and Pip especially loved it when it was an edition that was a multiple of fifty. It was like Christmas – but better!

by corrina404
Where did the Weewoo come from?

Where oh where did that Weewoo go?

by krazypinkgurl
An Aspiring Adventurer and an Admirable Academic

A tale about two siblings learning a valuable lesson.

by 1337r3st0ck4
The Odd One Out

Rin had always been just a little different. Not different in a fun, quirky way, like how Eva would change up her paintbrush colour every month; and she wasn’t so different as to be a landmark of her own, like how Jordan was the Neoschool’s only student from Kreludor and wasn’t that just so cool?

by aurorapearl
Getting A White Weewoo

Meet Angello, the mailman who just wants a Weewoo of his very own...

by luvdisc_123
900 Weewoos Over Neopia

Authors Note: Thank you to all of the wonderful members of TNT and all who have submitted to the Neopian Times throughout the years for getting us this far! Happy Issue 900! We all look forward to 900 more! I would like to dedicate this story to everyone who made this issue a reality!

by platinum_marauder
The Nine-Hundred Day Quest

Day eight-hundred and ninety-seven. Peter reached for the map in his coat pocket, unfurling it in front of him. The edges were tattered and the map had begun to fade, but it was still readable over the fire, whose flames illuminated the parchment like a paper lantern. collab with jlp2q2

by sixlets1
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9 Reasons I Keep Coming Back to the Site

I have been playing Neopets for well over 10 years now. I can still remember the time I created my first ever account— My older cousin was there showing me the ropes and showing off his Darigan Kougra, which I thought was the coolest thing ever at the time, and still think is pretty cool today! I created a Yellow Buzz and was browsing through its different possible colours, feeling super amazed and wanting to someday paint my Buzz Fire (because Fire is so rad, amirite?) Fast forward to today...

Other Stories


The Lockdown Lookback – A Guide
Musings, Tips and Observations for the returning player during the pandemic

by epode


Nine Ways to Neo-Flex!
Do you want to amaze your friends and earn the begrudging respect of your enemies? If so, keep reading!

by costumely


Avatar Goldmine
Dr Sloth chuckled as he stared down at Harry who was trying to flap his wings to flee from the scene. Hew then turned his head towards Rysony and spoke in a deep voice..‘Hello there, my friend. I’ve been looking for you for a while now.’ Edited by rabbits_forever

by wizzkid_


The River that Flows Eternal
Jahbal stood on the balcony of his fortress, his gaze sweeping the snowstorm. Ice and snow were all that the Two Rings knew, here on this high peak. But there was no better place from which to survey his domain.

by movie138music


The Big Issue
It's not just big, it's huge! Also by xxcrayzylilboyxx

by roxanna203


Celebrating 900 issues!
Weewood never miss a celebration of the 900th issue!

by oomp

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