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The Petpet Project: Changing Life in the Pound

A lot of the pets in the pound have such horrible names that no one would ever think to adopt. They'll be stranded there forever. So this is why I have a challenge for you...

by champ100543
kelp: Not Just A Weed

Now, like most Neopians, I tend to get bored VERY EASILY.

by coolio3571
How To Successfully Create a Roleplay Board

Know what your roleplay is about. Because if you don't know, how are others supposed to know?

by entitled
Naming the Average Neopet

We know it is quite hard coming up with names.

by gracecaroline_8
Turmac Roll Guide

Have you always admired the shining Turmac Roll trophies, but have never been able to get one? Well, that ends now with this guide!

by oh_nine
Cutting a Bargain: How to Haggle

Wouldn't it be great if things could just cost less?

by kevin_zhu123
Ellieq Presents: Customisation Puzzles

I will give you a theme, neopets species and what type of items it takes to complete it, and you try to guess what wearable items and pet color will complete it.

Also by junkholder

by ellieq38

Are You A Neopets Risk Taker?

Do you tiptoe around Neopets, scared of the Pant Devil, or are you one of the first people to sign up to fight the evil Meepits?

by mrs_hartdegen
The Great Carrot/Floud Experiment

I am sharing my findings with you now because I solemnly believe that my research has barely scratched the surface of this mystery...

by carrotopian
From One Janitor To Another: A Guide To Janitor-ing

Don't you think that just ANYBODY can be a janitor. It takes skill, practice, and determination.

by bethdoll
The Neopian Pound

I performed an inspection on the Neopian Pound. I have published the results to dispel some of the rumors that haunt the pound.

by gabs5524
Finding the Perfect Location for your Neohome

Ever contemplated where you should build your neohome? Especially since the new Neohome 2.0 was released?

by magenta125
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"Cold" by reggieman721
The two muffins are still sitting in front of me on that plain blue plate. I stare at them, trying to decide which one to eat. How is a Neopet to know which is better? The choice is before me, and I'm certain that one side is right and the other is wrong... I just can't tell which is which. Keira finishes what she's doing and glances at me. The pink Gelert notices that I still haven't touched either of the muffins...

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It Happened Twice
"I really like your Island Gelert," he said brightly. I grimaced.

by ambreon


The Fabulous Four - The Beginning
This time it was my turn to roll my eyes. "Mom wouldn't do that without at least telling us."

by catloverusa


Seashells: Part Five
"I'm not caught," Samara said stubbornly. "I'm in here by choice. I have to find my mother before I leave."

by iamcanadian1428


Falling Rain: Part Two
"Terrible food here, isn't it? I guess Kass's men are too busy being spooky to learn how to cook properly."

by mutedsanity


Avatar collecting can mess up your priorities.

by christa_iz_cool



Idea by eddest0001

by l_like_animals

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