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The Book and Booktastic Award trophies on our Neopet lookups stand in isolation, while the Gourmet Club trophies link to a high scores table that is so amazing it even has a link to view all the food that Neopet has ever eaten! We would adore TNT and shower you with socks forever, should you wish to bestow upon the academics the same link and display as the gourmands possess. It just doesn't seem quite fair that everyone gets to see their regurgitated food but can't view our gorgeous libraries full of knowledge! ~jellie_19
Hmm... good point. We'll submit a request to the programmers to see if they can add a link without making anything explode or anything!

Dear TNT, Back in April, I used an FFQ on my Neopet Zorro to make him a chocolate Cybunny. Afterwards, I bought him tons of customization wearables and entered him in the spotlight. Although he won 3rd place, I'm sure he could do better. So I waited my two months but after two months I keep getting this message "Zorro_xxx has won the spotlight within the last 2 months and cannot enter again." It has been about 5 months since he has won now, how come I can't enter him anymore? ~passion_fruit_pie
That's odd. We'll double check the code to see if we can find anything wrong. Congrats on the win by the way!

How come you can't say what the word to get into your account is called? ~lastrael
Because there's really no good reason anyone should be talking about their password while on the site anyway. ;)

Can you describe a normal work day in your office for me? I'd really like to know. ;D ~mouthwash
Day 3,231 of our capture:
Once again we began our morning listening to the slow drip of the coffee maker. We gathered around it bleary eyed until forced back to our desks by the Meepits. Once the chains were secure around our ankles, we read through the demands that had been emailed to us during our precious sleeping hours. The Meepit overlords cracked their whips, and the artists began drawing, the programmers began tapping away writing their fancy code, the writers started writing, and Dragona curled up around the water cooler, growling at those who passed near, and threatening them with immaculate haiku. All in all, it was just another day in the office.

Oh, and Viola finally went nuts, but that's been a long time coming.

She went into a tap dancing frenzy, the likes of which have not been seen in many an age. Oh, did we mention it was on top of her desk, waving around a pirate sword? It's okay. The police are here now... brb!

Does someone make up the Lenny Conundrums? If someone does, who thinks it up? Everyone? ~frostbladepk
Nope, just one poor soul has to come up with a new LC every week. Mostly because he's good at math, and an embarrassing number of the rest of us have to take our socks off to count to twenty.

Hai there TNT. Did you know that you have a Gnorbu shop keeper named "Gnorbut - White Insense"? I laughed so loud when I read it! Was someone a little sleepy when they named it, or was it a joke? ~lcepop
Apparently we can't spell either! Good thing we're real good at... um... uh... oh look, a Meepit! /points and runs away.

Hey TNT! You rock! Anyway, I was looking at the faeries, and I was wondering why most of the faeries have BLONDE hair? Is there a reason, or do you just don't like other hair colors? ~flame452397
Actually, including Jhudora and Illusen, more faeries have either brown or purple hair than blonde. Check it out! :D

Okay, I know dozens of people have asked this question, but are side account Neopets allowed into the Customization Contest and the Beauty Contest? ~jackjack1234
Yes, at this time you may enter the Beauty and Customisation contest with your side accounts.

Hello! I just bought a Cooty for my pet, and I am trying to get it to attach. Someone told me that I can just open a large number of tabs with my inventory in them, say 30, and then just (manually) use the "refresh all tabs" option in my browser until it attaches. I know that auto-refreshers are against the rules, but is refreshing multiple tabs at once bad? Thanks! ~tip_of_the_iceberg
Ack, yeah, please avoid doing that for the safety of your account. Just refresh the old-fashioned way of pushing F5 or clicking the refresh button in a rational manner. :)

Stop rushing me! D: I'll hop on when I'm good and ready!

Hey, TNT. What does the scouter say about your power levels? ~kewlchik19
We're OVER 9,000!

Alright, TNT. I have a severe problem here. The roly play boards are full of people posting things such as "/omigoshatitle" or just plain "Omigoshatitle you know what to do! :D" to link people to an RP list off-site (primarily on a certain webhost). I've seen it a ton lately, and naturally I supposed that it seemed to be alright, seeing as everyone was doing it. So, the very first time I ever try this new way to introduce myself and my RP choices, I get a warning. Yes, a warning. Nearly made me cry! Then, several months later, I see that it's still going on and try once again, more discreetly. Lo-and-behold, I get suspended for 24 hours on my main. How is it that I continue to get in trouble for the harmless mention of an RP list, while others get away with it with flying colors? It just seems unfair. Please leave out my username. ~[username removed]
If you have to be discreet about it, then you shouldn't be doing it. ;) Off-site links are not permitted on the Neoboards, no matter how well you try to hide them, or how many people are attempting to do it. You guys have Petpages. You can have up to twenty Petpages, so don't try to tell us you don't have space to put up RP lists. The only reason you would have to link to an off-site RP list is if the material on it is not Neopets-friendly. If the material isn't Neopets-friendly, then you shouldn't be soliciting or RPing it on Neopets in the first place. Savvy?

TNT, someone made a board under the Avatars/Neosignatures topic. They said that they would give 123k NP, 8k in items, and they would ENSLAVE themselves for a Halloween Paint Brush (to paint a Lupe or Ruki for the avatar). How do you feel about this? ~lilaznbaybegurl112
As ridiculous as it is that we have to state this, here it goes: You are not allowed to sell yourself to be a slave on Neopets. This would count as a service, and you can not buy/sell services for Neopoints/items, etc. And no, we couldn't type this with a straight face. Sheesh you crazy Neopians!

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