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Kass Basher Champion

First try...

Idea by dra_jl

by cevierakasky


What a beautiful day!

by lucky_oreo_13
Out For a Walk

*toddle toddle*

by emaciate

Ohhh, how cute.

by ghostkomorichu
A Beak Feather Comic

Fishing isn't for everyone.

by moose_man190
Babies Not Very Smart

Or are they?

Script by boscoemax

by pheonix_firewing

Welcome To My Life

Aren't vacation homes supposed to be relaxing?

by jambammer
TV BREAK 3 - Kidnapped pt.1

Meh, I'm bored.

Script by bartdrunkeys

by x_artiii_x

Money Tree

It is really a matter of luck to get a nice gift from the Money Tree!

by melkani
Illusen's Woes

The truth comes out.

by pdonkeh
Clashing Colours

The Mortog's kiss

by ringb
Mavray's Creation - "Stranger!"

Never take candy from a stranger...

by mavray
The Trouble With Rhyming

Meepits are pink.

Also by dancer992

by dancer_sakura

Life is a Playground - Your Neopet!

A wonderful hero...

by larenchan
No Sugar

How may I help you?

by pawz11
Lab Life

Beggars can't be choosers...

by cheeseman54321
Oh the love of Fuzzies!

People think Fuzzles are evil, but the truth is they are all just afraid... afraid of one species...

by buffylemon
Disrupted Ritual

Who dares disturb the Dark Faerie Jhudora...?

by bannai
Dark Decorations: Joining a Guild

Be careful about giving admin powers to evil villains.

by shadowtails1337
Bring Your Pet to School

If you could bring your neopet to class, what kind of impression would it make? :)

by limeymeliz
Sundae Delights

Representing version two of Piper Panic.

by silverybreeze
Contains Nuts

So shiny!

by imneokidd494
Sub Zero


by jadentearz
In Short

I'm liking this!

by kimssuperanimals
(Not So Evil) Plotting

Well, at least Chokie is having fun...

by sue_sa
Saccharine (pronounced "awesome")

Ry's in for a surprise.

by cardinalmoon
Boochi Gone Good?

P.S. No, there aren't any chombies in this comic.

by rainbow_bliss_102

Because I said so!

Idea by _dark_black_star_

by plaid_love

Sometimes You Have to Wonder #3

Because the Lab Ray is quite unforgiving...

by folkloric

Silly little meepits...

by michelle186464
Beauty Contest

Invisibility isn't always to your pet's advantage...

by plushielephants
Neopups: Meepits vs Feepits

When Meepits and Feepits attacks.

by coshi_dragonite
Razzle Dazzle - Episode XXIII

What is he doing with a Cloud Racer?

by khestrel

Avatar collecting can mess up your priorities.

by christa_iz_cool
Too Friendly?

Until now, no one knew why Mr. Roo was so friendly...

by mythical_book

Some abilities are nice, some stink, and some look like they're going to be fun but are really annoying.

by jindea
The True Meaning of the Buzzer Game

What is it?

by blackaliscious


Idea by eddest0001

by l_like_animals

The Hero Society - #3

...In which we have numbers and the beginnings of a plot.

by bearcatt
Rainbow Connection

*deep breath*

by rainbow_mist_wave
Fishes #1- Ouch!

Breadfish isn't having the best of days...

by oliviathedog
Petpet Battledome

Brothers who don't get on.

by lacreamosa
Unknown - Attack of the Revenge


by outdoor_kitty
Talk About Random "Where Is Zappz? Part 4"

Blayne has returned from Faerieland... but did he find Zappz or gypsies?

by buizelmaniac
The Class of '08 Part Twenty-One

Now we hear what the placing contestants thought about The Class of '08!

by _dead_meat_x_
Elderly Pets Gone Wild


by wallaroo42
Kaleidoscope #3 - Looks Suspicious For Me...

Well... where do you think all that chocolate of Chocolate Ball come from...?

by milk_bar
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Customisation Puzzles

What is a customisation puzzle, you may ask? A customisation puzzle is where I will give you a theme, neopets species and what type of items it takes to complete it, and you try to guess what wearable items and pet color will complete it. Now, I will provide hints to help you out. If you can't guess it, then the solutions will be at the bottom of the page. Customisation puzzles are also a fun way to challenge your friends and to see who can correctly guess the puzzle with the fewest hints. Each one will have a difficulty rating...

Other Stories


Time of Need
"Ruan... you can't have a petpet!" I stammered out, completely flabbergasted. "Y-you're... an owner. Human."

by queen_starshine


The Relentless Faellie
"I suppose I could take it home until the storm is through, and maybe feed it as well. But I don't intend to keep it."

by rissa714


The Petpet Project: Changing Life in the Pound
A lot of the pets in the pound have such horrible names that no one would ever think to adopt. They'll be stranded there forever. So this is why I have a challenge for you...

by champ100543


Ellieq Presents: Customisation Puzzles
I will give you a theme, neopets species and what type of items it takes to complete it, and you try to guess what wearable items and pet color will complete it.

Also by junkholder

by ellieq38


Sunlight Sonata: Part Three
They'd been captured by a robot. And not just any robot. A robot that was obviously from Virtupets.

by kittengriffin


The Book: Part Three
Maria sighed. She was stuck on an island with a depressed thimble enthusiast and a magic book that had lost its magic.

by herdygerdy

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