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Cellblock - Behind the Scenes

by twestie


Cellblock - A prison of madmen, freaks, weirdoes, and just your average cute pets who took one step wrong…

I don't know if you ever played Cellblock before, but if you did, you probably just laugh and snicker at every prisoner/thing every time you win. Now, who am I to scold you? I'll just let you know who are these things you are scolding…


Clop loves tap dancing, but is a few shy fellow. His parents put him in the pound when he was born, so he never got to know his name. He is very shy, and doesn't talk to anyone, except his faerie plushie (no one can really tell what pet it is, because it's very dirty). Therefore, he tap dances to communicate with others, but is very frustrated when others don't always understand him.


Many people do not know about how a cute and sweet faerie Korbat got cursed by a terrible creature and… Well, listen to the full story first.

One day, Barallus was flying around in Meridell, when suddenly he saw a strange-looking black cloud. He flew closer, and then he saw it was not a cloud, but a strange looking floating city.

Weird, he thought to himself. He turned around to fly back, but suddenly he felt stuck. No, not stuck. He was moving… but the other clouds were getting farther away.

"Help!" he cried, but no one heard him. He was moving faster, faster, faster…

What happened after that isn't known, and Barallus doesn't tell it to anyone. People guess by his mumbling in his sleep ("Curse… Lord… Darigan…") that he must have been cursed by Lord Darigan and because of that he became mad. Crazy. Wacko. Loony. But now Lord Darigan is watching him and he is tied strongly so he won't escape. Hmm. Strange…

Squire Meekel

Well, here I can't tell you that Meekel was a cute little Kacheek. Meekel was a snobbish and bragging blue Kacheek (although he didn't have much to show off). When he was offered a big fortune and a lot of fame, he didn't think 3 seconds (well, he didn't think, it was too hard for him) and agreed.

Tsk, tsk, tsk. Poor Kacheek. He didn't know what was waiting for him, and what was a promise from Skarl. Half-sleeping, he entered the battlefield, hoping to stand in the side and rest a bit. Closing his eyes, he suddenly felt something grabbing him. Two somethings. "Wha-uh… huh?" he mumbled. When he finally opened his eyes, he found himself staring at something yellow and black. "Bee?" he muttered.

"Not a bee…" a low voice laughed. "It's ME!"

The Draconian Skeith laughed, as his friend started closing his mouth around the Kacheek's head.

Disgusted from the Skeith's rotten teeth, he hollered, "I'm telling you to Lord Darigan!"

The Skeith immediately backed up, and fear was gleaming in his eyes. But much more hate.

"Soon…" he whispered. "Soon."

The Yellow Knight

Everyone said, "A brother of the Green Knight? Great! Another one like him…" yet the disappointment didn't fail to come. The Yellow Knight was… well, a failure. He tried to prove wrong by attempting a solo assault for the Darigan Citadel. Not much to say - it didn't come out well. He was tossed into jail like a sack of potatoes. No one really likes him though there, since he complains every minute, "My suit is itching!" or "I feel stiff…". Tsk, tsk. Suit? I wonder who will be the one to tell him what he was wearing wasn't exactly a tuxedo…

Number Five

To tell you the truth, he's old and has a walking stick, but he's probably the sanest one in the jail. Well, the sanest you can get. He discovered Jelly World many years ago, as a young Lupe, and was fascinated (he couldn't stop licking the ground… ha! And they say he's a madman!) from the extraordinary world he discovered. But when he attempted to get a free jelly a few times (36,432 for some reason, is a number that is repeated every time the name Number Five is mentioned to Jelly Keeper…) and the angry Wocky shooed him out of the place. When no one believed him about his marvelous world, he tried the last place - Darigan. Unfortunately, it was his worst decision (worse than the time he tried to turn into a Werelupe by howling every night) and he was locked up there. No one knows his real name, but the prisoners tease him by calling him (other than the madman) Jellupe…they stopped it very quickly after he banged them in their heads, but when bored they holler for him to play the game they invented - "Whack-A-Prisoner" (and not succeed, they add snickering)…


If you're wondering why Galgarrath never likes the prisoners playing games, it's very simple. As a child-Grarrl he loved to play (not that there were many games at his time…) and compete others. He would defeat evilly everyone who tried to beat him, and at the end stayed the only one playing since no one would even try. So, as he grew up and found himself guarding the prisoners and… erm… being stupid. To tell you the truth, he's not really interesting.


When Haskol was young, everyone would laugh at his weird 'headband' and the fact he always drooled something green and disgusting. It didn't stay that way long, though, since he would throw a tantrum and everyone would back away as fast as they could. As he grew up, he became Master Vex's personal helper, although even Vex stays away from him mostly, therefore he told him to guard the prisoners and play with them Cellblock. Haskol doesn't see himself as ugly… he sees himself as a Proud Darigan Cellblocker. -barely manages to hide a snicker-

Master Vex

Master Vex was offered a job playing Beach Volleyball. He wasn't so keen, since the ball kept on hitting is head, so he painted himself Darigan, got his ear pierced and… grew a beard (o____O). It didn't take long for him to get outta there. The idea of joining Tug-O-War dried his throat, so he fled to Meridell for some fresh water and fruits. There he noticed the Darigan Citadel and, as he swears, I felt an evil feeling come to me and wouldn't leave. (Not that he wasn't evil before that… he was always picking on his younger sister!)

So, he went over to Ultimate Bullseye, bribed the Turmac to put him on the arrow, and made sure he was directed exactly to the Darigan Citadel. Lord Darigan was very angry, as he has interrupted his dinner, yet at the end he let him be in charge of the prison (with pay, Lord Darigan said… heh, yeah right…) full-time. Bored, he invented Cellblock and ruined many lives of avatar collectors.

Well, that's it. Now you know the truth about each character in Cellblock, and hopefully you will decide it is too crazy for you and stay away, since you never know when there will be an article about YOU… The New Prisoner…

This is my first article! ^-^; I hope you liked it! If you have comments, Neomail me =)

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