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The Haunted Woods - Tale of Woe

by scottiepug


For quite a while now, many, many, many Neopians have been crowding the thousands of graveyards that sit in the Haunted Woods. They have grouped together, coming from all across Neopia just to get dirt clumped up in their fur, earn a few extra neopoints, and have the rights to brag. But what are they going to brag about? Their awesome spooky doughnut collection, which they found while digging up old bones in a cemetery? Yeah, dusty, old food is really something to be proud of. Hmmm, or maybe the fact that they angered the eerie citizens of the Haunted Woods by disturbing the buried bodies and vandalizing the gravestones by painting huge, red Xs on them will impress their friends? Being dug up makes it kinda hard to rest in peace...

Anyways, the reason behind this strange behavior is *dun dada dun!* a plot. Yes, you heard... or read correctly, a plot! But not just any plot, a Haunted Woods plot!!! Now, what makes this particular plot so addicting is... well, I actually have no clue why owners and neopets are trying to find a scary spirit in order to save the deserted Neovia. But I have compiled many theories together (which actually aren’t theories, just things I’ve found on boards, I just really like that word, theories) and turned them into my list of DOOM!

1.) The Tale of Woe is what this mysterious plot is called and I believe the name itself draws unsuspecting Neopians into the woods where they end up trapped, only to be let out if they complete the plot. Okay, maybe it isn’t as dramatic but you get the point, right? I mean tale is just a synonym (whoa, did I spell that right?) for the word ‘story’ and who doesn’t enjoy a good story, especially one about woe and misery? *nodnod*

2.) The wonders of plots. Puzzle plots, war plots, group plots, flash game plots, there’s a plot for everyone! As it got closer and closer to the day when the beginning of our Haunted Woods plot would arrive, codestone prices went up, skyrocketing. The Main Codestone went from about 5,000 – 6,000 to 7,000 neopoints. That’s pretty scary. But do you know what that means? It means that everybody was and are sure that we are going to have a war, something Neopia hasn’t seen since New Maraqua was invaded by the pirates led by the devious Captain Scarblade. Arrrrr...

3.) Some participate simply for the fun of seeing what TNT will throw at us next! Now, *is hit in the head with a doughnut*, definitely NOT what I meant but thank you. *eats doughnut* Anyways, it’s always fun to read the comics and see how our friends working ever so hard in their cubicles make the plots different and exciting. The mixture of a suspenseful comic and steps that expand upon it is pure genius. *applauds* =D *everyone stares* Erm, yeah, can we just get on with this?

4.) Others participate for other reasons. Sure, they may have some fun, but they mainly stick with it for the prizes. The sometimes wonderful (and other times not-so-wonderful) plot prizes. These include neopoints, a trophy with your score underneath, and items. Usually this can be a very rewarding process if you actually complete the plot. Again, because many believe there is going to be a war, and wars can earn you many points, more may have joined in on the fun this time.

5.) The neoboards, a place to chat about neopets and meet new people with common Neopian interests, always have a plot board. Now, the interesting part of this particular board is that you never know what you’ll see there. You may find many pleas for help, some that don’t make any sense at all; or maybe tons of randomness; or even some great discussion groups (that have a topic related to neopets, of course).

6.) Number 6 is similar to number 5. Ever since the puzzling Lost Desert plot, there has been a discussion group that goes by the name of OLDPD (Obsessive Lost Desert Plot Disorder or Obsessive Latest Darn Plot Disorder). They typically hang around the plot board with funny topics and posts. They are always there when you need help and have become well known in the Neopian plot community. They were even mentioned in the Editorial where TNT noted they would like to see them get up to, I think, 2,000 board threads. =P

7.) For those with a competitive nature, plots and wars can be thrilling experiences. Actually, as far as I know, many have at least a small desire to prove themselves better than or equal to another player. So, whenever something such as grave digging comes into play, more tend to join in just to show that they can dig more. Another factor is that when you are looking for one thing (which means only one person can find it), such as the Spirit of Slumber’s bones, stakes seem to rise. To be the one person to find them out of millions would truly make a Neopian feel special, almost as if their life is complete... strange, isn’t it?

8.) One of the best ways to express happiness is through laughter. Laughter is normally a good response so people tend to encourage it by making the person laugh harder. TNT, no matter what anybody says, can be the most hilarious group of people whether it’s in plots, the news, or just somewhere on the site. And since laughing makes you feel good, wouldn’t you join in on a plot, no matter how silly it seemed, just to laugh?

9.) This one is a little unlikely, but possible. Some may not actually join in on the part where you actually do stuff. This could be out of laziness or because of reason number 9. Reason number 9 states, “This one is a little unlikely, but possible. Some may not actually join in on the part where you actually do stuff. This could be out of laziness or because of reason number 9.” So, we all know that there is a comic that goes along with the plot, right? No? Yes? I’ll pretend that was a yes. =) Well, some may just follow along with the storyline so they don’t feel left out when it comes to Neopian history and stories. They could also use it to improve their vocabulary, find something to do, and stimulate their imagination. Yup.

10.) Finally, number 10. This is my reason. I’m participating in the Haunted Woods plot because it has a mysterious way of enchanting you, making you wonder and read on. It requires reading and hands-on action, which makes me feel included, and like I know what’s going on at the same time. This plot may still be in its early stages, but I already love it more than any other plot!

Well, that’s a wrap! I hope you’ve enjoyed my first list and, just out of curiosity, why are YOU participating in this plot? Feel free to neomail me. Thanks!

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