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Dear TNT, the Rulers of All, what is a plot? Where are the plots located? I know nothing about the plots, but it seems everybody else does! *shifty eyes* Is there something going on behind my back?!? Is there? Huh?!? Tell me EVERYTHING about the plots, please! ~_hottpnk_26
Plots are events that happen within the world of Neopia. Each plot is different, but things like invading evil villains, battles over a magic orb, and entire worlds being taken hostage by cursed Neopets are just some of the things that have happened in the past. Usually with plots, players can participate in different ways to earn rewards and trophies. If you want to know when and where a plot is taking place, be sure to check New Features daily. There is often a lot of information there for everyone to see.

For the current plot, we suggest that you take a trip to the Haunted Woods and start poking around. ;) There is a plot board where you can talk to other players and learn more, and many users also create "plot guides" on their Petpages to help fellow Neopians with different aspects of a plot.

I collect unpainted Petpets, and I was wondering something... you know how, once a Petpet has been painted, it can't be UNpainted and it can only be made into a different painted colour? What about creating a Petpet paint thinner brush so we can revert Petpets to their original colour? It's only fair... even Neopets can be made "unpainted" again by painting them with a Red, Yellow, Green, or Blue Paint Brush. *Xweetok eyes* Just think of those poor Petpets who will never make it to my gallery to be showcased. Oh, and I'm still looking for my Petpet that starts with an X. ~kimberlyjf2
Actually, this is already possible. :D Petpets can be returned to their original colour by painting them with a brush that matches their original colour. For example, take the standard Ona Petpet. It's a nifty shade of blue. This means that you can take your Fire or Brown Ona to the Petpet Puddle and paint it with a Blue Paint Brush to return it to its original colour. If you're unsure of the original colour (is that Pink or Red?!), check the filename and you'll see that it sometimes contains the colour as well. Not all Petpets have the colour listed in their filename, though, so you may have to resort to other methods of finding out which brush will work. ;)

(Also, remember that white Onas and snow Kookiths were an Advent Calendar giveaway item, and cannot be repainted.)

I'm feeling a bit blue...

Hi, TNT!!! My question is: do you set up websites that give away free Neopoints if you give them your password and username???? I have seen several people on the boards saying it really does work and it's not a scam. Is this true???? I asked about 3 people and they all said it worked but I am worried about giving out my password. Please answer my question; I've never gotten into the editorial. ~[removed]
Absolutely not! Any website offering free Neopoints or items is a scam! If you enter your username and password on any site but Neopets, your account will be stolen from you. Often times scammers will create boards, trying to get people to go to their scam site. They will even log into multiple accounts and pretend they are other people who have gone to the website and support it. Whatever you do, don't fall for this dirty trick. Never EVER give anyone (even on Neopets) your password! Even staff won't ask for your password. The only place you should ever type in your password is on the Neopets log in page. Also, if you are unexpectedly diverted to a page that LOOKS like the Neopets log in page, be sure to check the URL at the top of the page, and make sure it says!

There have been rumours, and web pages, floating around out there recently that say that Neopets is going to create a system whereby players will be able to pay real-life money for Neopets items. As a concerned Neopian, I feel that it should be brought to your attention that if these rumours are true, it will pull a lot of players off the site. People more successful in real life will have an unfair advantage on Neopets than people not willing to spend their hard-earned money on something virtual. Please, please, PLEASE say it isn't true! ~leorls
Well, we can't give out many details. Not yet. But we'd like to assure everyone that their worst fears are not coming true. Users will not be able to acquire a Super Attack Pea for $5, nor will anyone be able to buy their way to Neopian fame and fortune. That would be… well, pretty stupid, right? We value our users and respect the world you've helped us create. We would never do anything we thought would unbalance the game, and we don't intend to do so just because real currency is involved!

So no worries. Deep breaths. Everyone breathe.

Is that poor janitor in Altador ever going to get that statue cleaned up or is he doomed to a life of eternal labor? ~mooseflower24
Well, if he just spent his time cleaning instead of complaining he'd have had it cleaned up months ago, but noooo… he just stands there and shouts at passersby. Pfft.


Hi, TNT! Okay, on with the question... while I was looking through the Petpet Puddle at the grey Petpets, I went toward the end of the list and saw the last Petpet was a Zomutt, but instead of saying "Grey Zomutt" (which isn't even a available color for it) it just said "Zomutt." Can you fix this? ~patty567
Actually, this relates quite well to the earlier question about painting Petpets back to their original colour. What a grand coincidence! The Zomutt is considered naturally grey, just like the Ona is considered naturally blue. If you look up blue Petpets, you'll see many standard Petpets such as the Beekadoodle, Anubis, and Fangy. This is another way you can check to see what colour the original Petpet is if you ever want to paint them back to normal!

What does it mean when there is an "aged" Petpet? How does it become "aged"? ~pendragon_man
This is a term avatar collectors often use to describe a Petpet that has been equipped for at least a certain number of days. Some Petpet related avatars require Petpets of this type, so if someone says they have an "aged" Petpet, it means their Petpet is old enough to allow them to acquire the avatar.

Does your avatar increase/decrease the chance of getting random events? I know this story has been passed around my friends that some avatars are luckier than others. ~purplepanther365
Hehe, nope. It's just a rumour :)

Us avys just look pretty. Sorry!

Why, TNT, must you unbalance the plots so much? Us freaky-small amount of logicians have been sitting at the dusty guildmasters' dinner table for another logic puzzle. After you oh-so-terribly cancelled the guildmasters' dinner, I know I've been clinging onto the hope for yet another logic puzzle. Do you plan on implementing one soon? If you do, us bored logicians can finally excuse ourselves from that disgusting dinner table! ~_darked_
We just had a logic puzzle plot! One of the tricks to that particular puzzle was actually figuring out that it was a logic puzzle. ;) Yup, we're talking about The Cyodrake's Gaze plot. It only ended a few months ago.

How come the Fruit Machine has a high score table link, but when you go to it, it says, "This game doesn't exist."? Thank you. :D ~chomby73094
That's a wonderful question… for someone else to answer. *quickly hands question to someone else and runs*

Pfft... slacker. Anyway, it's back up now. Someone accidentally turned it off, and that person is now being slapped about the face with wet trout. No worries.

My friend says that 100 Neopoints is equal to one dollar. I say that 1 Neopoint is just one dollar. Who is right? ~eliv_thade_fan162
The Neopoint is actually pegged to the price of broccoli in Meridell, with a multiplier derived on caramel imports in Haunted Woods. Weird, huh?

Mmm... broccoli...

Hi! I was wondering how you pronounce "Lupe." Is it "loop-ay," or is it just "loop"? Thanks! ~russan
It's pronounced "loop." :) To hear other pronunciations, check out the Pronunciation Page. You can visit this page any time via the text link right above the explore map. :D

Oh my gosh! The news for November 9th was sooo cute! Who thought of that idea? And it really did sound like how we talk on the boards and stuff. :) Well, figures you guys probably lurk. ;) Anyway, it was really entertaining and it's fun to read a different format of news for once. ~punkrockprincess4893
Heh. We've done it a couple of times before and it's just a fun way to change up New Features a bit. People all around the Intarwebs can relate... it's not just on Neopets. ;) Thankfully, we didn't have to use much chat speak, because then our heads would have imploded.

Take it from us... chat speak is the number one cause of head implosions around the globe. Be a responsible Neopian. Don't use chat speak. *dramatic finger point*

How does the hit counter calculate those values? All of mine seem to be multiples of ten... does it multiply the real number by ten? Does it round to the nearest ten? Is it an elaborate plot concocted by Meepits? Thanks. ~heikedi
We hope you're talking about Petpages... otherwise our answer will be waaay off.

Here's how it works: every one in ten times someone visits your Petpage, we log it. That number is then multiplied by 10 and displayed on your stats page. This is not an exact count, but it's close. The reason we do it this way is because it's much, much easier on our databases. We can do 1/10th the queries while still giving you a pretty good idea of how many people have visited your Petpage. Otherwise, tracking every hit on every Petpage would be quite a load on the DB servers.

Hello there, TNT! I wanted to know what's going on with "Spam Day." Someone started it and said TNT said it's okay and now the help boards are getting spammed too much everyday. So, is Spam Day a real day or just something made up by a user? ~fundayz
We would never encourage spam. It seems a player has made it up, and anyone actively participating in or encouraging "Spam Day" will be frozen.


We also want to warn people about a particular scam that has been going around recently. If anyone tells you that you can become a Neopets monitor or staff member, or that they have access to an "admin" that will let you warn or freeze people, paint your Neopets, etc., DO NOT FALL FOR IT! This is a scam to get your username and password. Neopets employees are interviewed just like with any other job, and monitors are not volunteer. We will never send you a Neomail or email claiming you've been chosen as any type of employee. Please be careful. Never, ever give out your username and password anywhere to anyone, on or off the Neopets website, and always check the login URL to make sure it says at the top of the page.

This has been a Neopian public service announcement.

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