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True Home

by sepkun


I am a small, blue, Feepit and I was sitting on a Flotsam sweater in the very back of an SDB. Besides me, there was a Hermiteese and Angelpuss. Both of them were their basic colours. I shivered and wrapped the sleeves of the sweater around myself tighter. I may have lived in Happy Valley at one point, but I had grown used to the warmer climate of Mystery Island where I had once lived. On the metal wall, a Faerie Portrait was hung.

     I had once been a loved Petpet. I remember it clearly...

     A user named Sepkun had come into the SDB looking for items for her 'winter' themed gallery. She picked up a bunch of items and had worked her way to the center. When I heard Sepkun's foot steps and came running. Sepkun looked down and saw me and smiled. "A Feepit. Now when did I get my hands on a Feepit?" she wondered aloud.

     She picked me up along with a Snow Kookith and an Abominable Snowball and turned to leave. Sepkun took a boat to a place called Mystery Island. She went to her gallery and placed the items down. Sepkun came back about two hours later and started taking the stuff out. When she came to me, Sepkun's face lit up. "Oh yeah! The Feepit! I'll bet that Aishy_Roe would love a Feepit!"

     Sepkun picked me up and brought me to a house by the beach. After she entered the house, she called. "Hey, Aishy! I found something that you may like!"

     Aishy, or Aishy_Rose, is a blue Aisha. There was a Cobrall wrapped lightly around her neck. "What did you say, Sep- Oh! A Feepit!" she said.

     Sepkun, or Sep, smiled. "Yup. She was in my SDB. I honestly don't remember getting her."

     "Oh, Sep! Can I keep her?"

     "But what about Rose? You have had her pretty much since you were created."

     Apparently, Rose was the Cobrall. "I love Rose! I really do! But..."

     "...You really want a Feepit. I understand."

     "Thanks, Sep! You're the best!"

     Sep took Rose and set me in Aishy's arms. Aishy cuddled me and took me over to her room. And so, a friendship between Petpet and Neopet began. Aishy had me for almost a year.

     A new Pet came into the family. A real addition to the family. Not one of the pound pets that Sep would adopt and make so they were healthy and happy then put them back in; a real, true, second Pet. His name was _fly_23 and he was a green Eyrie. He was also the youngest. Then a third Pet arrived one day. She was the middle pet and she was a yellow Xweetok named mara_vk. Sep brought out each of them a Petpet. And I got to see good ol' Rose again. Mara AND Fly were both afraid of her. Fly got a Selket and Mara got Rose (after Sep changed the language). Then came the accursed day. Sepkun brought home a Gikerot which was given to Mara (she had to change the language again), a Kateil, a Mundo, and a Noak.

     She gave Fly the Kateil and took the Selket and Rose. Then, she came over to Aishy and I. She handed Aishy the Noak and took me. The whole family was right outside Sep's SDB. Sep took the Selket, Rose, and me all into the SDB. I was reaching over her shoulder towards Aishy and calling to her, asking her not to let Sepkun take me away. But Aishy was so wrapped up in her new Petpet that she didn't even hear. And I have lived here with the other 'forgotten' Petpets ever since...

     I heard a hissing voice and broke from my trance-like state.

     "What issss it, Fee?"

     I looked up and saw Rose with a Green Pepper Omelette looking at me. "Oh, just thinking," I said lightly.

     "I don't think that'ssss it."

     I sighed. "You can always tell when something is bothering us, can't you, Rose?"

     "Yessss. I can."

     I looked up at Rose, tears were gathering in the corners of my eyes. "Oh, Rose. Why are us Petpets always put here? Why are we brought in to the homes, just to be put in here as soon as a 'better' Petpet comes along? I thought that we were loved!"

     Rose slithered over and coiled up next to me. "Well, usssersss are like that; we are grabbed up lovingly and given to the Petsssss when we are new. But asss sssoon asss a newer, better, Petpet comesss along, we have lossst our value and sold off to make money. To them, we are nothing more then itemssss that have no meaning."

     "But I was loved! Aishy said that she would never have another Petpet!"

     "I know. Ssshe sssaid the sssame thing to me."

     I burst into tears. Rose patted me on the back with her tail. "There there, little one. There there..."

     I cried myself to sleep. The last thing I remember before falling asleep was Rose lifting me into a pile of plushies.


     When I woke up, I climbed out of bed and went over to the Pitcher of Water. I dipped a Red Bucket into it and washed my face with the water in the bucket. Then I walked over to where Angel, the Angelpuss, was dishing up Lemon Jelly for breakfast. Then I sat down on a Polished Rock. I looked around our little 'village' while I ate.

     We had a pretty good life in here. We had made the walls that kept us safe out of plushies and notebooks. Rose and the Selket, which we named Selk, went out into the rest of the SDB to grab the food for each meal. We had bottles of Glowing Sand for our light source. There were several books that were read to us by Rose each night before we went to bed. And since we weren't Pets, the books didn't disappear. We had hung a Song Flower Beach Towel over the gap in our wall to be a gate. And there was a Slime Covered Window in the wall on one part so that we could look out. And there was tons of musical instruments. I had become pretty good at the Pan Pipes.

     It was because Sep's such a Pack Rat that we have this life. So we have a lot to thank her for. We were all wearing some of the clothing and other such stuff to keep warm. Just then, Kate, the Kateil, squawked. Not a squawk that told us that Rose and Selk were back; but a warning squawk. All of the other Petpets ran and hid in the piles of plushies. All, but me.

     Sepkun walked up to the walls and smiled. Then she saw me. At first, she looked like she had when she very first saw me. Then, she remembered. She picked me and carried me out of the SDB and back to the house. Sep took me into the living room and set me on the sofa. "Aishy! Come here! I found someone whom you might remember!"

     Aishy came running into the living room with Mara and Fly right behind her. When Aishy saw me, she gasped. Then she ran over to me and scooped me up in a hug. "Feefee! I've missed you so much!" Sep quietly picked up the Noak and left out the door.

     I quickly learned the names of the other Petpets. Mara now had a Sauropod named Sauroa. And Fly had taken Soria the Gikerot. That night, I lay wake in bed with Aishy long after she had fallen asleep. I heard the door to the room open. I looked up. Sep came in and pulled the blankets over Aishy. Then she turned off the lamp and went back over to the door. Before she left, she looked back at Aishy and me and smiled.


     In the morning during breakfast, I told Aishy that all though there was plenty of food in the SDB, all the Petpets in there would like to be loved again. So Sep brought all of the Petpets there, to here. And they lived in the room that was just for Petpets. I was playing with the other Petpets when Aishy came in. I followed her out of the house and over to some hills. We both lay on our backs and looked at the clouds. And I knew, that I was finally home. My one and only true home.

The End

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