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Your Dazzling Disco Guide

by retreat_at_random


Disco, the upbeat style that is sweeping Neopia as we know it.

Now you may be thinking, why on earth should I get involved in this collaboration of hot pink material and sharp snazzy dance moves? Why should I paint flowers and peace signs on my Neohome's walls? Why is my bank manager wearing flared pants and tie dyed ribbons in his hair? Well, I have managed to put together this "Dazzling Disco Guide" to keep everyone up to date with the latest goings on in Neopia's fashion scene. So eyes open, ears alert, blinding jewellery at the ready - you are about to enter the world of DISCO.

The other day, my darling pet Xweetok kowhai_flowers approached me and timidly asked whether she could be painted. I was taken aback. With further investigation I discovered her newfound dream of being disco, and at first I shrugged it off without a backwards glance. Surely it was just a 'phase', like others before. But no, I soon discovered that this was here to stay, and I am sure that at least one of your pets has put forward the same proposal to you in the last year or two. Either that or they are horrendously out of tune with the rest of Neopia. 0_o

I say 'year or two' with very little assertiveness, for, dare I say it, I could not happen across the year, time period or day when disco came to be. After countless searches of the Neopian calendar and plenty of help boards, I reluctantly gave up. Neopia is growing incredibly larger every minute, and the origins of disco are hidden somewhere out there, I know it. Probably lying under a pile of discarded omelettes where no one would bother to look. Darn those free omelettes.

For those of you looking to keep up with the times as much as possible, I also looked into the items that would change you and your Neohome for the better. Yes, I can see you rubbing your hands together in glee already; for these are all completely and utterly disco!

Let us start off with things to keep your Neopets at bay when you are in need of some quiet time, perhaps an uninterrupted bubble bath. (I am certain the owners of Neopia can relate with me on this point) What better to keep them entertained than a disco Kiko plushie! Simply adorable, these cutesy little plushies are covered in flowers, bright colors and just shout 'style' with a capital s.

Now if your pet is getting a bit hungry after all that exciting play, chuck a disco hot dog their way and all will be well. A groovy disco sausage wrapped in a slice of funky white bread, afternoon tea will be talked about for months to come.

If your pet's pet is feeling slightly jealous, why not treat him/her to a delicious side of disco petpet food? Feed your appetite and look 'in the know' in one easy step! Anyone and everyone can be disco if they want to be. Gosh, what am I saying? Who WOULDN'T want to be disco?

I come again to the fact that this Neopian style is here to stay.

Disco toilets. Why would anyone bother installing an entire toilet in their rather expensive Neohome if it was going to go out of fashion in a week or two? They wouldn't. So therefore disco will not be leaving us anytime soon - and if it does there will be an awful lot of angry Neohome owners ripping out installed toilets all over Neopia. Not a pretty sight!

To add to the theme you now have going, many Neohome accessories have been released for our pleasure.

Disco bath tub, disco biscuit jar, disco curtains, disco barbecue, indoor disco fountain, disco fireplace, silver disco ball, disco decorated tree and many more.

What Neohome owner would be content without their very own disco room? Certainly not me, I must say. I looked into it and have now completed a step-by-step guide to owning your own disco featured room, a must have in any sensible dwelling.

First of all, you need a Neohome that you are willing to completely transform. You must be ready for it to take on a whole new look, and you must have the time to do it.

Perfection takes time, and the final product will be something to admire, I assure you.

Naturally, the entrance hall will be done first. And since this is the first area that any visitor will set their eyes on, it needs to have impact.

What better way to greet someone than with an indoor disco fountain? With soothing water holding up a bright disco ball in the middle of a heavily flowered tub, this ornamental piece lightens any room. Groovy is definitely the word to sum up this one, certain to draw respect from any guest that is welcomed through your doors.

On those cold Neopian winters, the best looking heating system around (as well as being quite economical) is surely a disco fireplace. As soon as you light this adorable open fire, moods will be lifted. Conversation will lighten. Comfort will be increased as you drift off into a peaceful slumber... and erm... Not really, but it's a darn good fireplace for sure.

Now perhaps you have visitors arriving in a few minutes, which is not nearly enough time to clear away the pile of food your pet has mistakenly spilt all over your bedroom floor. A disaster, surely! Not if you have a disco print divider handy. These beautifully printed dividers can separate rooms for created effect, cut off areas that you don't feel people should go into, and block messy views. I own a number of these dividers, and they are put into use very often indeed. One of the most useful of all the disco items I have encountered so far on my ventures, and once again, it looks hip.

Even all of you avid Usuki collectors out there can become involved in the disco craze. Yes, there is a Disco Dancing Usuki! Whether you just like Usukis in general, or you are looking to improve your snazzy disco moves, this doll is fast becoming the top selling toy in Neopia. Endless energy means that whenever you want to add a bit of atmosphere to a room, you have that option. Dancing is a prime aspect of disco, so it is important that you bring that idea into your Neohome.

Now I'm afraid that is all we have time for, I hope that you now have more ideas for your disco themed Neohome. Of course there are plenty more ideas out there and today we have only covered the basics, but a foundation is the first step in becoming a true disco diva. When your pet next asks you about being painted disco, you can confidently answer. "Sure thing, because we all know that disco is here to stay!"

May all your days be groovy.

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