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Petpets: The Hasee

by neomaniac1603


Welcome to the second installment of the Petpet Guide. In this edition I will be scoping out one of Neopia's cuter Petpets named the Hasee.

They love to bounce, bounce, bounce and eat tons of Tropical Fruit and well you’ll learn more so keep on reading!

How can I obtain a Petpet? Well, buyable petpets can be bought VIA the Shop Wizard, Auctions or Trades. Unbuyable petpets can be bought VIA Trades or Auctions. You might want to try to find one in a price range of which you can afford. There are lots of cheap, cute looking ones, but there are also a lot of expensive, cute looking ones.

* * *

The Anatomy of a Hasee

The Legs – Bounce, Bounce, Bounce. Hasee's LOVE to bounce around Neopia. Their legs help them do that. When a Hasee wants to jump very high they just push down and with full force leap upward. Some people have said the highest bounce a Hasee has ever made was 150 Feet.

The Body – The Hasee's unusual body formation allows them to consume a lot of rich tropical fruits. The more they eat, the more stronger they are and feel.

The Arms – The arms of a Hasee are quite bendy and stretchable. Like their legs, their arms help them get to high, hard to reach places around Neopia.

The Antennas – One of the more important parts of a Hasee is its Antennas. The Hasee uses their Antennas to both hear and smell different things.

The Stripes – What is a Hasee without its stripes? Nothing! Hasee's use their brightly colored stripes to blend in with Mystery Islands tropical settings. It help’s them hide very well, from the evil monsters that lurk in the shadows.

* * *

Eating Doughnutfruit

Doughnutfruit is a Hasees best friend, but you have to be careful when letting your own eat it. Certain types of Doughnut fruit is dangerous and could harm a Hasee. Below you can find what are the Good and Bad Doughnutfruit's available in Neopia.

Good Doughnutfruits

Doughnutfruit – Is your Hasee looking for just a tasty, plain tropical fruit? This is the one for them.

Purple Doughnutfruit – Mmm, what Hasee could resist the taste of Purple Doughnutfruit? This is Hasee Bounce’s star Jimmi's favorite type, and who could blame him?

Blue Doughnutfruit – This Blue colored Doughnutfruit tastes like a blueberry muffin. How delicious would that be with a bit of sugar sprinkled over it? Yum!

Green Doughnutfruit – Two parts Green Doughnutfruit and 1 Part Golden Doughnut fruit will give your Hasee a tropical smoothie, perfect for any hot summer's day!

Golden Doughnutfruit – This golden delight tastes like freshly picked lemons. I am sure it would go great with the Green Doughnutfruit.

Fish Doughnutfruit – Wow! This looks exactly like extremely hard to find Fish Negg. It tastes like a juicy, fresh picked plum. Then again, why would your Hasee want to eat such a delicacy?

Yellow Doughnutfruit – This common colored Doughnutfruit tastes like an Iced Doughnut. Yum!

Rainbow Doughnutfruit – all doughnutfruit mixed together

Bad Doughnutfruits

Silver Doughnutfruit – Yuck! This Doughnutfruit is so hard it would break your Hasees teeth. Well, if they had any.

Frosted Doughnutfruit – These are grown on the Snowberry Bushes up high on Terror Mountain. No Hasee is crazy enough to venture off to get one of these, they taste horrible as well.

Dung Doughnutfruit – Whoa now, drop the Dung Doughnutfruit and nobody will get hurt! Feeding this smelly concoction to your Hasee could very will make it ill for weeks.

Black Doughnutfruit – This Doughnut fruit is as black as the night’'s sky when all of Neopia is sound in bed. This Doughnutfruit was made by the darkest forces around Neopia. It contains a thousand diseases. If a Hasee were to eat it, it’s life would surely minutes afterwards.

Spotted Doughnutfruit – This Doughnut contains mixtures of Dung and Grass. Yuck, why would any Hasee want to eat this?

* * *

Hasees around Neopia and Hasee Items

In many parts around Neopia there is a Hasee to be seen. Even Neopet's cant resist using them, and why should they?!

Hasee Bounce – Ahh, a rather fun game that features two happy little Hasee's named Jimmi and Woogy, one being a purple Hasee and the other being an orange one. The Point of this game is to spell out the word HASEE as fast you can to extend your time limit. While doing this you can munch on various colored Doughnutfruit that floats on by. Watch out for Dung and other nasty items that will float by along with the Doughnutfruit. Do not forget: Jimmi (Purple Hasee) will only pick up purple Letters and Woogy (Orange Hasee) will only pick up Orange Letters.

Feed Florg – This game is about a horrible Mutant Chia named Florg created by Dr. Sloth. Florg just loves the crunchy taste of Petpets, he eats them in the morning, afternoon and evening. Unfortunately Hasees are no exception to his eating habit. Let’s just be thankful Jimmi and Woogy haven’t stumbled upon Mr. Florg yet.

There are also a few Hasee related items floating around Neopia that you can by including:

Hasee T-Shirt – Show you REALLY love Hasees by wearing this comfortable One size fits all Hasee T-shirt!

Hasee Coin – This rare, shiny coin is the perfect addition to any Hasee Gallery or Coin Collector's album. This item unfortunately will be a bit harder to find because it is Rarity 98.

Purple Hasee Plushie – *squeeze* - This is perfect for any Hasee lover who has just wanted to give their Hasee a big hug without hurting it. You and your Neopet will instantly fall in love with this cute little plush toy.

Hasee Backpack – Hehe, how cute! You can now have a cute little Purple Hasee strapped to your back everywhere you go. Show everyone how much you desire Hasee's with this cute accessory.

Woogi and Jimmy Plushie Set – Wow! You can now own the loveable characters; Woogi and Jimmy from the game Hasee Bounce in plushie form. This item was available as a Better Than You prize in Year 6. Though I am sure if you search the Trading Post or Auctions you can find a seller :)

Sadly there are no real offline merchandise items available to Hasee lovers everywhere :( Maybe referring the idea to Neopets will get them producing some?

* * *

Hasee Coloring

Besides the Hasees original coat you can also paint them in 7 different shades using that colors Petpet Paint Brush.

Currently Hasees come in: Faerie, Plushie, Tyrannian, Mutant, Fire, Orange and Sketch.

The more expensive colors are Faerie, Plushie, Mutant and Fire.

Hasees are a good match with almost anything whether they are colored or not.

The Hasee for best color is…. FAERIE! – Yes once again, Faerie has won. The style makes the Hasee irresistibly cute!

* * *

Author’s note: Thank you for reading my article. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to Neomail me. I will be happy to answer them (that's if I can :P)

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