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Week - 394

Kau Kapers
by blackfriar
Description: But what does it mean?

Week - 440

Blumaroo: Right For You?
by blackfriar
Description: Why you should be choosing to adopt a Blumaroo as your pet.

Week - 501

PPL: The Top Five Under-appreciated Petpets
by kadface
Description: Is it time *you* adopted a new Petpet?

Additional content from blackfriar

Week - 506

Spyder Syprise
by blackfriar
Description: A wish too far.

Also by kadface

Week - 506

Blumaroo: Celebrating Blumaroo Day in Style
by blackfriar
Description: The biggest day in every Blumaroo's calendar is fast approaching; a day that revels in the greatness of our bouncy friends.

With help from kirsty_to_stay

Week - 511

Becoming a Dashing Draik
by blackfriar
Description: How to customise your Draik into being the most elegant, the most dashing, the most fantabulous pet ever!

Also by kirsty_to_stay

Week - 515

Silence Is Golden
by blackfriar
Description: Or would that be a dullish grey?

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