Naritakute the Brave Lupe

She smiled and slowly closed her eyes. She felt the wind blow hard as a chill came up her spine.

by sugardragon77


“B-but… I WANT IT!” sobbed Poogy, tears welling up in her eyes.

by i_luv_dawgs

The Colour of Love

“Stop! I want to see that one!” He saw a Fire Lupe with the highest stats possible.

by serenitysm

The Dream

Lost. The word struck terror in Tayuki’s heart. She was just playing for fun. And ended up lost.

by cute_waffle

Eccentric Faerie 2: Lost in a Dream

A year has passed since our last adventure with the Remembrance Faerie...

by wick05

Fluffy864's Time

Fluffy864 was an Aisha. To be more specific, a red Aisha.

by pallas45

A Gambler's Pet

"Why don't you three go play?" she said, raising her voice a little. "I told you, today we are gonna win, I can feel it!"

by qt_gurl_30000

Never Give Up

The only thing different was Shadow liked to fight more than the others so he got more battling material but the others didn't mind.

by stephanie330

The Left Out Pet

It all started when my friends and I were all sitting in my tree house talking about our boyfriends when we all heard a noise...

by Kilaway the Lupe

Life before Love

So Anah, cold hearted as she was, decided to create a pet that could run errands for her.

by dreamergirl28506

The New Sister

“Why don’t you take that thing, and shove it up your nose?!” My brothers and I roared with laughter.

by dark_mystra

Lilac Snowflakes

Lilac sat down. Where was he? Was he safe? Visions ran through her head...

by Eyriespirit

A New Type of Faerie

I earn my Neopoints with a shop, and donate Neopoints often. But a few days ago my pets were in a bit of trouble...

by Narua