Freedom Pets: Part Three

One week, most of the household came down with a bad case of the flu. Workers and residents spent their days in bed.

by luvpugz

The Ghoul's Curse: Part Two

The journey took a long time. Gildor, a red Kougra, and Jack, a young green Wocky, were questing to Neopia to kill a Swamp Ghoul.

by _ana_2

Heart of Gold: Part Three

"Don't be mad, sister," Mysteey calmed her down. "I'll explain later. Quickly now!"

by Baloyarn

The LupeGelert Stone II: Part Four

As she opened the cupboard to look at the paint brushes, the door slid open...

by kirinki

The Mutated Witch: Part Three

"Why," asked the Uber Dark Faerie sweetly, "am I too evil for you to handle? Or are you evil enough to sneak into my potion room!"

by kiwifruit487

NeoPets Survivor: Day 2

All the Pets had no idea why Brian was voted off. The only explanation was a secret alliance.

by Neotrainer1234

No Refunds: Part Three

"Ah… here we are," said Sloth joyfully. "My Grundos will take you to the Robotic Laboratory. There you'll be made a robot."

by PotterFollower

Only for Three Days: Part Four

"Dad didn't give me a burger, he just gave me...Oh! A Chocolate Bar..."

by Gummiebear_Girl4

The Opals: Part Two

"Heyyyy! That isn't fair! You can't trip me when we are having a race!"

by Rose1505

The Shadows of Darkness: Part Four

Sandre grabbed the key, which shrank to the exact right size as he turned it in the lock. I heard a click, and the door swung open.

by nanjikat

The Tale of Snow Uni: Part Four

The wizard's eyes twinkled as he looked around at his children. "Don't worry, my dears… this all happened very long ago...

by Shidi

A Song of Solitude: Part Two

Further on into the distance she could see an empty clearing, seeming to be beckoning to her.

by Kakosenas

Thicker Than Blood: Part Five

The IceDome. Pets and owners are laughing, and crying, bustling about and training on empty patches of grass.

by shadowphoenix

Three Days in Neopia - A Faerie Story: Part Five

"You impertinent Faerie!" Asvorna threw what seemed like a ball of green lightning at Nialyind...

by puppy_princesslily