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Neopets TCG

Neopets TCG - Hannah and the Ice Caves

On October the 22nd prepare for the thrilling fourth expansion set for the Neopets TCG...

Poor Hannah has done something rather silly... the shadowy figure that she helped out wasn't in distress at all, he was a thief, an evil thief. Now between them they have unleashed a terrible being on the world of Neopia. A villain who will stop at nothing to fulfill his ancient quest. You can click here to read the story as it unfolds.


Hannah and the Ice Caves brings 150 great new cards to the Neopets Trading Card Game. Look out for Hannah herself, a whole new species of Neopet, thieves, icy skeletons, Lost Desert demigods, snowballs, curses, quests and more!!!

For more information about the set you may want to visit our Card of the Day area, or the Checklist (if they aren't yet updated they will be soon!)

We just added a picture of the booster display box and the Snowglobe Trophy that you can get if you win!

More soon!!!