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Neopets TCG

Card of the Day

Every day (well, most of them) we will release a new Card of the Day. Keep checking back, as you never know what interesting strategies and combos you will find!


Hints and Tips

The third Card of the Day is the first card that features something from our up and coming Lost Desert adventure. Yes, one of the heroes, Princess Amira. Well, when we say hero, she doesn't do anything particularly heroic. At least not at first, but I don't want to spoil anything for you :)

Princess Amira is first in line to the throne of Sakhmet City, but so far she just hasn't met the right man. Things are about to change however, because as we speak her betrothed rides towards her kingdom on his mighty steed.

In the Neopets TCG, Princess Amira is a Hero card. You have to tap one of your Light-aligned Neopets to put her into play. When she is in the game, each time you draw a card you draw an additional card and then discard a card from your hand. This mechanic is a great way to throw away either cards that are either of no use to you, or would perform better in your discard pile.

Amira is best played at the start of a turn where you know you are going to be picking up a lot of cards. Perhaps with a Kacheek Shepherd or a Travelling Library. Although Heroes are pretty much one-use cards, consider playing Amira with Lisha's Wand (another great card-cycling mechanic) or a Faerie Guardian.

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