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Adventure to Plushie Mountain

by xolidja


Wulfby despised being the youngest Neopet in the family. While the others were able to go on countless adventures he was usually stuck at home. Sure, every time they came back, they had a gift for him but they always brought the same thing: a plushie. He’d bite back a snarky remark each time his sibling handed him the new plushie, a bright red bow wrapped around it. His siblings always had the brightest smiles as they said, “this reminded me of you!” They always looked so pleased with themselves so he’d take the plushie and force a smile on his face as he gave his automatic response of, “oh thank you so much!”

     He perfected the gracious acceptance of the plushie gift over time. He could fake a smile like the best of them. Sometimes he’d even through a comment of how gorgeous the red ribbon was. Every single time. His siblings fell for it like clockwork and would look so pleased with themselves for getting their little brother such a great gift. They’d pat themselves on the back and then go into a story of the adventure. That, was the reason that Wulfby tolerated these plushies: the stories. He loved hearing about all the adventures his siblings would go on.

     Ruby would always share a story of her recent Battledome victory or her training school lessons. Sometimes she’d even talk about the great lengths she went to in order to complete a faerie quest. Vedymin was always going on some interesting quest on what seemed a daily basis. Wulfby never knew exactly where he went, and Vedymin had difficulty remembering. The con of being a Werelupe it seems. But from the small snippets Vedymin did remember it sounded awesome. Even Delicje, who spent most time just shopping, still got on her own adventures. Apparently getting some of the exclusive clothing and accessories she liked could be challenging and not suited for a baby pet. Or at least that’s what she would say whenever Wulfby would ask to tag along.

     Everything his older siblings did was just “too much” for a small Lupe like himself. No amount of pouting seemed to change their mind and he would be stuck staring longingly out the window whenever they went on an adventure. It just wasn’t fair.

     All he wanted was his own adventure. Instead, he was stuck at home with his mountains of plushies. His eyes started at the plushies studying them. Mountain. Plushies. Plushie Mountain! If he couldn’t go on an adventure, he’d bring the adventure here. Proud of this great epiphany Wulfby got to work. He started dragging his plushies one by one outside to their backyard.

     It took hours but finally Wulfby could sit back and stare in satisfaction at his grand masterpiece. It was a towering mountain of plushies with small holes dug in to represent caves. It was his greatest accomplishment yet. And sure, anything would tower over a Baby Lupe but he had a couple of siblings who even let out a wolf whistle and complimented his hard work. Wulfby couldn’t help but grin and wag his tail at that. Finally, he was having his own adventure.

     He started to climb up the mountain of plushies determined to get to the top.. And he did, fairly quickly. He frowned as he made it to the top staring down the mountain. Huh, wasn’t it higher than this? Puzzled he climbed down and then looked up, squinting up at it. Maybe it wasn’t as big as he thought. No, this was his mountain. He just needed to make it more challenging. So, he climbed backwards, then climbed with his eyes closed. Each time it didn’t take too long to scale the top of the mountain.

     After what felt like the hundredth time Wulfby flopped at the bottom of his mountain feeling slightly defeated. His great adventure wasn’t so great after all. Sighing he closed his eyes.

     “I wish this was more exciting.”

     He mumbled then opened his eyes hoping the mountain would suddenly double, or triple in size. Nope, it still looked the same. Just as he was about to get up and start putting away his plushies he heard a soft noise.

     His ears perked up and he stared at the mountain in confusion. Was that a meow? No, he had to be imagining it. He continued onto his climb up the mountain but then he heard it again clear as day. Oh no! His adventure was now turning into a rescue mission. In a panic, Wulfby started digging into the plushie mountain desperately.

     “Hold on I’m coming!”

     He yelled loudly to whatever poor creature was stranded in the depths of the enormous plushie mountain.

     Plushie after plushie was tossed aside as he dug further and further into the fluffy mountain. With each scoop of a plushie, he could hear the meow get louder and louder. He was doing it! He was actually doing a rescue mission: a real adventure! Even though this was a very serious matter he couldn’t help but smile as he clawed through more and more plushies until finally… THERE IT WAS! A small, scared-looking plushie Meowclops was in the centre of his mountain shaking slightly. It then let out a terrified meow when Wulfby yelled.

     “I GOT YOU!”

     The poor thing nearly jumped out of its fur, or fabric? Whatever you would call it and looked ready to bolt away but Wulfby had already practically bounced on it. He wrapped the thing in the biggest hug he could as he petted its soft head with his little paw.

     “There, there.”

     He cooed as he tried to comfort the little Petpet. It took a moment but finally, the little creature seemed to stop shaking. It meowed softly and then began purring as it rubbed against Wulfby’s fur. He practically beamed at the little creature as he kept petting it. As he did, he started to look at the plushie mountain, well what was left of it. Plushies were scattered all across the yard and he knew he would have to pick them all up soon. But that wasn’t why he was staring at them. No, he was staring in awe because of his wish work. He clearly had made this plushie come to life when he wished to make his mountain more exciting. After all what was more exciting than a magical mountain that brought plushies to life?

     “I made the mountain magical!”

     He shouted loudly to, well, no one in particular. He was just so excited he couldn’t contain his excitement. The Meowclops looked at him in confusion.


     It questioned and Wulfby turned away from the remnants of his mountain and picked up the little creature.

     “Come on, let’s get you some food.”

     Food first, then he would clean up. He decided as he carried the little creature inside feeling very accomplished with his adventure of the day. He couldn’t wait to show everyone what he did today and show off his new Petpet.

     He was so excited and focused on his new Petpet that he didn’t notice his sister Forrisa silently watching from the background or the ribbon that was wrapped around her paw. She couldn’t help but chuckle at her little brother. This would be her little secret. He didn’t have to know his mountain wasn’t magic, after all, it would ruin the adventure.

     The End.

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