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The Swashbuckler's Sword

by werelupe_king23


It all started at the Swashbuckling Academy on Krawk Island. The three-legged Eyrie and former pirate, Cap'n Threelegs, was ready to present his top pupil from this particular class he had been teaching for a few months now a Cap'n Threelegs Training Sword. It was something he gave only to the best Neopians at the Swashbuckling Academy. However, he had unfortunately misplaced it. He could not fathom where he had put it. It was probably due to his memory, as he was getting on in years and was not the type to misplace things. The students wouldn't dare touch it, either. After all, the old Eyrie could be rather stern. He needed to find the Training Sword quickly, though. Although it was technically a training tool, it was extremely dangerous in the hands of an Eyrie. Only an Eyrie could harness the true power of the Cap'n Threelegs Training Sword. That was why the Cap'n decided to have the top pupil in question, a Sketch Eyrie called Apollo, aid him in this small quest. He knew Apollo would make a fine swashbuckler one day. This would be the Sketch Eyrie's first quest, albeit an unofficial one.

      Also, Cap'n Threelegs needed someone who knew the Academy as well as he did. Sure, there were others, but they were not humble the way Apollo was. Apollo, fortunately, fit the criteria. All that mattered was to find the Training Sword before another Neopet did. Threelegs did not want his Swashbuckling Academy destroyed because of this mishap. If an Eyrie got a hold of that Sword, chaos would ensue. There was only one problem with this situation. The Academy's grounds were quite large, especially when compared to other places on Krawk Island. Even Little Nippers, the Petpet shop, didn't have the size the Swashbuckling Academy did.

     Still, neither Eyrie was the type of Neopian that would give up just like that. A huge location was not going to stop either of them. Threelegs and Apollo quickly began their search for the elusive Training Sword. Cap'n Threelegs knew it had to be here. Having retired long ago from a life of piracy, the old Eyrie didn't get out much. Not to mention he'd rather avoid those rude Neopets who frustrated him during his classes. Luckily, the younger of the two Eyries was not like that. In fact, Apollo was eager to help. Cap'n Threelegs was pleased by this.

      Unfortunately, the Eyries' search was rudely interrupted by a flock of Pawkeets that had decided the Swashbuckling Academy was the perfect place to roost. Pawkeets were usually harmless, but the playful Petpets still could cause a lot of trouble. Apollo brandished his Toy Pirate Sword at the intruding Petpets. 'Let's be gettin' rid of these scallywags,' he cried. Cap'n Threelegs joined in with his own cutlass. Although the two Neopets didn't harm the Pawkeets, the parrot-like Petpets were successfully chased away. Satisfied with this outcome, the swashbucklers resumed their search for the Training Sword. They were both determined to find it. Cap'n Threelegs wanted to find the Training Sword before another Eyrie caused trouble and Apollo wanted to prove himself to his teacher.

     So, the search for the Training Sword continued. The Cap'n was giving up and neither was Apollo. The Sketch Eyrie was just as determined to find the Training Sword. That was one thing the Eyries had in common. They were not going to stop their search until the Training Sword had been found. Failure was not an option for Threelegs, nor his pupil. They had to find the Capn's Training Sword and fast.

      'Maybe one of these buccaneers knows where yer Training Sword is,' Apollo suggested. Cap'n Threelegs nodded at that. 'It be worth a try, lad,' he agreed. 'Then let's be findin' some folks ter ask,' Apollo said thoughtfully. Cap'n Threelegs and Apollo began searching around for some other Neopets to hopefully help them. There had to be someone who could be of help. 'There be a couple of lads over there,' Apollo stated, pointing out an Orange Yurble and a Plushie Acara nearby. Perhaps they knew where the Training Sword was. There was only one way to find out. Cap'n Threelegs walked over to the pair of Neopets and asked them if they knew anything about the whereabouts of his Training Sword.

      'Have either of ye seen me Trainin' Sword?'

      Sadly, neither of the two Neopets knew where the Cap'n Threelegs Training Sword was. The Cap'n nodded. 'Thank ye. I'll be leavin' ye ter yer trainin' now.' The pair of Eyries moved away to continue their search. Apollo couldn't help but feel for the older Eyrie. Even though pirates weren't known for their empathy, they weren't all cold and cruel like Captain Scarblade. 'Yer Trainin' Sword has ter be around here somewhere'. Cap'n Threelegs nodded at that. The younger Eyrie had wisdom beyond his years.

     Not many Neopets were like this Sketch Eyrie, especially pirates. Most of them wouldn't have cared to help the poor Cap'n. Unless they were the ones receiving the Training Sword, of course. None of that mattered to Apollo, though. He glanced at the three-legged Eyrie. 'We'll find yer Training Sword together, Cap'n Threelegs,' he said reassuringly. Cap'n Threelegs nodded. Inspired by his pupil's words, he lead the search for the Training Sword with renewed vigour.

     A sudden sound of squawking not too far away got both the Cap'n and Apollo's attention. 'Shiver me timbers! Sounds like some scurvy bilge-rats causin' trouble. We oughta be checkin' it out.' Cap'n Threelegs nodded at the suggestion. 'Aye, lad.' Both of the Eyries followed the source of the commotion until they found it. 'I see 'em. T' scurvy bilge-rats.' Except that wasn't the case. Cap'n Threelegs couldn't believe his eyes. It was another flock of Pawkeets and they were currently squabbling over the Cap'n Threelegs Training Sword. This was not good. Even if the Pawkeets took off, they could take the Cap'n Threelegs Training Sword with them.

     Both of the swashbuckling Eyries began thinking of a way to get the Training Sword back from the Pawkeets. They could not risk the troublesome Petpets running off with the dangerous weapon. Another Eyrie could easily get a hold of it. However, there were other Neopets who had also heard the Pawkeets and had come to help. Cap'n Threelegs and Apollo were not alone in this. They proceeded to coordinate a plan together to get the Training Sword back from the flock of Pawkeets.

     Satisfied with their plan, the two Eyries and their newfound allies jumped into action. They surrounded the Pawkeets, their larger numbers causing the Petpets to scatter. Thankfully, they had left the Training Sword behind. Cap'n Threelegs carefully picked up the Sword and was relieved to see it was not damaged, other than a few scuff marks. He then turned to Apollo and presented the Sketch Eyrie with the Training Sword. The crowd of Neopians clapped and cheered. Meanwhile, Apollo was overcome with joy. He had not thought himself worthy of such an honour, but he was looking forward to graduating from the Academy one day. Perhaps the Sketch Eyrie might even follow in his teacher's footsteps and teach young sprogs the ways of swashbuckling.

     The End.

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