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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

"He looked up at his parents, another lie on the tip of his tongue. Then, he swallowed it. Their faces were so happy."

Judging a Book by its Cover

We're always told not to judge a book by its cover, but with so many beautiful book covers all across Neopia, how can we not? After all, the cover is the first thing your pet sees before they open the book to give it a read! Perhaps a more interesting-looking cover will entice them to turn the pages instead of telling us how "that is such a boring book!" *rolls eyes* Here is a list of 10 books with fun and quirky covers that your pet will surely love (and if they still complain that it is such a boring book, at least it will look nice on the bookshelf in your Neohome)! 1. The Diary of Krawk Braggart The cover for this book is so well done. The whole book is a replica of Krawk Braggart's head, and it comes with...

Crafting Art Gallery Ideas

You’re probably reading this because you want to get into the Art Gallery (AG). Great! There’s only one problem: you have no idea what you should make art of. I’m here to help! There are already great guides in the Neopian Times (NT) on what to do and not to do when submitting to the AG. Search “gallery” in the NT and Ctrl+F “art gallery” to find them (the keyword “art” returns too many results). Kate (_kate_e_did_) also has a comprehensive Petpage guide to the AG (/~Maybl). Those existing guides, along with various tutorials you can find online, can help you improve your art and comply with the rules. This guide concentrates on helping you decide WHAT to make art of, as well as how to develop and finish your ideas.

The State of Lost Desert Archeology

It’s been nearly 100 years since the discovery of the tomb of Coltzan II, which was found by an expedition out of Sakhmet long before the Lost Desert was known to the rest of Neopia. The true value of that treasure trove of a tomb is still being calculated a century later, with most of the artefacts documented and stored throughout Sakhmet in public galleries and private vaults. Ever since, the 4th day in the month of Storing has been treated as a minor national holiday, with festivities and feasts abound.

Other Stories
"Reeves' Island" by toontown_chick_85
Gather around and I will tell you a story A story of a mysterious trip That started from a port on Mystery Island Aboard a ship called: Time Dimension There was a fearless grey shoryu An orange haired human Five Neopians joined them that day For three hours of adventure on the open ocean But the weather took a turn for the worse The Time Dimension was tossed If it wasn't for Clover and CorsairReeves Time Dimension would be lost Time Dimension finally landed on the shore of this mysterious moon desert isle With Corsair Reeves And Clover The billionaire brother and his sister Mystery Island's star The Professor and a small town eventide blumaroo Here on Reeves' Isle.

"The Wishing Well" by peacelovepdx3
Sydney the Blumaroo has been collecting things for her albums (coins, stamps, shells, etc) After flipping through the pages of her albums she decides she wants to head down to the wishing well and make a wish for a new coin. She bounces through her neighbourhood and up to the hill where the wishing well sits. She gets to the top of the hill and peers inside the deep well. It's dark and quiet inside, the well. I guess that's what she expected though. She reaches into her pocket and pulls out some NP coins. She starts thinking about the empty spots in her album and decides to make a wish for an Eliv Thade Coin. She tosses her coins into the well while thinking about the poor Kacheek known as Eliv Thade.

"A Tale of Rubbish" by bouncyhanyou
I trudge up the hill towards the rubbish dump; there is a crisp chill in the predawn air, but it will dissipate in the next few hours. Because of the early hour, there are only a few people already here. I choose an undisturbed spot in the dump, and begin to slowly, repetitively sift through the junk Neopia deemed not good enough for even the regular garbage. Eventually, my sense of smell will grow accustomed enough to the stench that I won’t even notice it, but here at the beginning, the nauseating scent of decomposing organic matter—not to mention the literal piles of dung plopped about—forces me to breathe through my mouth, tamp down my gag reflex.

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Reeves' Island
"Gather around and I will tell you a story. A story of a mysterious trip. That started from a port on Mystery Island..."

by toontown_chick_85


The Wishing Well
"Sydney the Blumaroo has been collecting things for her albums (coins, stamps, shells, etc) After flipping through the pages of her albums she decides she wants to head down to the wishing well and make a wish..."

by peacelovepdx3


Castle Planners Journal: The Meridell Day Tragedy
"'Gaius!? What is the meaning of condemning th- What happened to you?' the chamberlain stopped in his tracks when he saw Gaius being wrapped up with a herbal poultice on his bruises..."

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Life Improvised
A spooky night for games!

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Spot the Difference Edition #19
Can you find the 10 differences? Collab with fyrion and sandralala

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