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Hi! Here's a question I don't think you've ever answered in the past but I'm wondering.. How big is the Neopets team? Is it a small team working in a small office, or is it a big team working in a bigger office? I would love to know how many people work on Neopets! ~~missjitterbug
Hey there! I would love to answer this! We are a small and dedicated team that works remotely across the globe. Like most studios, we have content specialists, developers, designers, testers, moderators, producers, customer support, and marketers. We all have our specialities on the site, with the primary goal of creating the best experience for Neopia. We are passionate about Neopets and our fans, which fuels us to make things great. Thank you for the question! ~~Yarner

On the Faerie Quest page Fyora stands in all her glory and has, for years. Is there anyway someone could fix her eyeliner on her left eye? It's been undone for a long time and it's driving me crazy. Thanks! ~~queen_potema
You aren’t the only one this has been driving crazy, poor Fyora has been dealing with her makeup troubles for far too long! One of our artists finally got her a mirror and helped touch up her eyeliner, so Queen Fyora has been restored to her former glory on the Faerie Quest page! ~~Aesop

Can you please reiterate that giveaway boards are not allowed? Users are trying to put creative spins on them such as "Pay it forward" and "First so many people to post, get" boards, etc. Although their intentions might be good at first, at some point they leave the board to eat or sleep, and then it becomes a begging board by late-comers who aren't reading the pages of posts before, even if/when the person doing these giveaways posts that the "Board is Closed". ~~Anonymous
Sure we can! Sorry but announced giveaway boards (even under a new creative name) are not allowed on the site. It is fine to give away your items but please do not make announced giveaway boards for that sole purpose. Thanks! ~~Kikocat

Hello TNT! One of the more fun past-time on the site is to vote for pets in the Customisation Spotlight. However, the small pictures make it difficult to see the customization. Is it possible to make the pictures larger in the voting section? Ideally, the same size as the pictures of your pets in the "quick reference" section of the site. Thank you! ~~Light_fearie02
Hiya! We definitely want to be able to see the awesome customizations everyone is doing. We are in the process of looking into doing an update for the Customization Spotlight and will take this into consideration!~~ Sunpotato

Good eeeevening... Can you activate the WERE APPLE and HALLOWEEN SKULL CAKE and maybe put them into the Trick-or-Treat Bags this year? Their item type would have to be fixed since they were both intended to be Spooky Food. Thank yeeeeee. ~~the_mausoleum
What a spooktacular suggestion! They would certainly fit in well... Be sure to keep an eye out for the Trick-or-Treat bags this Halloween, I think you'll be happy to see some of the treats we've included in the Neopian Trick-or-Treat Bags this year! ~~Aesop

Hello TNT. Inquiring minds want to know, will free pet slots ever be a thing again? Maybe something for the upcoming site's anniversary in November? *Puppyblew eyes* please?? ~~nick_and_nickette
Hello! What a wonderful idea! We will make that happen! ~~Yarner

Hi there TNT. Currently the Head to Toe Mummy Wraps layers a bit funky- over clothing but under accessories. Would it be possible to rezone it as Markings so that it will layer properly under all clothing for those of us with some pets who wanna wear their clothes over top of their bandages? ~~x_kovu_x
Hello! We have indeed rezoned to your request! Enjoy and happy customising! ~~Miss Rainbow

Hi TNT! Would it be possible to maybe make a button to access the news page? It's not currently accessible from the beta layout. ~~unlaced_
Psstt….*whispers* you can access the new features page by tapping the bell icon in the top navigation bar and then tapping the news text. ~~Sunpotato

TNT! I want to buy a Plate Of Cookies, the one released from the advent calendar! But when I search for it on the Shop Wizard, a WEARABLE Plate Of Cookies shows up instead of the Plate Of Cookies from the advent calendar! They have identical names, so I can't find the plate of cookies my pets so desperately want. :( ~~babygcpunk
Hello! I believe the Plate Of Cookies given out by the Advent Calendar last year that you are referencing was actually renamed to "Santa Skarl Cookie Crumbs" to avoid confusion with the Plate of Cookies Wearable! Hope this helps your pets find the delicious cookies they deserve! ~~Aesop

I heard there were rumblings of the Premium Bar being removed, and I would be bereft if it were removed. I keep a bookmarked tab to the news page so I can direct away from the mobile friendly pages straight back to normal desktop mode so I can use that bar. Being able to opt in and out of the mobile style pages and desktop would be so useful! ~~hockeycabbage
Hello there! Oh dear, we will not be removing the Premium bar, quite the opposite! We are looking into bringing it to the converted pages and making a mobile-friendly version. We will share more updates about this as we start fleshing this out. In the meantime stay tuned from official news and TNT sources. ~Sunpotato

hi! I was wondering if the Fabled Silvery Lake Background will ever be put in a cap or something of sorts? It truly must be fabled for how rare it is to find one for trade now adays *offers you treats and milk* ~~darkdragon4x4
Hello! We are definitely interested in adding this to a retired capsule! It would probably fit best in a Retired Spring or Summer capsule… so keep an eye out and thanks for the suggestion and thanks for the treats! ~~Miss Rainbow

Howdy! Not sure where to suggest this, but... I love the pride tapestry wearables. Can you please pass on to TNT that I'd love if they made an asexual pride tapestry? Thank you! ~~boscoemax
It’s funny you should ask because we actually released that tapestry today in early celebration of Asexual Awareness Week that starts this Sunday! ~~Stone


Hi TNT, Thanks a lot for making the site safer and introducing the 2fa option. Much appreciated. ~~Notej

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