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Judging a Book by its Cover

by lunafaeire


We're always told not to judge a book by its cover, but with so many beautiful book covers all across Neopia, how can we not? After all, the cover is the first thing your pet sees before they open the book to give it a read! Perhaps a more interesting-looking cover will entice them to turn the pages instead of telling us how "that is such a boring book!" *rolls eyes*

     Here is a list of 10 books with fun and quirky covers that your pet will surely love (and if they still complain that it is such a boring book, at least it will look nice on the bookshelf in your Neohome)!


     1. The Diary of Krawk Braggart

      The cover for this book is so well done. The whole book is a replica of Krawk Braggart's head, and it comes with an attached bookmark that looks like his tongue sticking out through his teeth! I worry how this will look on a bookshelf but it sure makes for an interesting conversation starter...

     2. Tying Your Bow

      There are a couple of Neopets species that can't be seen in public without their bows. This book teaches you how to tie a bow in many different ways so your Neopet will never be caught in a "who wore it better" type situation. It's also practical because it comes with a red bow on the cover of the book so you can untie it and practice your new skill as much as you want, without running the risk of ruining your own clothes!

     3. Growing Flower Crystals

      The description for this book is: "Judging by the cover, it really isn't that difficult!" so it's practically asking us to judge its cover! Your Neopet might get distracted by the cover and refuse to read the book, which may be counterproductive... But crystals are shiny and who doesn't like shiny things?

     4. Puzzling Actions: A Story of Action Puzzle Games

      I'm a big fan of books that come with a dual purpose and here we have a book that is also a puzzle! This book is full of action puzzle games, so the fun continues within the pages of the book and isn't just limited to the cover. Still, if your pet generally doesn't like to read, you can tell them it's a toy and (hopefully) trick them into reading it. It's for their own good after all...

     5. Neopian Knitting Patterns

      This book comes with a set of knitting needles so your pet can dive right into knitting their dream sweater! The cover was also knitted onto the book so it's nice and soft (and you can maybe even use it as a blanket when you're done reading it)! Talk about taking upcycling to the next level, eh!

     6. Roller Coaster Design

      Not only does this manual give tips and instructions for designing roller coasters, the cover has its very own built-in mini roller coater so you can see an actual prototype for better visualisation! Here's an unexpected dual use - it's also the perfect size for your Neopet's Petpetpet to take a test ride. Bet you didn't see that one coming!

     7. The Ultimate Drum Practice Book

      Here we have yet another dual-purpose book that provides all the tools you need to immediately start practising what you learn from this manual. You flip a page, you learn the drum rudiments, you close the book, and you drum away! Since the book is made of paper and isn't an actual percussion instrument, the pages will insulate the sound so all that drumming noise music will not disturb your neighbours.

     8. Hatching A Draik Egg

     This is an interesting one! There is a green Draik egg "replica" embedded on the cover of this book. If your Neopet complains that this is another boring one, just tell them it's a real Draik egg and that they'll be able to hatch it once they finish reading the book. That will surely pique their interest because who doesn't want their very own Draik!? And what happens when they finish reading the book and the Draik egg on the cover still hasn't hatched? Tell them they must have missed a step somewhere and ask them to read it again :P

     9. Double Tuskaninny Tales

      I can't imagine how I would place this on a bookshelf since it's basically two books in one (with one story on the right side, and the other story on the left side). But it sure makes for an interesting cover! If you have a Mutant Hissi, they'll be able to read two different stories simultaneously! (wow, what a perk!!!) But otherwise, I don't see how anyone else would benefit from this besides getting two stories for the price of one.

     10. 101 Cheese Slices

     Yes. The cover of this book is made of cheese. The description of this book is: "It makes a great book for Neopians who would rather read with their stomach." which suggests that you should be able to feed this to your pet. If your Neopet is not quite ready for this book yet, keep it in the refrigerator instead of the bookshelf because you don't want the cheese to go bad in this warm weather and stink up the whole place.

      Note: Feeding this book to your pet is not an actual option in the item drop-down menu unless you have a Grarrl or a Skeith. It should also be noted that feeding this book to your Skeith will make them sick with Neezles!


     There you go. I did it. Not only did I judge a book by its cover, I judged TEN books by their covers. There were A LOT of books all across Neopia to choose from, but these were the 10 books that really stood out to me and made me take a second look. I hope this list of books with pretty neat covers has inspired you to read more books to your pets and increase their intelligence! I know I will definitely be reading these to my reader pet :)

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