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The Wishing Well

by peacelovepdx3


Sydney the Blumaroo has been collecting things for her albums (coins, stamps, shells, etc) After flipping through the pages of her albums she decides she wants to head down to the wishing well and make a wish for a new coin. She bounces through her neighbourhood and up to the hill where the wishing well sits. She gets to the top of the hill and peers inside the deep well. It's dark and quiet inside, the well. I guess that's what she expected though. She reaches into her pocket and pulls out some NP coins. She starts thinking about the empty spots in her album and decides to make a wish for an Eliv Thade Coin. She tosses her coins into the well while thinking about the poor Kacheek known as Eliv Thade. A very long time ago, in a castle deep within the Haunted Woods, was a Kacheek named Eliv Thade.

     Thade would boast that he could instantly solve ANY puzzle that was brought before him. Neopians came from far and wide, eager to lay claim to the bragging rights of being the one to stump Eliv Thade. Alas, it hardly required any effort for the clever Kacheek to dash the hopes of his challengers, solving their puzzles within seconds right before their very eyes before sending them away. This went on for quite some time, until one day, one of Thade's servants in the castle gave him the longest, most complicated puzzle he had ever seen... Shocking and stunning all who knew him, he could NOT work out the answer! For hours, days, and months, he kept trying to find the solution, but it was just no use.

     Every single day, his servant would smile sweetly and ask him if he had solved the puzzle, and each day Thade would storm off in a fit of rage... For years Thade agonized over the puzzle, spending every waking second flipping through and reading every single book amongst his library. The answer has to be in here somewhere, he desperately thought to himself. However, despite all the time and energy that he poured into finding the answer, Thade's efforts proved to be in vain. Eventually, Thade's obsession with solving the puzzle fully consumed him, causing the poor troubled Kacheek's spiralling descent into insanity. It wasn't long before Thade's castle began falling apart as his servants, who were scared for their own lives, got as far away as they possibly could. Several years later, Thade perished alone, never finding the answer to his servant's puzzle. However, the spirit of Eliv Thade still roams the dark forgotten corridors of the castle, plotting a terrible revenge for anyone who dares to enter....

     Sydney realizes she's no longer in front of the wishing well. She's standing in front of a very old and very creepy castle. Not certain if she should enter or not, she goes against her better judgement and opens the heavy doors anyways. As soon as she enters, the heavy iron door slams shut and locks behind her. Uh oh. Once inside roaming around she realizes she's in the castle of Eliv Thade. She knows that escaping will be difficult and the terrible spirit of Eliv Thade will do anything to stop her from leaving. To escape, she must visit all four rooms, and collect an item from each, and then head to the Crypt to put the spirit of Eliv Thade to rest. She makes it to the dining room and quickly starts searching for the Sword of Skardsen. After searching everywhere in the room, she realizes the sword is sitting in a big glass hutch. She carefully opens the doors and snatches the sword off the shelf before making her way into the kitchen. She starts opening cabinets and checking all the areas of the kitchen. Inside of a broom closet tucked away she finds the Shield of Pion Troect! Nice, halfway to being out of this mess she thinks to herself as she walks down the hallway towards the library. Once inside she notices no one has been in here for a very long time. Cobwebs and dust cover every surface and every book which makes reading their titles nearly impossible. But being stuck here is not in the cards for her so she starts to search through the books as best as she can. Not exactly sure what she's even looking for..but she'll know when she finds it. After spending what feels like hours amongst the dusty books she finally stumbles across Grimoire of Thade, she knows this has got to be the one!

     Ok, she thinks that's 3 down and 1 to go. The only room she hasn't been in yet is the bedroom. She knows the last item she needs has to be in there somewhere. Inside the room is a huge 4-post bed with a giant canopy. It looks big enough for 10! She sees a huge closet still filled with clothes but they have deteriorated over time and become filled with holes from Rainblugs.. those things will eat ANYTHING. On a large dresser sits a beautiful hand-crafted jewellery box. She opens it up to find the Amulet of Thilg. The last item needed to put Eliv Thade to rest and escape this creepy place.

     She looks around the room and thinks hmm maybe a small something to bring with me as a memento of this place because I certainly don't plan to return again. On a nightstand next to the bed, she notices a pile of coins. Perfect she thinks.. something for my coin album! She walks over and looks through the coins sitting there and spots a single Eliv Thade Coin and quickly shoves it into her pocket before making her way towards the crypt to make her escape. She would like to avoid the wrath of Eliv Thade at all costs and quickly dashes to the door to the crypt. The door is so heavy that it will barely move! She manages to shove it open and once on the other side she realizes she's back at the wishing well.

     Huh?! She looks around puzzled, wondering if she bonked her head or fell asleep and that was a weird dream or what in Neopia just happened? She feels her pocket and inside there's an Eliv Thade Coin. She bounces back to the top of the hill where the well sits and yells into the well, thank you! But now I need to lay down she chuckles to herself. Wow, what a day. She looks at her watch and only about 15 minutes has passed since she originally got up to the well to make a wish. She decides it's time to bounce over to Pizzaroo and grab some pizza to-go before taking a nap. Today was exciting and exhausting! It's always a wild ride with that wishing well she thinks to herself making her way towards the doors to Pizzaroo. A Whole Garden Fresh Pizza to-go please! she says to the happy Blumaroo rolling out dough behind the counter. Okay, he says! You gotta gimmie about 20 minutes. Grab a Neocola on the house while you wait!

     The End.

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