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Reeves' Island

by toontown_chick_85


Gather around and I will tell you a story

     A story of a mysterious trip

     That started from a port on Mystery Island

     Aboard a ship called: Time Dimension

     There was a fearless grey shoryu

     An orange haired human

     Five Neopians joined them that day

     For three hours of adventure on the open ocean

     But the weather took a turn for the worse

     The Time Dimension was tossed

     If it wasn't for Clover and CorsairReeves

     Time Dimension would be lost

     Time Dimension finally landed on the shore of this mysterious moon desert isle

     With Corsair Reeves

     And Clover

     The billionaire brother

     and his sister

     Mystery Island's star

     The Professor and a small town eventide blumaroo

     Here on Reeves' Isle.

     Clover ran a pale white hand through her orange hair. Everyone else was sleeping after the beating the Time Dimension ship took in the storm.

     She looked up at the night sky and gave a light gasp. The moon was red!

     How could this have happened? She and her grey Shoyru, Corsair Reeves, were supposed to take five passengers out on the water for three hours. The plan had been all set. Meet everyone at a dock on one of Mystery Island's ports, go out for three hours, and then be home in time for dinner. The water faerie of spirit is a cruel mistress.

     Clover jumped out of the wrecked ship, taking a moment to circle and assess the damage. "Corsair, Corsair, wake up. We landed."

     The grey Shoyru hopped up, jumped into the sand with an "oof"

     Clover walked up to her family, holding out a hand. "Relax Cori. Time Dimension landed on some island."

     Corsair took her hand, standing up. "What?! Not Mystery Island?"

     Clover shook her head, nodding up at the red moon.

     The grey Shoyru followed the direction she was looking at. "Whoa, how is that possible?"

     Clover shrugged, "Must have something to do with this island."

     Corsair shook the sand from her wings. "So, what are we telling everyone when they wake up and see we are not on Mystery Island?"

     "The truth, of course." Clover walked towards the edge of the water. "Let's try to get a few things that washed ashore for now."

     Corsair and Clover took to going up and down the water's edge, searching for whatever might have washed up from the storm.

     When the sun started rising the passengers all woke up. They gathered together around the ruined ship.

     While Clover got everyone up to speed on what happened, Corsair had found her clothes that washed up. Purple Darigan team shirt, swamp-coloured ghoul catchers jacket, grey jazz hat, and ice blue ice skates.

     "So what, we are just stuck here!" shrieked the island Kougra. He removed the bronze ring from his tale.

     Clover turned to him. "Yes, Mumiou. And you will help us if you want to get back to your plays."

     mumiou huffed, putting the ring on his left wrist. "The name is Mimi."

     "Now everyone!" shouted Clover "First thing we should do is scout the island." She turned to a blue Uni and grey Shoyru. "You two take to the sky. Since you have wings."

     Corsair saluted, "Got it, Captain!" She took flight.

     The blue Uni however did not take flight. "Sure I can't just relax here on the beach? This IS supposed to be my vacation, after all."

     Clover sighed while she shook her head. "Tulip_J, we kind of need everyone to help here."

     Blue Uni's grin got bigger. "How about Corsair take to the sky, while Star and I walk along the beach, finding anything that was washed up from the wreck."

     A blue gelert perked up at this. "Oh yes, please!"

     Clover pinched the bridge of her Grecian angular nose. "Fine, do whatever."

     As Tulip_J and Starwoll ran off, Tulip_J shouted back. "You can call us Jay and Star, by the way."

     Clover ran a hand through her hair. "Great, thanks." She then turned to the eventide Blumaroo. "Cutha, can you walk around the island, while staying on the beach?"

     She started playing with the island Blumaroo rings on her eventide wrists. "Yeah, sure." She walked off.

     A polka dot Vandagyre wearing Christmas walked up. "Hey, I'll take you to the jungle. There might be a way to make some tools."

     Clover nodded, smiling. "Thank you Rocket21. That will help."

     Rocket21 nodded, "It is a practical solution." As she headed in the direction of the jungle, she tossed back. "The name is E.J."

     While everyone is out, Clover also takes to the jungle, apart from where E.J. entered.

     For the whole morning everyone either did their own thing or was scoping out the island.

     By high noon everyone met back up around Time Dimension.

     Fortunately the radio was working. So everyone sat around, tuning the radio to a news program.

     "...Now for the latest report on Friday, January 10th." The news anchor announced. "After two fellow Neopians took off from a port on Mystery Island just yesterday on Thursday, January 9th of 2020. They and their five passengers are reported missing." sad audience sounds fill the minute silence. "We have the names of who they are; the human girl, Cool Clover Nickelhopper. A member of Clover's own family; The grey Shoyru Corsair Reeves. The blue brother and sister billionaires; Tulip_J, a Uni and Starwoll, a Gelert. Mystery Island's very own star, Mumiou the island Kougra. A small town eventide Blumaroo, Cutha. And last but not least; Rocket21, the polka dot Vandagyre scientist and writer.

     If you're out there and listening guys; Do not lose hope!" Fireworks sounded from the radio. "Now unto the stock report."

     E.J. turned the radio off at that moment. But Star gasped, "Hey, the stock is important!" He grabbed the radio.

     E.J. just rolled his eyes and took to trying to fix the transmitter she had pulled off the Time Dimension.

     Clover dusted off her hands on her blue pants. "Corsair, why don't you do a little fishing."

     "Okay, Clover." Corsair said taking off for a fishing rod.

     As Corsair went fishing for the afternoon, E.J. continued tinkering with the transmitter, and soon the radio that Star dropped by.

     Clover and Cutha were in the middle gathering fruits and citrus from the jungle.

     While Corsair continued fishing, Clover and Cutha are building up a large dinner of fruits and citrus… While Jay, Star, and Mimi are still acting like this is a vacation and will be home soon.

     "I got it!" E.J. shouted by the boat. "I got it!"

     Clover dropped the apples she was carrying, and rushed on over. "What E.J.? What do you have?"

     E.J. grinned as her big oval eyes widened, "I fixed the transmitter."

     Clover gasped, "No way! Really?"

     E.J. nodded, "Here take a list–"

     While they were talking a fishing hook grabbed the radio.

     "What?! Where did the radio go?" E.J. looked around the area, frantic.

     "Are you sure you fixed the transmitter?" Clover squatted down to help look.

     "Yes, I know I fixed the transmitter." E.J. nodded "I heard myself on the radio."

     Clover squinted her deep-set upturned wide yellow eyes, "Then how could it just disappear?"

     Just at that moment the transmitter was hooked, and dragged into the ocean right where Corsair was fishing.

     "That's how!" gasped Clover and E.J.

     Clover ran, splashing into the water after Corsair.

     They wrestled in the water for a few minutes before Clover managed to get the rod away.

     "Oh great water faerie spirit!" shouted clover, in the direction of the open ocean. "If you're out there… take Reeves!"

     Corsair heaved a weary sigh.

     From the beach; E.J. shook her head as she crossed one winged arm across her chest, and the other scratching her cheek.

     Come nightfall they ate their dinner of fruit and citrus that Clover and Cutha forged. As everyone slowly drifts off to sleep in the sleeping bags Clover and Corsair gave everyone, Clover pulled Reeves aside.

     "Reeves, I want you to stand to watch for any signs of boats."

     The grey Shoyru jumped up, and stared straight into the jungle. "I got you back, Clover!" She pointed with her right hand. "If anyone is out there I will see them."

     Clover sighed, as she ran her hands along her orange high wavy ponytail. "If anyone is out there, we're in trouble." She grabbed the grey Shoyru by the shoulders, turning her around. "The ocean is that way."

     Corsair heaved a weary chuckle.

     By morning on January 11th, Clover and E.J. started building a hut. Cutha sat washing clothes next to the water line. And, of course, the blue Uni, Gelert, and island Kougra still did not want to help out.

     Corsair tried to help Clover and E.J.

     "Just go hang with the passengers, Reeves." said Clover

     The grey shoyru, feeling very disheartened, took a walk along the edge of the water line.

     cutha looked up from washing a pair of shoes. "Hey, Reeves!" She waved the Shoyru over. "Come here!"

     Reeves' wings flapped a little, speeding up the walk.

     "What's wrong, Reeves?" Cutha asked.

     Reeves sat down next to the eventide Blumaroo, and helped her wash. "I'm a disaster at everything."

     "Oh, faeries, that's not true." Cutha said "You saved us in the storm."

     Reeves sighed, "That was mostly Clover."

     cutha shook her head. "That was both of you." She pointed out into the ocean. "And you were doing a fantastic job fishing yesterday."

     "No," Reeves shook her head. "I messed up and threw the radio and transmitter away."

     "Then take a swim in the ocean and find them." said Cutha "Or you could go fishing and get us something to eat."

     "But I'd just mess that up too." Reeves wrung a shirt out.

     "Reeves," Cutha sighed "I bet Clover is thrilled to have you along on this trip."

     Reeves shook her head. "I'm the adopted one. She probably prefers Lindi and Shyelm."

     cutha put her paw on one of the Shoyru's wings. "Of course that's not true." Before Reeves could say anything, Cutha added. "Now get up and out there, and fish for us something to eat."

     Reeves gave a weak chuckle. "Yes, ma'am."

     Corsair Reeves went fishing after that.

     Started reeling in big Maraquan Petpet fish after another.

     Couple hours later, Reeves has piled together big Maraquan Petpet fish on top of each other.

     The grey Shoyru was just setting down a large Petpet fish.

     "Time to touch our toes." a voice came from the fish she set down. "One, Two, Three… Up… Down… Up…Down…"

     "Oh." Reeves started doing the exercise as instructed, wondering where that voice was coming from.

     When she went to touch her toes for the fourth time, she listened closer to where the voice was coming from.

     "Oh My Faeries!" gasped Reeves "It's in the fish!"

     Reeves heaved the large fish over her head. She ran up to Clover and E.J.

     "The Radio! The Radio! A fish swallowed the radio!"

     Clover's medium downturned mouth quirked into a smile. "Oh My! That's great!"

     Clover turned to the polka dot Vandagyre. "E.J., if one fish had the radio, do you think there could be a fish with the transmitter?"

     E.J. took the fish out of Reeves' hands. "It could be possible."

     "Reeves, gather the others together at the fish." said Clover "Time to search some fish for a transmitter."

     Reeves saluted, "Got it!" She ran off.

     As Reeves was gathering the others up at the fish pile, E.J. stuck her winged talons in the fish.

     After a few minutes feeling around in the fish, E.J. finally managed to grab the radio.

     She started tuning the radio to the transmitter while walking over to the others.

     "Wait, everyone!" E.J. called out. "There is a better way to do this."

     Corsair, Cutha, and Clover turned around when E.J. walked up.

     When the polka dot Vandagyre reached them.

     "I just tuned the radio to the transmitter."

     Corsair shrugged, "And that means…"

     E.J. sighed, "Say something into the fish, and I'll hear it on the radio."

     They all started speaking into fish.

     Blue Uni, Gelert, and island Kougra saw what was going on, deciding to find out what.

     "This some kind of new thing Neopians are into nowadays?" Star's eyes widened.

     "Doesn't look like it." Mimi shook his head. "They just look strange."

     Clover walked up to the three, slapping a fish into each of their paws. "You are no longer on vacation. Say something into a fish and help us find the radio."

     Jay and Mimi held their fish tentatively out as they both said something.

     Star shuddered as he said something about stock.

     All seven kept speaking into the fish with the radio close by for an hour before they managed to find the transmitter.

     After they got the transmitter out of a fish, they fried them up to eat a dinner of fish, fruit, and citrus.

     Pigging out like the Faerie Queen.

     Laying out after eating their dinner, Corsair's eyes see a plane over them.

     "Well, that was a grand feast." Cutha sighed, laying her head back.

     "Yeah," Clover nodded. "Now if only we could be rescued."

     Corsair pointed up into the sky. "What about the plane overhead?"

     "Plane?!" Everyone else gasped, jumping to their feet.

     "Gather the rest of the food." said E.J. "We'll spell out the word 'help'."

     "I'll take the 'H'." said Clover

     "We'll take the 'E'." Cutha and Mimi sprang into action.

     "Me and Jay will take the 'L'." said Star

     "And I'll take the 'P'." said Reeves

     Using the fish, fruit, and citrus to spell out the word 'HELP', they almost managed to spell the word to get the attention of the plane… But Corsair had put the 'P' backwards and too far from the letters.

     Everyone groans.

     Reeves stands next to her backwards letter, silently questioning herself.

     Now this is a story of seven Neopians

     They will be stuck here for a long while

     They will have to work with each other

     It is a battle of teamwork against the jungle and ocean

     Corsair and Clover

     Will make sure everyone is doing their fair share

     To make sure everyone is working together

     On their Moon Island of Mystery

     No magic, No lights, No motor car

     No rich fancy amenities

     Like pirates that have found themselves stranded on islands in the past

     It's old world as can be

     Gather around the campfire my mates

     Hopefully you will get a grin

     From seven helpless Neopians

     Here on "Reeves' Isle"

     The End.

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