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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

From the dungeons of the palace, Vyssa could hear the cheers and applause of the crowd. The cells were not far from the great steps and high on the wall near the ceiling was a small, barred window letting all of the outside noise in. Very faintly, she could hear Frezon’s booming voice. She’d almost fainted when she heard the boos and hisses, hoping beyond hope it was a sign of people realising Frezon was bad before being stunned by the fact it was Sankara’s return. Frezon and Sankara had well and truly succeeded and she was stuck in here like a common prisoner.

One Hundred Games - Part Two

These articles feature information on the first hundred games in the history of Neopets, including some that have been forgotten by most of the public. It's informative and, depending on how much you like history, entertaining, so sit down and get ready. Let's dive right in...

What Colour Neopet Are You?

Did you ever wonder what colour Neopet you are? Faerie, mutant, rainbow? Well, this is the quiz you need to take to find out! Make sure you grab a pencil and paper! Think hard and choose the best answer that fits you the most. Don't be nervous, I'm sure you'll get a great colour! Good luck!

5 Thoughts on the Charity Corner

She’s back! Granny Hopbobbin is BACK! Here we are my fellow Neopians for one more year of being kind and having a lot of fun with another edition of the Charity Corner event. This year the Neopians are being asked for school supplies to help not so wealthy kids having a better future. Are you ready to make a good action? Let’s see how generous you can be!

Other Stories
"Dinner with Darigan" by 77thbigby
The Darigan Scorchio flopped onto his Hewn Stone Sofa as if it were a cloud. He was used to the sofa and he was too tired to care. That’s when he heard a tread on the stair, leading to his one room home. He sighed, knowing what was coming next. An electric Blumaroo leapt lightly over the back of his sofa and plopped beside him. “Have you ever met Lord Darigan, Afzal? Well, we’re having dinner with him tomorrow at six o’clock.” The electric Blumaroo smirked, rose to her feet and paused at the head of the stairs. She was purposely not giving Afzal time to react. “Oh yeah and my family will be there, too.” The slam of his front door announced Amalia’s departure. To that first bit of news, Afzal had only given Lia a withering look. He was a Darigan Scorchio living on Darigan Citadel. Of course he hadn’t actually met his ruler but he had certainly seen the Darigan Korbat on numerous occasions. Had he reacted any other way than he had, Lia would have taunted him unmercifully.

"Adventure is Worth More Than Treasure" by zuzumotai
Roughened black paw pads scrabbled desperately to find a hold on the barren, craggy scape of a cliffside. A growl was beginning in Tuseche’s throat; a sound of frustration rumbling deep in his chest. His pink tongue flicked out, passing over his white muzzle, and he panted. Losing his footing again, the sandstone colored Brown Kougra slid down, landing with a soft thud in the loose silt. 

 He looked incredulously up at the deep gray, cracking stone extending up in the sky. High above, the mouth of a black cave cast a shadow over the dry bank below. There was no path leading up the mountain. If there ever had been a path, it crumbled away many years ago, and fell into Krawk Island’s endlessly deep bay. Habitually, he checked the compass on his right leg. The needle quivered on the gold filigree S. 

"Bargains Lost and Bargains Made" by scarletspindle
The first thing Matra tasted when she woke was salt. It was caked in her fur, crusted white runnels making lines down the backs of her paws. The Island Zafara groaned and tried to stand. It was no good. She stared at the wood floor that was inches from her face and felt like she was going to sick up. Everything was rocking so violently. There was a deep chuckle above her. “Awake, eh? Welcome aboard lass.” She looked up, spasms running through the muscles in her neck with the effort, and saw, backlit by the sun, the silhouette of a very proud looking Pirate Krawk. He reached a hand down towards her but she didn’t take it. Everything was flooding back to her. Last night. The fire. Her trading vessel. The pirate attack. Matra groaned and buried her head as far down into her paws as she could manage. This had to be a dream, a terrible, terrible dream. When she opened her eyes the Krawk was still there, looking down at her with what appeared to be concern sliding across his reptilian face.

What Will You Find?

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Faeries Get Greedy
Faeries get greedy, but Balthazar's been having some issues with the Tax Beast lately, too.

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Adventure is Worth More Than Treasure
What's worth more than all the gold in Neopia is having a friend to share the hunt with!

by zuzumotai


On The Revolution of Heavenly Spears: Part Two
When Ryshu entered the school the next day, he had absolutely no idea what to expect. He had a few theories, though none of them were concrete: first, that the Master wouldn’t be there to welcome him, and second, that he was expected to be in the same room as the one he was in the day before.

by sampleneopian


5 Thoughts on the Charity Corner
She’s back! Granny Hopbobbin is BACK! Here we are my fellow Neopians for one more year of being kind and having a lot of fun with another edition of the Charity Corner event. Are you ready to make a good action? Let’s see how generous you can be!

by mazaii_3


Illusen Family Recipe Cakes: An Endangered Species

Art By: Alexise1998

Idea By: Sasuke1322441

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