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Hi! *eats charity corner donation* So many of us are getting sleepless nights because we just can't figure out how to get the Charity Corner avatar. Can you give us any clue at all?! Even a hint, would be appreciated. As much as it's fun being detectives on the avatar chat, trying to figure out what the conditions of getting the avatar are, it's too stressful for some of us *rips out hair* Have a good day :) ~ m0nster_rancher
Hi there *takes slow step backward* Since you asked so crazed nicely, I will give you one small hint to debunk some theories I've seen floating around... It is NOT random. We wouldn't do that to y'all for a two week event, come on now! It has been active the whole time, it wasn't seen until the past couple days because no one was eligible until then. That's all you're getting out of me though, good luck!

So many wonderful names are rotting away on inactive accounts. Oh, how it tears at our soul, knowing we could never give these pets the love they deserve. Please consider making so many of us happy and purging these names, so we can finally bring them into loving homes!~ kornkaykob
Hi! So like I said a few editorials back, another purge will come eventually, but as there are no plans for it just yet, I can't give you a time frame on when it will be. In the meantime, if you're dying to give some deserving pets some love, there are plenty in the pound in need of a good home :)

Hi! *surrounds you with meepits* I was wondering... if somebody restocks an items on their main, can they sell it on their side? I figured it would be all right since they didn't restock on their side, but I wanted to check. Thanks! *cages up meepits again* ~ joy3111
Hi, let's not get crazy here, okay? Good Meepits. Now, on to your question! No, you cannot sell items on your side account, even if you bought them on your main. You are not allowed to do anything that earns Neopoints on your side accounts, so selling items from a side is not allowed.

Hi! *gives cupcakes* Dear CQ, my Baby Wocky likes dressing up a lot, but unfortunately she doesn't have many options available since her owner (me!) can only buy NP wearables, and currently only two of them are for baby pets. I tried building a ustomization for her at a fansite, and there I found out that she was able to wear the items Stack of Tax Return Forms and Crown of Light and Shadow. I happily bought these items but I can't apply them to her! Can't she really wear them or is there a bug? Could you please fix it? Thanks ^^ ~ mabi234
Hi! So unfortunately, those items can't be worn by baby pets. Any items that need to be placed for specific pets (so essentially anything other than most backgrounds, garlands, etc.), can only be worn by baby pets if they are specifically labelled as such. Sorry for the confusion!

Hey CQ! Do you know of any plans to rerelease some of the very, very old r101 stamps that seem to not be in circulation anymore? Maybe by an event or some more Dr Sloth auctions or something? Thank you!! ~ dottie27a
Hi! With all the hard to find stamps that Charity Corner has added into circulation, this was a popular question this week! We're definitely considering it, there is no immediate plan or timeline just yet, but Dr. Sloth has been missing being in the public eye…

I am FASCINATED by the Vacuumatic 9000... I don't know why. Something about its face just speaks to me. Can you please end the editorial with one? THANKS! ~ marcusosbourne
*shrugs* As you wish!

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