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Illusen Family Recipe Cakes: An Endangered Species

by sasuke1322441

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Empty Bellies, Empty Pockets: Part 6
Clearly, hunger makes you slow.

Also by bha288

by mandypandy667


After ACX: Part Five
Part Five - Mutant

I’m the best of all of them. I do mean it, I really am. I love being Mutant. Normal was boring and Faerie just infuriating! Yeah, sure, I looked good, but now, Mutant? It’s the best. I know it’s not usual, but I wish I could just stay Mutant.

Also by lil_em06

by swimmingstar01


To Succeed is to Fail: Chapter Two
Fear me not. Hmm, I rather enjoy those three words. They provoke feelings of intense emotion at rather opposite extremes. I am telling you not to fear me. You, listener, should take comfort in the idea that "me", as an entity, will not harm you. I am here merely to entertain you, to provide you with a convoluted, yet surreal tale.

by rielcz


The Sisterhood of Terra and Phee: Part Three
"Terra!" The Pink Uni calls her name so enthusastically, it's almost frantic. I couldn't discern what else she said. It was too low for my still-dreaming brain. It was too fast. We were just waking up when she came in. It's a Tuesday. When we passed the menu board last night at supper, I noticed when I looked under 'Tuesday's Meals!' that we weren't having tacos. I should have known right then.

by lizzy_beth_750551

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