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5 Thoughts on the Charity Corner

by mazaii_3


She’s back! Granny Hopbobbin is BACK! Here we are my fellow Neopians for one more year of being kind and having a lot of fun with another edition of the Charity Corner event. This year the Neopians are being asked for school supplies to help not so wealthy kids having a better future. Are you ready to make a good action? Let’s see how generous you can be!

1. Look for items to gamble in unconventional places

Most people are just so desperate to complete Granny Hopbobbin’s quest that they forget that are many ways to get items for her. The majority of users are just trying to empty their SDBs and once it has nothing more left people are tending to buy stuff from other users shops. That’s certainly the main source of items for Charity Corner’s event. However, there are three not so well known ways to get school supplies either. First of all, the Battledome. Each arena rewards your victory with different kinds of book, so you just have to know what rarity you’re looking for and literally fight for it. The second way are the Neopian stores. Many books that were worth 100NP a few hours before the Charity Corner beginning now are worth around 40K. Huge increase, huh? Happily the prices in the stores are still the same, so you could just try to restock a little bit in these places for a nice profit. The stores that sell stuff accepted in the event are 11 in total: School Supplies, Clothing, Neovian Attire, Cog's Togs, Book, Faerie Books, Brightvale Books, Desert Scrolls, Booktastic Books, Neovian Press and Qasalan Tablets. And the last possibility is of course the dailies, especially the wheels and the wisest Skeith on Neopia: King Hagan. This guy can really help you out with three different r90-99 books. It’s all cost free, all you have to do is share your wisdom with him!

2. Pay attention to the rarity

Granny Hopbobbin is a generous Neopian, but she’s also quite demanding. She will only accept donations which the items belong to a specific rarity range rewarding you with an item with the same rarity of the items you have donated. For instance, if you donate 5 items in the r70-79 range, you will receive a random item from that same category. It’s also good to remember that even though you are allowed to donate items from different rarity categories at the time, you will only be wasting your Neopoints since your prize is going to be an item in the same rarity categories of the lowest rarity categories item you have donated. Kind of confusing? Let’s say you donated 4 r90-99 items and 1 r80-89 item. Granny will always give you a prize according to the lowest rarity, in this case, the r80-89 categories. So, watch out!

3. Use the “Tab” button to donate faster multiple times

If you’ are aiming to get a rare item such as an expensive stamp or plushie your odds of getting it in a few donations are not that high. The Charity Corner event involves a lot a luck. The first time I donated I received a rare plushie worth 6M. It seems really good, huh? I also know someone who had to donated more than 300 times for his first UB to come. That being said, you will probably have to donate over and over until something worth shows up. Here’s a trick I’ve learned that might help you in the donation process. You don’t have to click the drop down menus every time you want to select an item, just press the first one and then press “Tab” to select the item of the next menu. Do it until all 5 items are select properly. This tip saves a lot of time.

4. The inflation and its effects on the Neopian economy

You might think prices just greatly increased since the Charity Corner event began. Is that correct? No, it’s not. At least not entirely. Items that were considered as junk a few hours before the begging of CC now cost 40K ~ 45K. Others that were worth just a few thousand of Neopoints are now almost UBs. That’s a lot of increase, isn’t it? Indeed, it is. But we also need to consider the deflation of the HTS items. With so many users donating in the CC event, a lot of really rare stamps, plushies, etc. entered the market making their value decrease in a considerable way. If you’re looking forward to buying high-priced items, such as stamps, this is your chance. The law of supply and demand is pretty simple. Before the CC, the only sources of rare items were the regular stores or contests. Now, Neopia has one more way to get these expensive items: the Charity Corner.

5. How the NC donation system works?

At first I thought people with a lot of NC could just donate tons of time and became rich out of nowhere selling a lot of great stuff they would eventually get in the CC. After reading a little about the NC part of the event, I discovered that I was completely wrong. First of all, the prizes from NC donations are EXCLUSEVILY other NC items (which cannot be sold or traded for NP). Also, the NC donations are much more limited than the Neopoints ones. You will not be able to get a huge variety of items, but an exclusive set of wearable NC clothes. In order to donate you must buy a NC backpack, the Mall offers Backpack Packing Centre 1-Pack for only 100NC while the Backpack Packing Centre 30-Pack costs 1050NC. The more you buy the bigger your discount is, right? Every time you donate you will get a receipt from it. The receipts are the way you will be able to buy prizes. Their cost vary between 1 and 4 receipts. If you have any NC left or just loved the new wearables you should totally check it out anytime!

That’s all for today, my fellow Neopians! How great are the prizes waiting for us this year? There’s only one way to find out!

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