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New Series

Fire-Born: Part One

Vineti walked along the little forest path, humming to herself as she went. Eventually the trees in front of her parted and she came across her owner, a human girl named Lina. Lina looked up from the book she was reading, startled.

by goodsigns
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"Adventure is Worth More Than Treasure" by zuzumotai
Roughened black paw pads scrabbled desperately to find a hold on the barren, craggy scape of a cliffside. A growl was beginning in Tuseche’s throat; a sound of frustration rumbling deep in his chest. His pink tongue flicked out, passing over his white muzzle, and he panted. Losing his footing again, the sandstone colored Brown Kougra slid down, landing with a soft thud in the loose silt. 

 He looked incredulously up at the deep gray, cracking stone extending up in the sky. High above, the mouth of a black cave cast a shadow over the dry bank below. There was no path leading up the mountain. If there ever had been a path, it crumbled away many years ago, and fell into Krawk Island’s endlessly deep bay. Habitually, he checked the compass on his right leg. The needle quivered on the gold filigree S. 

Other Stories


Aid from the Order
Deep in the twisting depths of the Haunted Woods, that was where the wizards made their home. The Order of the Red Erisim they called themselves. Wizards and witches of the greatest repute and power were selected for membership. Between them, they commanded the greatest magic on the planet.

by herdygerdy


Dinner with Darigan
“Have you ever met Lord Darigan, Afzal? Well, we’re having dinner with him tomorrow at six o’clock.”

The electric Blumaroo smirked, rose to her feet and paused at the head of the stairs. She was purposely not giving Afzal time to react.

“Oh yeah and my family will be there, too.”

by 77thbigby


To UC or not UC?
To UC or not to UC; that is the Question!

by sassyteen2005


Made that Perfect Gallery?
Last time I spoke to you, I told you how to "Make that Perfect Gallery." How can there be another part to your rambling on you ask? Well easy!

by o_babypet4me_o


TNT Has a Sense of Humor
Oh No!! Worse than a regular random event

by ozsheila061


Blossoms~ Retry Part 11
Is that deja vu still happening?

by twillieblossom

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