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Hey TNT, I have a question about issue 1000. I know the usual guideline these days is to submit for the issue that is next to come out, so if we were aiming for issue 999, we would submit once issue 998 is live. But I bet you guys are expecting an absolute avalanche of issue 1000 submissions. Are there any plans to widen the submission window for issue 1000, or should we just submit after 999 is live as usual? Thanks for reading and good luck with the incoming avalanche :') ~breakingchains
Hello! We are anticipating an increase in submissions for the 1000th issue. While you are welcome to submit beforehand, it may get mixed into normal submissions for other issues prior to the 1000th issue and be harder to filter through. We recommend submitting after the 999 issue has gone live so that it does not get lost or published beforehand. Happy writing! ~~Adler

Hi, I was wondering if random Faerie Quests have been turned off since the Faerie Festival? I've noticed I haven't received any since then despite being pretty active on the site, which could just be weird luck on my part but have noticed other people on the boards saying the same thing. If so could we get random FQs turned back on pretty please? ~glittergirl7000
Thank you for writing in about this! After reports such as yours drew our attention, we determined that random Faerie Quests had not been properly reactivated after the Faerie Festival. We can now confirm that they have been turned back on. Happy Faerie Questing! ~~Aesop

Hello TNT! I bought a "Lavender-Scented Soap" from the Grooming Shop, so that I could Groom one of my pets to complete my Daily Quests. However, it seems this Grooming item doesn't... groom? -v-' It has no options to use it on your pets! Could this be fixed, please, so all my pets may smell of lovely lavender? Thank you! ~flannelraptors
Hi! Thanks for bringing this to our attention! This item is fixed now, so you should be able to groom with the Lavender-Scented Soap! Happy Grooming! ~~Goldfish in Bowl

Hi TNT! Can you please give us an insight on how the Customization Spotlight works? Do pet names matter or increase the chances of being picked as a winner? I've noticed that many of the winners have names that are related to their customs and barely any original/creative names make it to the top 3. I always try my best to dress my pets up nicely for the contest but I'm a little bit unsure if I stand any chance of winning because my pets' names don't explain their customs. Please remove my username, thanks! ~Anoynmous
Hello! For the customisation contest, what we mainly look for is creativity! While Pet names don’t increase (or decrease) your chances of winning, we do consider whether or not the user and/or Pet has won in the past few months to keep the contest fair. I hope this helps and happy customising! ~~Adler

Is the "25 Recipes for 25 Years", supposed to be set as a gift item, or is it supposed to be a book? ~flopsa
Hello! Great question. So this item was intended to be a gift because we did not want this exclusive birthday item to disappear after being read. We apologize for the confusion this caused and thank you for writing in! ~~Miss Rainbow

Hello! I recently read the section of image submission and I am a bit worried. I know by submitting an image to the beauty contest or the art gallery they can do basically whatever they want with it, but what about the character design? Do they get to keep it too? The description is not enough clear to me. ~natyx_nat
Hi there! You’re definitely correct, images submitted to the Art Gallery or Beauty Contest that are directly derivative from any Neopets characters or IP do belong to the Neopets copyright.

As far as unique design elements such as character designs, outfits, new paintbrush designs, etc. TNT has no intentions to take or use user-created art or designs without their explicit permission. Hope that clarifies things for all you creatives out there and helps give you confidence to continue submitting your unique creations! ♥ ~~Fae

Hi TNT! I was dressing up my super cool usuki usul and thought the usuki roller skates would look awesome, however I noticed that she only wears one and not the pair. Looking at wearable previews this seems like the only pet that wears it on one foot, the rest wear both. Can you please fix this? She's gonna get laughed at at the skate park and fall on her face. :( ~monkeyspeenqueen
Hello! Not to worry! We have located the Usul’s other roller skate, and it has been properly returned! No longer will your Usul be laughed at the skate park! Happy customizing! ~~Goldfish in Bowl

I was looking for some wintery fun items to send to my Neofriends and realized there are shockingly few items representing winter sports. The single hockey item on the site is for field hockey! Nothing for curling, bobsled, or luge! Terror Mountain residents must be bored senseless,even skating and skiing have pretty limited representation. Would it be possible to keep our snowy sports in mind for future items please? ~starrykozmikspygirl
Hi there! As an avid hockey player and fan myself, I will have to agree with you there! Thank you for bringing this to our attention and we will be sure to keep snowy sports in mind for future releases! Stay warm out there! ~~Adler

Hello again TNT!!! I have never been clear on all the rules for what you can and can't do on side accounts. As far as I'm aware, there is no centralized list of what exactly is and is not allowed. It seems like the list of these rules is scattered across various Times editorials and they are pretty hard to keep track of! I have always been scared of having a side account because I don't have a list of the rules. Is there a page with a clear list that I've missed, and if not, would you ever consider making one available to us? Thanks! ~peophinprincess
Hello! A general rule we have is not to use side accounts if it's something you can get NP and/or prizes from. This is so it doesn’t impact the balance of the game. Hope this helps! ~~Sunpotato

Hi! The news previously said that Maraquan Birthday Kawaii Contacts were supposed to be buyable through 11/30. But as of 11/28, they're not in the mall. Perhaps they were incorrectly marked to retire on the same day as the fall capsules. I was planning to purchase 2-3 more pairs of these before they're retired. Please help! ~emilianya
Oops! You're right, that item was supposed to stay in the NC Mall longer than that. We apologize for the mistake and have changed the retirement date to now be 12/20 so there is more time to purchase these cute contacts. These contacts have also been fitted to the latest Maraquan Neopet for those who were hoping to use this item with their Maraquan Vandagyres! Hope you enjoy! : ) ~~Miss Rainbow

Please make the Maraquan Birthday Kawaii Contacts wearable for the Vandagyre! They have nothing to wear and it feels unfair they were released just after these gorgeous contacts! It would be the perfect bday gift for the candy! ~_sissiy_sis_369
Hello! Since this item was in development while our Maraquan Vandagyre pet, we made an accidental oversight on the placement for the Maraquan Birthday Contacts for this new upcoming pet! We have made this item placeable for Maraquan Vandagyres, Happy Customizing! ~~Goldfish in Bowl

In my opinion, the Retro Roller Usul Helmet should be zoned on top of wigs so we can mix and match more easily! ~pokevale_12
Hello! Thank you for bringing this up. I have gone ahead and rezoned this item so now your Usul should be able to have luscious locks under the Retro Roller Usul Helmet. Happy customising! ~~Adler

Hi TNT, long time reader first time submitter. I was admiring my Neopets when I noticed that my Blumaroo has a belly button! And upon further research I've found that the ONLY Neopets that have belly buttons are Blumaroos and Myncis. I'm hoping you can enlighten us on this--are all other Neopets born of eggs?? ~privateuniverse
Hi there! Have you laid your eyes on the magnificence that is the Quartermaster? He appears to have a belly button, as well! In the deep lore of Neopia, it’s hard to say if belly buttons are a result of a Neopet’s birth or a result of a lone artist’s boredom… ~~Fae

Greetings! So there's a permanently available Dyeworks item that has inconsistent naming that has been nagging at me and I was hoping it could please be updated - "Dyeworks Blue: Isca Wig- Blue" should have the "- Blue" omitted from the end. Cheers and thanks! ~quailbat
Good eye! We just removed the superfluous "-Blue" from the item name. Thanks for bringing this to our attention! ~~Aesop

Hey TNT team. I'm a poet and am excited to start submitting more work than I had in the past. I was wondering: How many poetry submissions do you usually receive in between publishing, on average? I'm so curious! And have always daydreamed about having my name in either the TNT or other spotlights... or the editorial! Thanks for keeping these parts of Neopets going! ~bando2
Hello there! While I wish I could give you a definitive number, the amount varies day-to-day and depends on the Pet day/event. Here are some helpful tips:

submit your entry for your desired Pet day/event after the last one has occurred and before the next one begins

try to submit original and creative entries

Make sure it’s not too short

Happy writing! ~~Adler

Dear TNT(s), Fyora appears and elects you Mayor of Neopia for a day. For the next 24 hours, your word is law. What would you do with your newfound powers? ~spudfeger
With my newfound powers, I would request all Faellies across the land be brought directly to Faerieland to create a giant fluffy Faellie cloud pile to bask in! Any Faellie hoarders will be handed out demerits that banish them from Faerieland for 2 minutes. ~~Fae(llie obsessed)

Hello TnT :) I was just wondering if you think you guys would ever do a "return of an old plot" event? Like say, have a "time travel machine" that acts up all funky every few years when no new plots are active and allows players to participate in an old plot they may have missed or just really enjoyed. (you know- to same the timeline!) The most fun i ever had on Neopets was during the Tale of Woe and I often wish I could participate in that event again. Even if these plots no longer awarded points, i'd love to do them for the site themes and trophies. ~valerie608
What a wonderful question! Presently, our team is focused on developing the upcoming plot scheduled for release next year. However, we have also begun internal discussions on potential ways we could bring back older plots so that users who missed out on them can experience these storylines onsite. So although it unfortunately won't be any time soon, we are hoping to bring replayable classic plots back to the site someday! ~~Aesop

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