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New Series

Moonrise: The Origins of Team Kreludor

Growing up, Derlyn Fonnet didn't have any friends. Except for the Moon.

by pikapi20
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So, You've Decided to Come Back to Neopets...

So, you’ve decided to come back to Neopets… Maybe you saw your friends posting about it again on social media, or you read an article informing millennials that Neopets was BACK. Whatever tempted you back to Neopia, here you are, with an old account, nostalgic pets, and a whole lot of questions. Everything is familiar, but just different enough that it can be hard to get your bearings. Draiks are… attainable now? There are HOW many new colors? And, Kikocat has been Alice all along? There can be a lot to wrap your head around. While a lot of the methods you previously knew to earn NP are still top tier options, such as restocking and playing games, there are a few that may be unfamiliar to you. This post will teach you the top five ways to start earning NP so that you can achieve those childhood dreams. So, without further ado, here are the top five best ways for returning players to earn Neopoints: 1. Quest Log The Quest Log is the newest addition to the world of Neopets and has certainly come in with a bang. With prizes like the Sleep Ray and Snowbunny Stamp, everyone has an opinion. Wherever you fall on the idea of quest log (this writer finds it to be brilliant) the reality is that even without a great prize, it’s a great way to make Neopoints. Each day you’ll be tasked with five quests. These include feeding, grooming, or customising your Neopets. You may be asked to buy a specific number of items from a Neopian shop, or to spin a wheel.

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Teamwork Makes the Treasure Work
"'Ouch!' Marty stopped swimming as he scraped his fin on yet another loose nail. 'Trying to get this done fast is only slowing me down AND is going to give me Fuzzy Fungus...'"

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At The Edge
At the edge of life and death, a young Kyrii and the patron of life discuss the importance of the former's life.

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A Modern Guide on Guilds!
Neopets is more than just a site with cute Pets, fun games, and collecting almost anything that one’s heart desires. Neopets allows space for building community.

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7 Reasons to Adopt a Uni
Consider this: you have a Pet slot burning in your inventory, freshly purchased from the NC Mall.

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So close yet so far

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Stew Askew
Some people just can't appreciate innovation!

by __midge__

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