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Short Stories

Jhudora’s Pride

"Jhudorah groaned as she leaned back on her purple throne. She wished briefly that she could turn into stone and sleep for a few hundred years like another dark faerie of legend..."

by eleanor11rulesr
At The Edge

At the edge of life and death, a young Kyrii and the patron of life discuss the importance of the former's life.

by fallingdaybreak
The Shadow Usul Files

"Toby the Gelert had always been a fan of the occult, and reading the Gallery of Evil had definitely become somewhat of a passion of..."

by winterrosedragon
Teamwork Makes the Treasure Work

"'Ouch!' Marty stopped swimming as he scraped his fin on yet another loose nail. 'Trying to get this done fast is only slowing me down AND is going to give me Fuzzy Fungus...'"

by racoon188
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Everything You Need to Know: Advent Calendar

After a long (and I mean longggg) year full of new ownership, festivals, scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, daily visits to the Island Mystic (and still no avatar – no, I’m not bitter, why do you ask?), it is finally time to end the Neopian year curled up with a good book in front of a Warm and Cosy Fireplace or on vacation at Roo Island and – oh wait! We can’t go on holiday just yet, there is still more to be done! The Month of Celebrating is upon us which means it is time for the Advent Calendar! *cue the French Horn of Winter* Neopians of all ages look forward to this festive and fun daily activity, full of items sure to delight each and every Neopian. If you are a new to Neopets, a returning player, or a regular user, this guide will assist you in making the most of this merry daily activity. Where Is It: Pack up your pets each morning for a trip to Happy Valley on Terror Mountain or check into the Mountain Lodge Neolodge location for a long holiday and a shorter traverse. Nestled between the Gift Tags and tunnel to the Ice Caves is a grand manor known as the Advent Calendar. Enter the building and you will immediately be greeted with an adorable animation and an Abominable Snowman with a stockpile of that day’s prizes. What Is It: Each year, the Advent Calendar bestows a variety of jolly wearable garments, themed toys, riveting books, seasonal snacks (I am still working my way through the Everlasting Mug of Borovan), impressive weaponry, occasional rarities...

Other Stories


7 Reasons to Adopt a Uni
Consider this: you have a Pet slot burning in your inventory, freshly purchased from the NC Mall.

by _koolness_


Tips of a Gamer – Petpet Rescue
Petpet Rescue. As an avid avatar collector, that name used to fill me with despair. How could a game that is so simple mechanically be so difficult? How was I supposed to get 250+ points?

by 9r_waka_tip


The Box from 10,000 Years Ago
Once she returns where she left Vyim, the blind Uni seems resting peacefully on the grass, his ears perking up as he hears her approach.

by chantili_doce


A Light in White River
Jackson Reyas plucked a tune on his guitar aimlessly, trying to keep the growing anxiety at bay. Hannah slept in the other room, thank Fyora.

by hzoo_26


Bade Idea, Dude: Dice A Roo
Dare to roll...

by fluffy_bumbkin


Bilingual Baby
"Well nothing a little change can't help..."

by leighlizzzie

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