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Bade Idea, Dude: Dice A Roo

Dare to roll...

by fluffy_bumbkin
Adventures of Hannah and Kanrik

Kanrik does not always have as much fun as Hannah does…

by katiekazoo
An Unforgettable Thanksgiving

Be considerate when planning your holiday meals!

by jenna6570976
The Floating Islanders - Rubbish

One man's trash is also another man's trash

by yankeesrule244444456
Stew Askew

Some people just can't appreciate innovation!

by __midge__
Same Same But Different

Two souls struggling to fit in find each other and form a new friendship.

by tatyanne
NeoQuest Adventures

Dragoyles and Draiks part 2 Collab with luc187

by kuroneko_kitty

So close yet so far

by chocokelle
December in Space

Tis the season.

by butterflyland_9_9
Faellie Tales 16: Happy Birthday!

A belated happy birthday!

by coco6468
Bilingual Baby

"Well nothing a little change can't help..."

by leighlizzzie
NeoPizza - Nipnap - Page 2

In which Lucas receives a gift...

by abby568
Life Improvised : Full Moon Glow Part 2

Should have brought bug spray.

by keng200
Dumpster diving

No more rubbis dump snacks

by valokki
The Modern Day JubJub Gets Cancelled

No one is immune to cancel culture...

by puffy333_revived
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"At The Edge" by fallingdaybreak
"No, no, no! Sylvana, don’t go!!" A cry of utter despair rang in Brisiella’s ears as she stood to the side, overlooking what could only be described as the end of a battle in the world of Neopia. As an invisible spectator to the scene (no normal Neopian could see the patron of life, after all), the ground was a charred crater below an Usukiboy Usul, a Faerie Peophin, and a Darigan Kyrii, all three of them heavily wounded and surrounded by crumbling debris. But of the trio, the Kyrii was the most heavily injured, and judging from the crimson wound in her chest and her unmoving form, Brisiella knew this meant only one thing - one of her creations’ life had come to an end. This was the part of her job that she always found the hardest. Even if Brisiella knew this was a natural part of life, it didn’t make the sting of watching a life come to an end any less painful - in this case, the Usul’s despair at this Kyrii’s death was rather heartbreaking. Still, death was a part of every life, and it was an irreversible part of nature. As the patron of life, it was her job to see her creations off to join Toumei, whom Brisiella knew would take good care of them in the afterlife. Slowly, from the Kyrii’s unmoving form, a glow of blue emerged. Initially a formless orb of pale blue light, it slowly floated in the air until it came to a stop in front of Brisiella. Another glow flashed from the orb as it took the shape of the Kyrii. Her form was entirely transparent, save for her crimson eyes as she and Brisiella found themselves in the astral realm, the latter’s home. As for what was happening in Neopia, the scene had become a blurred, but still-moving image as it drifted off to the left of Brisiella and the Kyrii. "Greetings," Brisiella spoke. "You are Sylvana, correct?" The Kyrii blinked before looking up, now spotting Brisiella. "Who are you?" "I am Brisiella, the patron of life."

Other Stories


Jhudora’s Pride
"Jhudorah groaned as she leaned back on her purple throne. She wished briefly that she could turn into stone and sleep for a few hundred years like another dark faerie of legend..."

by eleanor11rulesr


Teamwork Makes the Treasure Work
"'Ouch!' Marty stopped swimming as he scraped his fin on yet another loose nail. 'Trying to get this done fast is only slowing me down AND is going to give me Fuzzy Fungus...'"

by racoon188


Everything You Need to Know: Advent Calendar
After a long (and I mean longggg) year full of new ownership, festivals, scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, daily visits to the Island Mystic (and still no avatar – no, I’m not bitter, why do you ask?), it is finally time to end the Neopian year curled up with a good book in front of a Warm and Cosy Fireplace or on vacation at Roo Island.

by spunkbubblicious


A Modern Guide on Guilds!
Neopets is more than just a site with cute Pets, fun games, and collecting almost anything that one’s heart desires. Neopets allows space for building community.

by melowierdums


Moonrise: The Origins of Team Kreludor
Growing up, Derlyn Fonnet didn't have any friends. Except for the Moon.

by pikapi20


Knight & Squire: Preface
Lisha hurried to her brother’s side, bracing for the inevitable fallout. Jeran tensed. This was an ugly but necessary truth. To his shock, Rowan smirked in his all too familiar way.

by terpsichorean_writer

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