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Bade Idea, Dude: Dice A Roo

Dare to roll...

by fluffy_bumbkin
Adventures of Hannah and Kanrik

Kanrik does not always have as much fun as Hannah does…

by katiekazoo
An Unforgettable Thanksgiving

Be considerate when planning your holiday meals!

by jenna6570976
The Floating Islanders - Rubbish

One man's trash is also another man's trash

by yankeesrule244444456
Stew Askew

Some people just can't appreciate innovation!

by __midge__
Same Same But Different

Two souls struggling to fit in find each other and form a new friendship.

by tatyanne
NeoQuest Adventures

Dragoyles and Draiks part 2 Collab with luc187

by kuroneko_kitty

So close yet so far

by chocokelle
December in Space

Tis the season.

by butterflyland_9_9
Faellie Tales 16: Happy Birthday!

A belated happy birthday!

by coco6468
Bilingual Baby

"Well nothing a little change can't help..."

by leighlizzzie
NeoPizza - Nipnap - Page 2

In which Lucas receives a gift...

by abby568
Life Improvised : Full Moon Glow Part 2

Should have brought bug spray.

by keng200
Dumpster diving

No more rubbis dump snacks

by valokki
The Modern Day JubJub Gets Cancelled

No one is immune to cancel culture...

by puffy333_revived
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"The Shadow Usul Files" by winterrosedragon
Toby the Gelert had always been a fan of the occult, and reading the Gallery of Evil had definitely become somewhat of a passion of his. Ever since that fateful night when he swore he caught a glimpse of the Shadow Usul he’s been hooked on finding the truth. He tried every day to convince his friends of the Shadow Usul’s existence, but sadly they would never give him the time of day. Then one day, during an interview with an old Eyrie, he just… vanished. We never could figure out where he went, but no one wanted to believe it had anything to do with the Shadow Usul. Until now at least… My name is Iora and I’m just your average Usul. I love my Usuki dolls, love my family, and I DON’T get caught up in scary things. In fact I do my very best to avoid them! I do not break any mirrors, I do not walk under any ladders, I do not let black Kadoaties pass my path, and I do NOT go into the forests around Neopia Central at night alone to look for any Shadow Usuls! But the other day my mom sent me into the woods to look for some stupid shop because she just HAD TO HAVE a mega rare plushie only stocked there. I thought it would be so easy, but halfway into my journey… I got lost… So now here I was, wandering this stupid forest, looking at all these dumb trees that look exactly the same when BAM! I trip over something hard and crash on my poor beautiful face! When I managed to pull myself back up from this I found a tattered journal and pencil, but who just leaves trash on the ground? I hate litterers! I picked it up and when I did a page fell out of it. Slowly I leaned over to pick up the page, but as I did I couldn’t help but gasp, “Toby…” the name was written neatly on the top of the piece of paper that fell out and I knew it couldn’t be a coincidence. My paws were shaking as I lifted the paper up to my face to keep reading, “This is that interview he said...

Other Stories


At The Edge
At the edge of life and death, a young Kyrii and the patron of life discuss the importance of the former's life.

by fallingdaybreak


The Shadow Usul Files
"Toby the Gelert had always been a fan of the occult, and reading the Gallery of Evil had definitely become somewhat of a passion of..."

by winterrosedragon


Tips of a Gamer – Petpet Rescue
Petpet Rescue. As an avid avatar collector, that name used to fill me with despair. How could a game that is so simple mechanically be so difficult? How was I supposed to get 250+ points?

by 9r_waka_tip


So, You've Decided to Come Back to Neopets...
So, you’ve decided to come back to Neopets… Maybe you saw your friends posting about it again on social media, or you read an article informing millennials that Neopets was BACK.

by capgal


A Light in White River
Jackson Reyas plucked a tune on his guitar aimlessly, trying to keep the growing anxiety at bay. Hannah slept in the other room, thank Fyora.

by hzoo_26


The Sleepers of Saint Garfir
Wrapped in her towel, Miphie did her best to look as though she hadn’t just fallen into a pond. Despite her best efforts, a puddle of lake water was steadily growing at the base of the chair.

by josephinefarine

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