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So, You've Decided to Come Back to Neopets...

by capgal


So, you’ve decided to come back to Neopets…

     Maybe you saw your friends posting about it again on social media, or you read an article informing millennials that Neopets was BACK. Whatever tempted you back to Neopia, here you are, with an old account, nostalgic pets, and a whole lot of questions. Everything is familiar, but just different enough that it can be hard to get your bearings.

     Draiks are… attainable now? There are HOW many new colors? And, Kikocat has been Alice all along? There can be a lot to wrap your head around. While a lot of the methods you previously knew to earn NP are still top tier options, such as restocking and playing games, there are a few that may be unfamiliar to you. This post will teach you the top five ways to start earning NP so that you can achieve those childhood dreams.

     So, without further ado, here are the top five best ways for returning players to earn Neopoints:

     1. Quest Log

     The Quest Log is the newest addition to the world of Neopets and has certainly come in with a bang. With prizes like the Sleep Ray and Snowbunny Stamp, everyone has an opinion. Wherever you fall on the idea of quest log (this writer finds it to be brilliant) the reality is that even without a great prize, it’s a great way to make Neopoints. Each day you’ll be tasked with five quests. These include feeding, grooming, or customising your Neopets. You may be asked to buy a specific number of items from a Neopian shop, or to spin a wheel. For completing each of these tasks, you will be awarded with either a random amount of Neopoints, or a prize. For completing all five tasks, you’ll be rewarded with 20,000 Neopoints. For completing all of your tasks for seven days, you will receive an additional weekly prize.

     In addition to the daily quests, there is also a one-time tutorial quest to complete. One of those tasks will ask you to complete a treasure map. Here’s the good news: If you have already completed a map in the past, all you have to do is go to the redemption page and click on the map you have previously turned it. It will count for the tutorial task and save you from having to purchase treasure map pieces.

     Between the guaranteed 20,000 Neopoints per day that are guaranteed, plus the np prizes (or resale value of the item prizes) the quest log is a great way to start off your neo day.

     2. Almost Abandoned Attic

     This quiet corner of Neopia is very nearly abandoned, save for its faithful ghostly guardian. The Attic has specific rules, and is only available to accounts that are over 3 years old. But if you’re a newly returned player and you can get into your old account, this is the place for you! The Attic stocks all sorts of random items, from your utterly ordinary to your unbuyables. Check on the games board for the Attic Antics board, and join in the fun. Other restockers will help keep time, so there is rarely a need for mindless refreshing.

     The Attic has a chance to stock every seven minutes, + several seconds. Once it restocks, it will not stock again for a minimum of 14 minutes. Once you have purchased an item, you cannot buy it again for 21 minutes. In my time restocking in the Attic, I would say it, on average, stocks twice an hour. For my fellow working Neopians, this makes it a great place to restock when you can’t spend hours refreshing in other Neopian shops. However, do note that you (a) cannot haggle, and (b) are limited to five items a day. When that restock hits, the obviously valuable items will go VERY quickly, and it may take some time before you learn which items are worth grabbing and which are very tempting decoys. While you can find unbuyable morphing potions, you’re just as likely to find low-value ones. You’ll likely grab trash in a gambit to get an unbuyable, but don’t be discouraged! That next grab will be an enormous profit.

     3. Food Club

     The food club is the best option for older accounts to make Neopoints. It is important to note that this is a gambling game, and you should never bet more than you can afford to lose. That said, it’s a great and easy way to make quite a bit of bang for your buck. You’re allowed to bet 50 Neopoints + 2 for everyday you’ve been a player. If you’re returning with a fifteen year old account, that becomes a very lucrative return. There are many guides that can teach you how to use food club, or you can blindly follow in the footsteps of Food Club veterans. And, if you win enough in a one week period, you can even earn a shiny trophy. I tend to bet with abandon, but even with poor betting habits, I have earned a positive return of almost 25 million Neopoints.

     When you first get started, it’s beneficial to follow other players. Every day on the game board you can find and chat with other players about betting, but my personal choice is to check Garet at /~Boochi_Target. He’s a popular bettor and is really great about explaining not only his bets but his reasons and potential alternate betting strategies.

     4. Igloo Garage Sale

     The Igloo Garage is a seriously underrated way to make some extra np. It usually restocks every minute or two, and you can find some great gems. Mike and Carassa are seriously motivated to get rid of their stuff, and are an inspiration to all of us would-be minimalists out there. You can find trading cards, codestones, and wearables restocking; anything under rarity 89. Because it restocks so frequently, it is a great option for busy Neopians who don’t have time to restock in other shops.

     Not everything is valuable for resale, of course, but hang around for some restocks, do some checking on the shop wizard, and you’ll quickly get the idea of what items are solid to grab. While most profitable items can earn you between 2,000-8,000np, it’s not uncommon to find items that bring in much more profit than that. With up to 10 items per day, you can easily earn at least 20,000 np per day just from reselling. Most days I find at least one item with a 20k+ resale value, so it becomes a very lucrative garage sale.

     One last tip- items will restock above and below all the Neohome flooring and paint options. I prefer keeping my page towards the bottom of the inventory when I refresh, because that is where you will find the wearables that tend to be more valuable. Up towards the top is where you find the trading cards, though, so everyone can find a strategy that best works for them.

     5. Trudy’s Surprise

     If you have been away for quite a while, Trudy’s Surprise may indeed be a surprise to you. Trudy offers you a daily spin, and you can even receive notifications so you never forget. Each spin yields you a varying amount of Neopoints, but you receive a guaranteed payout of 100,000np for spinning it on the 25th consecutive day. Additionally, you receive Trudy-specific prizes, including fun wearables for your Pets! This daily easily guarantees a minimum payout of 445,375 Neopoints over a 25 consecutive day period! As a final fun bonus, you can earn gift boxes to send NC items as well.

     Bonus: The Battledome

     Finally, one of the best ways to earn daily Neopoints is to earn your fifteen items in the Battledome. Each day, you can battle to your heart’s content, but you can only earn a maximum of 1500 Neopoints and 15 items. All challengers will drop codestones, which always make for lucrative reselling, and then each arena and each challenger has additional prizes that they will drop. Those of you with Premium may particularly be interested in fighting the Jetsam Ace who has a chance of dropping Nerkmids.

     Whether you’re an old-school restocker or a new-school quester, or you like to do both, there are plenty of ways to earn Neopoints everyday in Neopia. Keep it up and before you know it you will join the ranks of Neopia’s multimillionaires!


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