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I'll get right to my question. Are we allowed to play extended family members in multi-player games, such as Key Quest? I ask because my nephew has been calling me every day, begging me to play him in Key Quest. I have declined playing him because I think that may be considered cheating since we're family. Could you please clear this up for all the Neopian families out there? Thanks! ~jerseygirlie007
You're allowed to play Key Quest with friends, so why not your family? Go ahead and spend some fun quality time with your nephew. :) The only thing we ask is that you don't play Key Quest on the same computer at the same time with someone else, as that looks a bit fishy to us.

Hey, TNT! Well, I'm a little bummed out. I was just given an official warning by you guys for laughing at my friend who got two Piles Of Soot from the Petpet Lab Ray. Now, I really honestly do my very best to follow the rules, and so I won't dispute the warning, but I would just honestly like to know how exactly my joke could have been taken in an inappropriate light? I just don't want to repeat the offense, but as I am an avid Lab Zapper I'd like to know that I can post about getting a Pile of Soot from the Petpet ray without being warned / suspended / frozen. Thanks so much; if you answer this please remove my username. :|~[username removed]
We're guessing that what happened was the following: you had just posted something to your friend regarding the Pile of Soot when, *poof*, your posts vanished and you got a warning. A lot of people jump to the conclusion that their most recent post is the one that got them in trouble, but that's often not the case. Please keep this in mind, and read warnings carefully to best decide what rule was broken. In your case, your casual mention of potato salad and an alcoholic beverage was to blame for the warning. XD

Hello, TNT! I've got another question for you to answer! Is it cheating or merely strategy to take a pre-painted Krawk Petpet (eg. a Faerie Krawk Petpet) and transform it into a real Neopet? ~darkhand1
That's strategy! (And a great way to save quite a few NPs!)

Every now and then there are items that just don't seem to fit in Neopia, like several jellies: peanut butter, squished, smelly... did you give these to some intern to sketch and then forgot about them? They just don't look right, and are missing the great visual style that we typically get with the other jellies. ~malephika
Hahahaha! Oh man... *wipes tears from eyes.* Those items never get old. They are from the DAY THE ARTISTS WENT ON VACATION, a day that still holds a certain infamy in the hearts of all Neopians.

It's not just the jelly that stinks!

Hello, there! :) Just a quick question about the Beauty Contest. If we are allowed to enter on side accounts, then why can't we advertise the entry from our main account? The entry is still by the same player, and I don't see how it is cheating to advertise on your main account. I entered this week on a side and find it annoying that I have to advertise from here (my side account). On my main i can easily flit from the boards to doing my dailies, etc. and on here I can't. Thanks. :) ~dogzncatz11
For the sanity of our monitors, so they don't have to go in and check to make sure that's actually your side account and that someone else isn't advertising your entry. Good question!

Does your "Annual Salary" have an impact on your interest rates at the Neopian Bank? Thanks! ~_fleaf_85_58
Nope! That stuff is just for a bit of flavour. Your account type is the only thing that has an effect on your interest rates.

Hey, TNT! There are a million questions I could ask you, but I have one very important one that I wish to ask. Okay, what I want to know is this: could you make a page that lists all the words not allowed for use on Neopets? I mean, I know it is basically impossible to list every single un-allowed word, but maybe you could just list all of the more commonly used words that are not allowed, or ones that are absolutely not allowed? Please? I really need to know what we're not allowed to say so that I do not make the same mistake again. ~x_warriorslover_x
While hypothetically that may sound like a good idea, we think that having a page with every bad word in the book might be a little... unwise, for a variety of (hopefully) obvious reasons.

Hey TNT, all joking aside you do a great job here for us. My question is, would it be possible to add an auto pricer for our shops, so it would be faster and easier for us? Thank you for your busy time. ~tumblebug195
We're worried that would cause a sudden drop in profits for everyone. For example, let's say that the autopricer made your shop prices 1 NP less than everyone else's -- theoretically yours would sell first, but if everyone was constantly autopricing, the value of items would drop since everyone could easily beat the price of their competitors with a click. We think pricing items manually makes the Neopian economy more dynamic and interesting.

TNT, I heard that the sun cape changes your Neopet's gender from male to female when worn. I also heard that it doesn't work anymore. Why is this? Thanks. ~wrg2202_2
The item is called the Cape of the Sun, and yes, it used to, but that was an unintended glitch that we fixed some time ago.

Boy was THAT a big surprise for a lot of Neopets...

My friend recently let me adopt the Neopet that started our friendship. This Neopet came with a story and design. Since the Neopet is now mine, but was my friend's for a long time, am I allowed to change the story and / or design? Thanks. ~u_r_my_candy_girl
Yes, it's your Neopet now, so you can do with it as you please. That being said, it would be courteous to okay the idea with your friend to be nice. :)

Hello, TNT! I have a hypothetical question for you. So, let's say that (hypothetically, of course) I had a side account. And (again, hypothetically), I would like to have a painted Neopet on said side account. Would it be okay if I, hypothetically, made a Neopet on the side account and then sent over a paint brush that I bought with my main account's Neopoints, if I didn't use my side account to make any of the NP? That's not cheating, right? Hypothetically, of course. :3 ~super_cat54
Hypothetically, that's exactly how you should go about it! :)

Hi TNT, two very quick questions for you about the Caption Contest. Does it increase your chances to post many different captions? I'm asking because I saw that some people can make it into the voting stage with two of their captions. My second question is this: does posting the same caption twice increase your chances of being chosen? ~marwanshah_13
Submitting a few well-thought-out and witty captions will increase your odds of winning. Sending in the same caption repeatedly, though, just annoys the judge and makes us less likely to pick your caption.

Dear TNT, when you state the rules in the Editorial does it become a part of the ACTUAL rules (that is, can users refer to past Editorials to prove that another user is breaking said rule), or does it only count when the official rules are updated? An answer would certainly clear up some things on the boards. Thank you! ~avoria
The Editorial attempts to clarify and close loopholes in the rules, so what we say here is considered "the rules," unless at some point we announce that we've changed our minds regarding something or made an error. So yes, you can direct players here to help them better understand the rules.

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