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After my Editorial question last week, I was able to confirm with other users that pirate Krawk Petpets do not work, have not worked for months, and possibly have never worked since they were released. My Krawk is uniquely named, not Lab-zapped; I have room on my account; and he is attached to my active Neopet. The Fungus Caves do not recognise him. It's very disappointing and frustrating. Any hope that this long-existing glitch could be fixed anytime soon? Thanks ~tiffanydbell
Hello again! Sorry we doubted you! Most of the time the issues with Krawk Petpets are caused by players unsure of how to go about the process. We'll see if we can get it fixed now that it's clear it's a glitch. :)

I have been noticing something interesting lately while reading the Pound boards. We all know that if you pound your Neopet instead of transferring, the Neopet is fair game to Pound surfers. Yet I often see people harassing the Neopian who nabbed their "trade." They aggressively send rude Neomails wanting their pet back. They claim to have screenies as "proof" that the pet is theirs. It makes for an unpleasant experience for the poor sap who adopted the pet. In my opinion, they shouldn't ask for it back at all, even if they are nice about it. It makes the person who adopted feel guilty and put out. Have you thought of putting a disclaimer on the Abandon part of the Pound to not harass anyone who might adopt your pet? Some people don't understand the word "abandon," but if you threaten to sic the Meepits on them, maybe they will listen. Thanks in advance! ~jillian3_3
Asking the person if they'd be willing to relinquish the Neopet, and offering proof that you are the actual owner = acceptable.

Harassing, offering payment, encouraging others to harass someone, repeatedly Neomailing them after they've declined, or generally trying to make the life of the adopter difficult = very bad.

If you've adopted a Neopet fairly from the Pound and were not in any agreement with the owner under any of your accounts, and they have moved beyond polite request to harassment, please report them for their behaviour.

*hands out confetti and birthday hats* Dear TNT, thanks for the NC Mall Goodie Bag! It makes me feel warm and fuzzy when you guys do something nice and quite unexpected for your loyal members. Happy first birthday, NC Mall! *throws confetti* ~a_ramsell
Yay! ^_^ We love doing stuff for you guys! Oh wait, we have to put the serious hat on for a moment, though. *places on head* Ahem. Since you can receive site items from the bag, please only collect the goodie bag on your main accounts. *waggles finger, then takes off hat* Phew. Glad that's over. Confetti time! ^_^ *throws*


I'm going to go straight to the questions and bypass all that mumbo rocks and cookies phrases. I have three questions that I would love to have answered. First of all, when I try to look up 100% Fake Uni Mask, and use 'Identical to my phrase,' I get "did not find anything named '100 Fake Uni Mask.' Maybe a more specific name might help." Why do we have to use "containing my phrase" for it to work? Second question: is it possible to have check boxes next to the items sold in our Sales History? I restock my shop using my Sales History, and sometimes I get lost or forget where I left off and need to go through the list again. With the check boxes, it will make it easier for me to restock. Also, can a delete feature be added? As I go along, once I check the box, can I have the option to delete that bought item, once it's restocked in the shop? Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. You guys are the best!!! ~foxywhyte
We're guessing it has to do with some technical programming mumbo-jumbo that "%" doesn't work in the search. We suggest looking not using the identical search and typing "Fake Uni Mask" instead to get around that issue.

Yeah, we understand what a pain it can be restocking your shop with items, especially large shops like malls. We'll poke at the programmers and see if this is something that can be done, so no promises, but we'll make the suggestion. ^_^

Do your chances of winning at a game change if you win at another game in the same day? For example, if you win 5,000 Neopoints at the Scratchcards, and you go play Coconut Shy, are your chances of knocking down a coconut less because you already won at the Scratchcards? Thanks TNT! ~mf39g
Interesting theory, but no. :)

What is the difference between a Rotten Omelette and a Cheese Omelette? o_O I mean, they look the same... ~floppyreyes
One will make your Neopet sick, the other won't. :D

Dear TNT: I have been playing off and on here since 2002. And something has been bugging me for years... really... years. Why cant we price items in our shops higher than 99,999? I know that we have the auctions and TP, but still... why? Please answer. Thanks bunches ~cerulean_sins07
Because you have auctions and the Trading Post, which are meant to be used for larger transactions. :) Also, unlike the Trading Post and Auction House, player shops are customisable and therefore more prone to malicious coding. We do our best to try to block it and fix the issue that allows it as it happens, but there are always those few who seem intent in constantly trying to find ways to abuse the site. By limiting the amount that items can be purchased for in shops, it effectively puts a reasonable cap on how much one of these scams can cost you if you fall for it.

Also, could you imagine mis-pricing your item for 99,999 when you meant 999,999? And you thought the 9,999 typo was bad! D:

dos whoevr rites thi edetoryal corectt speling erurrs? ~treefrog_hanako
Yes, so you get the impression that your peers dont aktaully type lyke this.

Hehe, okay, we're exaggerating. For the most part the questions in the Editorial (that we answer) are usually relatively well-written, though it's not always the case. Sometimes, our eyes bleed from the spelling, but hey, that's what editors are for, right?

You should see some of the questions that don't get in, though x_X

Not that I am complaining... but why is it that so many things on Neopets seem to serve no real purpose? No real benefit is gained from hard work? Like talking to Petpets? Collections? Kacheek Seek? Speed? Intelligence? Abilities? I am a big believer in teaching kids that hard work nets benefits. A lot of the stuff on Neopets nets no real benefits other than a cup, and as car said... it's just a cup. Bragging rights are nice but work should earn benefits. How about that Battledome? Why do Neopets get nothing for all the hard work? NP for battle points? Certain prizes for certain foes? Random battle events? Stat increases for certain victories? Come on, guys, bring on the goodies! How about turning in battle points somewhere like the Shop of Mystery? ~tinyhand1
Because achieving personal goals should be its own reward, and not everything you do in life will compensate you with tangible prizes for your time.

Okay, here's a little poser for you. I was wondering what happens to those guilds with no members at all (even the guild leader is not a member of the guild). Will they eventually be purged from the system? If I joined one, would leadership eventually pass to me so I could delete it? The guild neighbourhoods are crowded enough already without these phantom guilds. P.S. Sorry, my Neopets ate all the cookies. ~spinnersfriend
No, guild leadership is not automatically passed down in guilds due to leader inactivity or account absence. We'll look into things to see if some of those "phantom" guilds can be cleared from the database.

I'm a bit confused as to whether we are allowed to draw Roxton A. Colchester III for the Art Gallery. You've stated in the past that any currently non-existent pet/colour combination (such as Maraquan Peophin) is not a 'real' Neopet and is thus ineligible. However, Roxton appears to be an orange Lutari, which does not exist. Does that mean he's not a 'real' Neopet? And if an exception can be made in his case, why not in others like drawing a purple Lutari or Maraquan Kiko? ~kaioti
You're welcome to draw site characters, even if their particular colour is not released yet. This does not spill over, though, into non-character Neopets. So yes, we know it sounds odd, but Roxton is fine, random orange Lutari... not fine. What we really don't want is people drawing art of, say, a Maraquan Kiko, then having our artists come up with a similar idea in the future and that person believing we purposefully "stole" their design, despite the fact that the artists never saw the fan art.

Salutations, I was just curious if people who claim to have offers on their items for trade but really don't in the hopes that someone will pay more are considered to be scamming. I believe that there is a major difference between a minimum price and a false offer to beat a price. The latter implies that their item is worth at least that much, since someone is willing to pay it while the former just means they won't take less than that amount. (Please do not use my username if you answer this.) ~[username removed]
Yes, purposefully lying to rip someone off is scamming, including making up false "offer to beat" prices or having a friend make a false offer to you to use as such a price. You understand the spirit of the rules well. :)

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