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A Simple Guide to Surviving the Summer

by jrtluver1994


Also by iluvchocolate_91

We all know the best season, summer, has just arrived. But while so many people view it as time off of Neoschool and the occasion of beautiful sunny skies, there are others who just think... well, it's horrible, and I don't blame them at times. Those who live in the Lost Desert experience temperatures of over 130 degrees Fahrenheit (54 degrees Celsius)! It must be terrible to suffer through that every day! So what can we do to survive summer? Here are some tips that should be very useful.

What to do, Where to go, and Places to Avoid

1. Find a place to go swimming. Mystery Island's beaches are fantastic to go to because you won't be sweating in the heat, and you can meet up with your friends at the same time! The water is clear and refreshing! It's a wonderful time to behold! :) Warning: Temperatures can get high here.

2. Have a pool in your Neohome? Save that trip to the beach! Even if you live in the scorching hot desert, you'll surely be able to stay cool! Throw a pool party if you can, invite people you know, buy some toys, and you can have tons of enjoyment!

3. Take an excursion to Maraqua! This is an underwater paradise where the sun barely gets to you! While there, take a visit to the luxurious Kelp. Although this may cost a fortune, you will be full and relaxed there.

4. Visit the Haunted Woods. It stays at a mild temperature, not too hot, not too cold (especially in the shade!). There's plenty to do here to take your mind off the heat such as: Reminiscing at the Game Graveyard or visiting the Deserted Fairgrounds to mark a scratch card or two. You never know, you may just win 10,000 NP!

5. Ah... Meridell. This place is warm, yet it's the fabulous weather which keeps you cool, too. You could play Kiss the Mortog (-cough- if you're crazy –cough-), do a quest for the lovely Earth faerie, Illusen, entertain the grumpy old king, or if you're feeling adventurous, visit Darigan Citadel! Just... watch out for that Lord Darigan character.

6. Want it a lot colder? To the extreme? Well, of course... you're a wintry person, and what a surprise, you should go to Terror Mountain! You could occupy yourself in the snow, play a lovely round or two of Snow Wars, do a snow faerie quest, or even snipe at the Igloo Garage Sale.

7. Obviously, avoid Lost Desert since it's... well, the desert. Extreme temperatures are all that even happen. Also, avoid Krawk Island no matter how pirate-y you're feeling. Temperatures there are fairly close to those in the Lost Desert. It's just not the place to go! Faerieland and Mystery Island are not very good places to visit either, unless you must absolutely go.

8. Neopia Central and Roo Island are both okay to visit (unless you live there... I suggest relocating to another place during the summer!), but you should really try to avoid them. The temperature there hovers around the 100s and isn't what you want at all when trying to stay cool.

Shops to remember!

Slushie Shop: Terror Mountain

Sure, Terror Mountain is, well, a terror, that doesn't mean the shops are! Help yourself cool down with a slushie that tops the list of foods during the summer! (Warning, you may get a brain freeze!)

Super Happy Icy Fun Snow Shop: Terror Mountain

Another shop in Terror Mountain, and this one is pretty self-explanatory! It's Super, it's happy, it's icy, it's fun, and most of all it sells snow foods! Yummm!

Spooky Foods Shop: Haunted Woods

This shop may not have the greatest foods, but there are still plenty of um... well, 'cool' foods there, right? You've got eyes, brains, and best of all, ice cream! 8D (Note: The Spooky Foods shop is not responsible for any illness caused by consuming their products. Eat at your own risk.)

Chocolate Factory: Neopia Central

Ah, something closer to most homes! You may want to avoid the actual chocolate here, but you can still pig out on candies such as lollypops and devour all the jelly foods. ^.^ (-Drool-)

Faerie Foods: Faerieland

This is a little risky to visit since the heat is still fairly evident here. The faeries know all, though! How do you think they keep cool? (Plus, they have foods just as scrumptious as, maybe more than, most places!)

Items That May Come in Handy

Jug of Fresh Lemonade: What drink is better than lemonade? It's a sweet treat that definitely will keep you cooled off and refreshed. Estimated price: 1,600 NP

Water Umbrella: This definitely isn't useful during the fall/winter, but in the summer it's perfect. It constantly drips water; what else could you ask for? Estimated price: 1,000 NP

Pitcher of Water: As the description says, it's a pitcher filled to the brim with pure drinking water (though it's best not to chug the water!). You might want to buy this off the shop wizard because this is sold in the Lost Desert. Best of all, it's cheap too! ;P Estimated price: 400 NP

Water Ice Cream: Don't you just absolutely love TNT's creativity? It's water... in the form of ICE CREAM! Two of summer's best items to eat/drink all in one item! Estimated price: 1,000 NP

Factor 50 Sun Tan Lotion: Everyone knows that the worst part of summer is, of course, the sunburns. Keep your skin healthy with some sun block and you won't have to deal with any problems afterwards. ;) Estimated price: 400 NP

After Sun Aloe Gel: Didn't use your sun block, eh? D: Not to worry! Aloe is one of the miracle workers of summer and can relieve painful sunburns a lot quicker than most treatments! Estimated price: 750 NP

Any Squirt Toy: Perfect for a water fight! Your pets will enjoy this as well as you, so stock up on them. Invite neighbors to join in too! Estimated price: 100-20,000 NP

Any Lenny Feather Fan: This should cool you off! I've found that these are extremely helpful. They are stylish (sure to attract nice compliments!) and definitely a must during summertime! Estimated price: 2,000 NP

Ice Cream: I scream, you scream, we all scream for... ice cream! See why they came up with that phrase now? :P Yay! Ice cream! xD Estimated price: Decent ice cream is 150 NP and up.

Items That May Just Make Things Worse

Fire Background: This may be a hot fashion trend (-tomato'd for lame pun-), but your poor pet will just sweat all day!

Hot Chocolate: Save this for the winter. Yes, it may be delicious then, but it's just terrible now. D:

Eyrie Sweater: Um... it's a sweater. O.O Now, tell me why are you trying to get hot?

Any Halloween Costume: These things are nasty! Dressing in there on Halloween can even make you warm. They’re a no-no!

Any Soup: No matter how much you love your tomato soup or vegetable soup, there still isn't a such thing as cold soup (but don't let this crush your hopes and dreams!).

Chilli Hot Dog: Chilli is spicy and putting it in hot dog form doesn't make things better! xP

Now that you have all the tips for summer, hopefully you can survive it! And since you can endure it, you can enjoy it! Just make sure that you can relax through a peaceful season and not get all stressed out about the heat! Otherwise we'll know you never read the guide! ;D

Happy summer, Neopia!

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