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My friend's MAIN account was recently suspended for around 2 days (48 hrs.). However, she created a side account at the time so she could continue to chat in the guild and such. She then also began to get avatars, though. I read some previous Editorials and learned that playing games was not allowed. So does that also mean earning avatars, even if the avatars were from games? Also, because her account was suspended, there was no way of sending the Neopoints or items to her main in the first place. Mk. Thanks. (: ~omgringo
Earning certain kinds of avatars on side accounts is fine, like clickables or ones where you need a certain type of Neopet or Petpet, etc. Avatars that require you to play games or do dailies that can grant you either NP or an item is off limits on side accounts, though. You may not use side accounts as mains during suspension periods.

If the Wheel of Misfortune lands on the pile of sludge, can it turn an item that's in the Trading Post or the Auction House into sludge? ~amethyst_rain
No, items in the Trading Post or those being auctioned are immune to Random Events and other item destroying/morphing situations. Phew!

Curses! Missed that paint brush again!

So yeah, sorry if this question's been asked/answered already buuuut... is a guild leader allowed to invest the guild funds/donations to try to increase them? *hides rocks behind back* ~mddg123
Hrm, we thought about it and we're gonna have to go with "no" here for now. We think there may be too much grey area with who the returns will belong to. Do they go to the guild leader, since he/she was the one who invested and made the NP? Or do they belong to the guild, whose NP funded the investments? There's a bit too much wiggle room for conflicts about the funds to arise.

Hi, TNT! *points* Look Ma, it's them! You rock! Okay, I was wondering: if you happen to be lucky enough to wake Turmy, but unlucky enough to get your Petpet eaten, will the Turmaculus eat your Petpetpet, too? Oh, and why don't we have Petpetpetpets and so on? Thanks! ~lesliewolf10
Petpetpets are attached to Petpets, so yes, if your Petpet gets eaten so will your Petpetpet. D: Yes, we know it's a cruel world. *sniff* We briefly entertained the idea of Petpetpetpets, but we figured Petpetpets were already ridiculous enough. Who knows, though -- maybe one day we'll finally all go crazy (quite frankly, we're surprised we haven't yet) and make little microbes for your Petpetpets.

What contest do people enter most? Caption, storytelling, poetry...? ~superpowers36
For the writing competitions the Caption Contest is by far the one players enter the most.

In the last Editorial, you guys said that the word "sexy" is not allowed. What if somebody tries to avoid that, by doing stuff like adding letters (i.e. smexy) or putting in spaces or other marks (i.e. s-e-x-y S E X Y). Will that be overlooked, or will the user be warned? ~rainbow_salsa
The player will still be warned. Trying to hide words that are not allowed by altering the spelling or adding/subtracting things to it (especially to get past the filters) is not allowed. If it's obvious you are trying to communicate a word or concept that isn't allowed, be prepared to be warned for it. And trust us, we're on to just about every trick in the book. ;)

According to the first question in Editorial 296, you said that the old Altador prize shop would reopen with the new one, giving those of us who hadn't finished spending points from the first Altador Cup another chance to do so. I don't see a link to the old shop, now that the new one has opened. Could you point me in the right direction? ~parkersc
If it's not up by the time this is published, don't worry, we haven't forgotten about it. We'll be making it available again soon so you can spend your old points if you wish. Remember, though, that the points for each year don't stack. You can't use old AC points to purchase items from the new prize shop.

Hey, TNT. Just wondering, how many avatars are there that you can collect? ~lalamin
If you mean for the high score table, the maximum (as we write this) number you can achieve is 338. There are slightly more than that, but some avatars can't all be gained, such as the Curse of Maraqua plot avatars, where you were awarded one of four avatars.

Too bad you couldn't collect the set D:

Hey TNT! You already know that you rock so I won't say it. Anyway, I put a bead on my Lutari Tailsman and I was just wondering if you could remove it and put it back in your inventory. Please answer this! By the way, I love the site! I talked my friend into signing up yesterday! :) ~jadez86
Alas, much like the stamp album, once a bead is placed on your talisman it's there for good. :X We're glad you're enjoying the site and hope your friend will enjoy Neopia, too. ^^

Unfair!!! When my friend and I got a Random Event on the account we share we were delighted! One of our Neopets got zapped by Boochi and we loved it. But then we were feeding the baby Neopet glowing jelly and our baby Neopet turned glowing! Please make a warning or something for other innocent users like myself and my friend. (This is unfair because we never knew that this could happen.) Thanx TNT u rock! ~[username removed]
1.) Please self-ice the shared account and save us the trouble of freezing you, thanks.
2.) You got randomly zapped by Boochi and then got it randomly taken away. The circle of Neo-life is complete.
3.) Please meditate on your ideas behind the concept of "unfair" further.

I know that "Random Events" are just a part of Neopets, but there are some very unlucky people who... buy a baby paint brush and then have it stolen on the next page. Could you guys maybe give us an option when buying items to immediately place them in our Safety Deposit Box? Like a "Buy and place in Safety Deposit Box" feature, if you don't get what I mean... you know how there's an option to add an item to your shop and be redirected to your shop? It would be like that, except the item would be purchased instead of placed in a shop and it would be taken to the Safety Deposit Box instead of you being redirected. If you can't do this, please explain why. Also, it's really annoying that we can have Neopoints stolen from us when we have no Neopoints. I mean, over time, stolen Neopoints build up. Doesn't that defeat the purpose of the bank being there to protect our Neopoints? Because, when we have x amount of negative Neopoints, x amount of Neopoints disappears when we get x amount of Neopoints. ~purplelemonade
Sorry, but Random Events and the dangers and gifts they bestow are all part of the game. If you know you'll be purchasing an item of great value, we suggest making sure you have a lot of items on hand to reduce the chances of losing that item to an unfortunate RE. Negative REs bring balance to the force-- erm, economy, by helping to offset inflation.

Ok, TNT. I really really don't want to be frozen. On this one website, basically it's set up so that it links to hundreds of "sponsored" pages, which pay different amounts of Neopoints. All you have to do is click and the website puts the sponsored pages up as an image, saving you time from clicking on them manually. Fifteen minutes or so later, NP from all the sponsor clicks are added to your account. Is this cheating? Please help me! ~unigirl264
Umm, yes. It's the same concept as if you were using some sort of program to visit all the dailies for you. This is not allowed AT ALL and is obviously not the way we meant for you to go about visiting sponsor links. Anyone caught doing this will be frozen. -_-

"Theneopetsteam" is an account that a whole bunch of staff members share, right? If so, let's say if my father got a job as staff, would HE share the account theneopetsteam too? Just wondering. It has been bugging me for quite a bit. ~Friendsforever998630
Nope. The account theneopetsteam is for all of us and none of us at the same time. That account is only our messenger, and cannot be logged into by anyone, actually.

In your long rule explanation you used "grandfathered" twice. What does that mean exactly? You guys roll (and rock!) ~overusedclassic
Grandfathered basically means that the rules will not be enforced retroactively. It means that you won't be punished for something that is against the rules/enforced now, but wasn't when you did it.

Did I ever tell you about the time I had to walk 18 miles through a snowstorm only to find out that Neoschool STILL didn't exist?

I use the Trading Post pretty often, so as can be expected, I occasionally trade with someone from another country. Unfortunately, when they respond to my offer, I get the message in a foreign language. Even with the picture, it's difficult to tell if they accepted or rejected my offer. Is it possible to have those messages generated in the user's language? ~lawragatajar
Sorry about that; we realise it's a bit of a pain. Please bear with us, though, as it may take a while to sort out (especially with our todo list being such a monster atm). :(

Where is the new shop called Mystical Surroundings located? I can't seem to find it and the only way I can get to it at the moment is by searching through old New Features articles. Thanks! ~aberfitch450
It doesn't have a physical location yet, but we're hoping to give it one soon. :)

Excuse me, TNT. I know you blocked the "h" and "d" words, but are we still allowed to say darn, drat, dangit, etc.? Please answer. ~12372 (piggy) My cat says hi.
Yes, those (along with heck) won't merit you a warning. But please, for the love of everything, don't post certain words just because you can, or abuse them to the point that the monitors feel they need to take action. It just ruins things for everyone else and makes more rules. *pats kitty*

Okay I know this is probably a stupid question, but I constantly see "pwned" on the Neoboards. What in the world does it really stand for? I know it has to do with the Lab Ray changing your Neopet, but I'm just curious. Thanks! ~purplerosesandredwin
Hehe, it stands for "owned," and can also be spelled "pwnd." It's just one of those things you pick up off the Internet, much like a virus. Its meaning is best conveyed in a sentence. Examples:

"Woah, my Neopet just got totally pwned in the Battledome." :(

"Aggh, the Pant Devil just stole my baby paint brush!"
"Lol, pwned."

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