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Dear TNT, I went to my grandmother's house and when I logged into my account, I wanted to play Hannah and the pirate caves. When I got there, it said I was on level 1!! I was at level 19!! Please fix this! You guys probably won't publish this but fix it anyway please!! ~crystal4194
Information such as what level you are on (or what type of bat you use in Whack-A-Kass) is connected to your computer, not the account. When you return to your home computer, your level will once again be 19. :)

I just got lost for a while... that's all.

Where is the Symol hole? I really want to go to it because I hear lots about it, but I have no idea where it is! Please help me!! ~dylan7248
We've gotten this question quite a few times recently, so we'll point it out for you. It's not marked with a sign, so we guess it's understandable someone may not notice it. On the main Meridell map, look for the Turmaculus. See him? Good. Now, just below and to the right of him is a tree, and just to the left of that tree is a hole in the ground. That's the Symol Hole! Just click on it and send your Petpet down! :D

010101110110100001100001011101000010011101110011001000000011 00100010000001110000011011000111010101110011001000000011001000 111111 ~zzxyzz
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Is it a possibility that you are going to change the default lookups? Because the one we have is getting quite dull, and we like change. (: you've changed sidebars, maps, and Neopets, don't you think maybe we could change that, too? If I get into the editorial, then I am so happy! XD ~x_sorrows
You got in! You should change your username now.

Anyway, the current user lookup is the updated version. ;) Perhaps you haven't been a player long enough to remember the days when lookups were just one giant blob of text. Your Neopets were merely text links! These days, it's quite nice to visit a player's lookup and see what their Neopets are with just a glance! Besides, we just give you a basic template so that you're free to customise it however you like!

I... I used to be linked by blue text? How awful!

With 19 pages of shop blogs do you think we can have some way to search for a certain kind? Like we can with the neogreetings.... ~neolex364
Don't worry. We feel your pain. >.< There are plans to revamp the entire stuff section so that everything is much easier to navigate and search through (including backgrounds, fun images, etc.) However, we're currently focused on other things so it will be a while before we get around to this, unfortunately.

Are the editorial questions really submitted by neopians or do you make them all up and submit them under false usernames that do not really exist? ~prettylady34
We make them all up. You are just a figment of our imagination.

I have a question. SO many people post that they have gotten a million NP from a Bag of Broken Neopoints in the trading post when they are trading them. Is this true or is this just another scam people are using? What is the most NP you can get from the Broken bag of Neopoints? Also, in your neo magazine I could have sworn I saw that you can collect advent calendar prizes during the winter on your side account. Is that true or not? I don't feel like being frozen and losing my babies again so I have to ask to make sure I'm doing everything right. Please answer this for me before winter hits. Have a wonderful day! ~sunmarcher
This is quite false. The bag does not give anywhere close to 1,000,000 Neopoints. Anyone who says so is trying to scam you and should be reported. The maximum Donny will give you when repairing this item is 2,000 NP.

Now really, how would a million NP fit in a tiny bag like me?

As for the Advent Calendar, you are only allowed to collect prizes with your main account, just like any other daily. (There is also a note stating this on the Advent Calendar page.) We should also mention that collecting more than one prize from it a day on the same account is also not allowed. Due to a glitch last year, this was possible, and there were many people who collected hundreds and hundreds of prizes on the same day and wondered why they were frozen. We understand the glitch was our fault (technically, the Database that stored your collections went down), and that some people collected two or three times by accident, but collecting 5, 10, 100 times is NO accident and you will be frozen for abusing a glitch. The Advent Calendar is one prize per person per day.

How long does it take to make invisible items/Neopets? ;o Thanks ~poke_azn_gurl
Our artists slave for hours carefully drawing the items and Neopets in white on a coloured background, paying attention to every last detail. Then, when it's perfect, they move the image onto a white background, making it invisible! How else would we do it? What, you think we just upload blank 150x150 images or something? *shifty eyes*

I've seen top banner ads, obviously placed by you guys, recently that show little cartoons. First of all I'd like to say I find them hilarious, but why do they redirect you to the New Features page? ~mooseydoom101
Glad you like 'em. :) There's no particular reason for linking to New Features. All banner ads require a link, and that's as good a place to link to as any!

Hi TNT! You probably get this question a lot, but I am very frustrated. I spent 500k on a lab map, and so far, nothing interesting has happened. Mostly, my pet just changes gender or loses two levels. When will that part be over? I notice a lot of people who have great looking pets have lab rays, and I can't understand how they do it. Is there a certain time of day that you can zap to get the best results? ~sra723
Patience grasshopper! The Lab Ray is completely random. Your Neopet could turn robot on its very first zap, or it could take a month for its colour to change! One thing is for sure, keep at it! Despite little setbacks, the stats of your Neopet will rise over time, and eventually it may turn an awesome colour or species. There is no certain time of day for best zapping results, so just zap whenever you're on. :)


I've heard things around Neopets that in a random event it can actually eat your active/inactive Neopet. Is this really true? ~wildhorse227
o.O! No, there aren't any Random Events that will devour your Neopet. Your Neopet cannot die or be taken away by any Random Event.

Ok, I know someone who sent a Neomail to me and they said they could make it easier to get a game avatar. I asked what it did, and they said it slowed the reaction time of the game or something. I said "Isn't that against the rules?" And they said that they asked you guys and you said no. I'm pretty sure it is illegal, but I just wanted to be sure. And, TNT, if you guys put this in the NT, can you make it anonymous?
You are correct! Attempting to slow or pause a game (which has no pause button in it) is cheating. Even if it is a "normal" function of your browser that allows you to do it. You are altering the way the game is meant to be played and giving yourself an unfair advantage. We understand there are slower and faster computers out there, but purposefully trying to alter the speed of the game is not allowed.

Okay, the beads are on my Lutari Talisman, but is there any way I can take them off? ~pixifairy2121
Sorry, once they are placed on your talisman, they cannot be removed.

It's my BEADY eyes you don't like, isn't it? ISN'T IT?

Hey, TNT, this question has been bothering me for a while now. When I go into the Hidden Tower, of course I see overly-priced items, but what I don't see is how many items they have in stock. Does the Hidden Tower's items have an unlimited stock number or is it a glitch in my computer? ~daffodillsun
The former. Hidden tower stock is unlimited. It is run by Fyora, after all. Besides, could you imagine the chaos if it was limited? We certainly don't want to think about it. *shudder*

Why is it that, if you zap a Petpet, you don't qualify for the PPL Award? I think you just did that to be "fair" so that the people who actually bought the certain Petpet and had it attached for a long period of time will get rewarded. But I don't get it -- why can people get items worth millions out of Random Events, and other people have to save up for their dream items/pets, and yet others can't even win the PPL since perhaps they want to get a Petpet avatar. And shouldn't people also be disqualified if they visit Turmy? It would only be fair then. ~1renepwnsj00
It seems you answered your first question yourself but we'll elaborate. In addition to the fairness of buying a Petpet versus zapping it, allowing zapped Petpets in PPL would mean that long-term players could win the PPL once with a very old Petpet, then zap it into something else and win again since the Petpet is so old. Not only is this not fair to others, it's basically a way to win what is supposed to be a one-time reward multiple times. We don't want that happening.

As far as some people winning millions from Random Events, everyone has the same chance at those Random Events. Someone who gets a transmogrification potion worth 5 million was lucky, sure, but you have the same chance to get the same Random Event.

We're not clear on your reasoning for the last two things you mention. Not being able to win the PPL because of wanting a Petpet avatar is not an issue since you are allowed four Neopets, and therefore, four Petpets. You can have one go for PPL and the others zapped for avatars, for example. As for Turmy, which Petpet or how old it is has no bearing on what happens to your Petpet when you visit. Zapping the Petpet has no affect on the outcome like it does with PPL.

Hi TNT. I've noticed that, sometimes, when I come onto Neopets and click the shop wizard, a faerie comes up and tells me it's cheating because I'm on a Faerie quest. The thing is, the whole time I was on, I never got a "Something Has Happened" Faerie quest. Is it possible to get quests if you're still logged in but not on the computer at the same time? Or maybe I just wasn't paying attention while I was actually playing Neopets at the time. Well, if this makes it in, please make it anonymous. Thanks!
It's not possible to get Random Events unless you are actively surfing the site (loading pages, etc.) so there is no way to get them if you just have the website up but are away from the computer. That said, it would seem you just didn't notice the event or refreshed over it. Don't feel bad. It happens to us, too! :P

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