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So, how come only Roo Island is on The World of Neopia map? Why aren't Kiko Lake and The Lost City of Geraptiku on the map? I mean... they deserve a place on the map!!! - medrunkinhomer
The whole map will be redrawn shortly with the release of Altador (the other side of Neopia). When that happens we will probably add all the missing mini-worlds to the map.

Can you name some of the Gerpatiku Petpets? I really want one but every time I visit the petpet shop it's sold out I would go to the shop wizard but I don't know any of their names. - loganr43
Sure. Here they all are - Tekkal, Schmoonie, Fleeper, Chuchuana, Quetzal, Tapira, Lizark and Mimbi.

WHEN WILL YOU RELEASE MORE HISSIES??? - plopet_neogirl_925
Ooh good point, we will release some more next week. We will announce on new features when we are going to do this.

Who writes the replies to the editorial questions??? :) - violetfan148
Most of the time it is Donna (me). Occasionally Adam will do an editorial also.

I noticed while fishing that there are some really cute fish. The water fish especially. Is there anyway to make the water fish a petpet or neopet I just think that would be totally cool! - aynfarika
Quite a lot of people asked for this. I will see what we can do about creating Petpet versions of a few of the more popular fish.

When are the Neopets Team going to come out wiyth a new paintbrush? - dsmeaaf
A new brush will be released very soon. Either this coming week or the next :)

I was wondering if there could be a option to edit your post on the guild boards? Cause sometimes I post, look over it, and find that I did something completely wrong! And Iím not in the council so I canít just delete it and type it up again! - howling_werewolf99
I could see that being useful. I will see if we can add this option. If we can, it will be added.

What's the point of the World Challenge Treasure maps? - jacob543210132
You collect the pieces until you complete a map. Once you have a completed map you can turn them in for prizes and Neopoints.

Just wondering, how do you pronounce "Achyfi"? - bartho149
Ach - eurgh - fee (with a spitting like pronounciation of ach)

I tried looking in the Shop Wizard and the Trading Post for a Battle Quill, but there weren't any anywhere. Did you not actually release the Battle Quill, or is it just really rare? - yelanates
The Battle Quill is super special and rare. It is rarity 100 which means it is hardly ever given out and will not appear on the search listing.

I read in the latest Neopian Times about "Lutari Island" is it real? if it is are you going to put it on the map? - sorranstargirl
Yes. Lutari Island is where the otter-type pet comes from. It is tied into a real-life event though, so we cannot release it just yet...

I did a quest for the kitchen chef guy and I got a Yoakie. Since it was sssoooooo cute, I decided to give it to my Pteri. When the window came up, and I scrolled down, it didn't say ANYTHING about giving it to your pet!! It just said put in your SDB, etc. Could you please fix this? Or if its me, will you tell me? (P.S. My pteri didn't have a petpet before) - ldiane
Wow, you were really lucky :) Sorry about that, the problem is not on your end. Basically we added the Petpet shop, but forgot to tell the database that they were Petpets so you couldn't equip them. You should be able to give them to your Neopet now.

In the lost tomb in Geraptiku can anything really bad *i mean really bad* happen - Pharoh123282
Some bad things can happen yes, but your Neopet should be able to get over it eventually. They won't die, vanish or anything like that.

How do you get secret avatars? - alljgg
Each avatar requires something unique to unlock it. It really varies. We will never tell you how to get a secret avatar, then it wouldn't be secret anymore. But there are many fan sites that will give you walk-throughs and hints for lots of them.

Why do male Royal Cybunnies have those horns? - emberglowingbright
Its just a little added feature to make their outfit more interesting. There is no reason really :)

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