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Hiya TNT. =) How come, when you are scammed, your account is frozen as well as the person who scammed you? In my opinion, that's sort of unfair because I had an account that got frozen for a scam I pretty much only half-fell for and I'm sure a lot of other people were frozen for the same reason. Yes, I know people should be sensible enough not to fall for scams, but there's just those some of us that aren't. ^^; ~ xkittsukii
If you've been frozen and are met with the "Possibly Scammed" freeze reason when you try to log in, this means that someone else was in your account. When this happens, the only way for the monitors to protect the account is to freeze it. If they don't, the scammer would still have access to the account and would continue transferring items, Neopoints, and even Neopets to other accounts. By freezing it, the monitor is attempting to save the account and whatever is left in it so that the real owner doesn't lose everything to the scammer. If you were frozen for this reason, you'll see a link at the end of the message directing you to a form to fill out. This is so that you, the original owner of the account, can write in to our Support staff, prove the account is yours, and get it back! (Shifty scammers sometimes write in claiming to be the original owner, as well, so that is why you need to provide lots of information when you write in.)

So yes, you were frozen, but it's merely for the protection of your account! :) Please use that link and follow the directions to get your account returned to you.

I bought a Red Techo Morphing potion from the Trading Post recently for 90,000 hard-earned neopoints. I used it to transform my Mutant Grarrl back to the form he's supposed to be in, but the potion only made him less hungry! Why didn't my potion work? ~ i_like_banannas
Doh! Certain species, such as Grarrls and Skeiths, will eat anything you feed them. We're afraid you must have accidentally fed him the potion instead of giving it to him. Oops! If you have one of these Neopets, be sure to check your actions carefully before hitting submit!

The only thing I don't eat is me treasure!

My dad thinks you put spy-ware and viruses in your games,and when I play games I am downloading harmful programs off neopets. Is this true? ~ the_spam_hunter
No, our games contain no spy-ware or viruses. They are perfectly safe to play on your computer without fear of hidden programs. You're simply launching a window containing a flash game; nothing is being downloaded to your computer at all. :)

How come on the trading post we can't see offers other people had made? We could save a lot of time if we knew how much other people were betting so we could bet higher. Also it would give us a better chance to get what we want. ~ red_sunset49
Ah. It would be a better chance... until someone sees your bid and outbids you. ;) Having all the bids viewable to anyone would just cause a lot of expensive bidding wars, and really invade the privacy of people who don't want the world to know what items they have.

On the Battledome chat many people offer to lend items for free or for so-so neopoints, and most of the time give them back. Is it a warning/suspendable/freezeable offense if you don't give the items back? ~ almighty_chaos
Indeed it is.

Most people know the stories of a kind lender having their item taken, but there have also been numerous instances of a lender asking for collateral that is worth more than the item, and then running off with that collateral, leaving the lendee with an item they paid way too much for. Either way, someone is taking advantage of the other party's trust in order to knowingly rob them of items or NP. This is definitely a scam, and scammers get ALL their accounts frozen. This is why we don't recommend lending AT ALL. However, we know it's a good way for people to obtain avatars they wouldn't be able to otherwise, so this is why we allow it. Just know the risks you're taking and be VERY careful when involved in a lending situation, whether you're lending or borrowing.

Dear TNT: Quick question. I have one main account and one side account. Would it be ok for me to do my dailies (coltzan's shrine, tombola, etc.) on both accounts but not on the same day? Like switch off every other day? ~ cutiepie8026974
Erm, no. :) You can only have one main account from which you earn Neopoints or collect freebies, including free training and stats. Yes, you can switch main accounts if you like, but switching back and forth daily is going a bit overboard. Pick one account to use and stick with it. If you need Neopoints on your alternate account to train your Neopets at the various training schools, you're more than welcome to transfer them there from your main (using the trading post, for example). But if you're trying to get free training from Coltzan for a Neopet on your alternate account, that is not allowed.

Hi! I was wondering, could you make a form to submit poetry, so we wouldn't have to email it? It seems that the rest of the site is using forms by now... ~ blacebrander
This has actually been on our "to do" list for ALL of our contests, as it's just as frustrating for the poor judges that need to find the entries amidst all the emails about refinancing homes and $5 "Rolex" watches. So, not to worry! There will be a form for every contest in the future.

Hello! I'd just like to bring to y'all's attention that I will no longer play Freaky Factory because of the ads at the top of every page. There was a time period where they were not all motion, and I could merely refresh until I got to an unmoving ad and then play, but now I cannot because they are all moving. The movement of the ads greatly slows down the game, Freaky Factory, and therefore, it is very tedious and diffucult to play. Thank you for your time. ~ rachdog76
Sorry about that. However, there are many solutions if you feel the banners are slowing down your Flash games, such as after loading the game, closing the browser window that contains the ad, or clicking the link to your user lookup, or other pages that do not contain ads. Hopefully that will help!

I checked back on the old news in may 2001 and I saw that it said, "Today, the Shadowed Kau received a makeover, and we launched the FIRE PTERI!" and the image of the Pteri was the new updated image instead of the old image. Why is that? ~ aparnageorgia
That's because new images are uploaded over the older ones to replace them completely. :) You'll find a lot of that as you navigate back through our archives.

I just noticed, there are absolutely no items with 'Ninja' in their names. There is sooooooo much pirate stuff, but no ninja stuff. Shame on y'all ~ neoqueen13108
Ninjas? There are no Ninjas in Neopia! Have you ever seen one? We highly doubt it since you've not disappeared off the face of Neopia. *nod*

Oops! Looks like you'll have to come with me.

~TNT~ I got a new TCG pack of cards entitled "Travels In Neopia." They came with the virtual prize codes, like the others. When I put them in, it said that they were a different code. So i put it in there, and it said that it was the same thing as before. Could this be because you haven't updated the TCG prize codes ~ infrit_ruler_of_fire
Sorry about this! We have updated the TCG Redemption Area so the codes should be working now. You'll still see Tor from the Darkest Faerie set, but well remedy that shortly!

Err... TNT, I hate to bother you guys, but I think the Darigan Gelert would like a right hind leg. O-o; ~ wolfhd
*looks* Heh. Some Gelerts... just so picky! Give me a Negg! I'm bored of this toy! I only have three legs! I guess we can ask the artists if they'd be willing to lend that poor Gelert a paw! (We at Neopets, Inc. would like to apologise for the horrendous use of the previously stated bad pun. We would gladly give up our right leg to take it back and pretend it never happened... *snicker*)

If you sent your score three times on a game and then got enough points to get the secret avvie would you still be able to get it or would you have to wait untill the next day?? ~flamingcandycorn
Avatars are only awarded after you've successfully sent the correct score for the game. So, if you're trying for an avatar, it's best not to send your score until you're positive that score will get you the avatar.

TNT must love to tease us! The Altador plot has begun - you may not have officially started it but someone figured it out and now tons of people are waiting for the next piece of the puzzle. How long before it is actually announced and everyone can start ... (or get on with it as that would be the case for so many)? Oh, and after reading your **Helpful Tip of the Week** in the last NT I'm guessing I may have my answer as to why my gallery "Ugliest Items in Neopia" hasn't been chosen for the Spotlight. I mean, it couldn't possibly be because it wasn't good enough (can it?)*naaah*. I just want you to know, it was all in fun and I really do love you guys. Really!!! ~whitney63
Hehe, we can't tell you when the next part will be released or we might as well tell you the solution, too. ;) You'll just have to keep your eyes peeled for anything out of the ordinary!

Wait?! We hate waiting!

As far as your gallery goes, poking fun at us is perfectly acceptable. Heck, we poke fun at ourselves! So your gallery is a-okay. :) We were more referring to people who appear to dislike the site a great deal (which is fine) but then expect us to post those opinions all over New Features (which, obviously, we'd never do). ;)

My friend and I are both successful neopians, and we share an account. In our shared account we have a large fortune, and a Lab Map. We just realised that we aren't allowed to be earning neopoints in two accounts. If on one day we only earn on our shared account or our main account, would that be okay? We don't want to move the fortune, or give up on our mains! ~ [removed]
We think we've answered stuff like this before in the editorial, but maybe not everyone saw it. So here it is, yet again: You may not share accounts!

Not with your best friend, not with your cousin from the opposite coast, or your roommate, or anyone. (And certainly not if you each already have a main account since that is multiple account abuse.) Parents who have extremely young children that cannot effectively play by themselves can help their children, but anyone who can read and navigate the site by themselves should have their own account. There are many reasons for this, as very often shared accounts end in disaster. Just think...

One day your friend gets mad at you and changes the password!
Your friend does something bad and gets all their accounts frozen... including the one you shared! That account then makes you an accomplice!
You realise sharing accounts is wrong, and you try to split it up, and end up getting very angry at each other over what belongs to whom.
You gave your account to a friend, and now want it back, but they won't give it to you.

These are just a few examples. And really, it's just not a necessary thing to do. Accounts are free! If you have a shared account with anyone, please do your best to sort things out, and deactivate the account here: // immediately. Also, along these same lines, you may NOT give/lend/trade accounts with anyone either. Your account is yours and yours alone, and your only option when you're done with it is to leave it sit or deactivate it!

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