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Continued Series

A Hero's Journey: Squire

"'Here, try this. Do the exercises Rohane taught you.' Cavall stared at the thin sabre that Reuben offered him. Gingerly the Blue Cybunny took it, slightly surprised at the weight of it in his hand. But he did..."

by precious_katuch14
The Timeless Tale

"Rhea was starting to master the helm. In just a few days, he felt ready to conquer all the seas of Neopia. The journey to Mystery Island seemed like a breeze. On a small island near Mystery Island, a quaint hut appeared to float on the sea..."

by chlo26
Ashes of the Alabriss

"She'd read an article about Alabriss herd dynamics and the importance of socialisation. Thinking back, after she'd gotten Taffy, Storm's habit of biting wood and kicking the walls had greatly subsided. She couldn't deny the..."

by salem_822
Elizia and the Krawk Island Boat Race

"Elizia was off, along with everyone else. She put all her strength into the paddles, and the boat flew ahead. For a moment, it looked as if she was in the lead, but she was quickly caught up to, and overpassed, by other competitors..."

by platinum_marauder
Not the Best Family Reunion

"On the outskirts of Shenkuu, there was a village. A waterfall poured out from the northern side of the hill it rested upon. Though it was hidden beneath a thick veil of fog, its roar promised doom to..."

by kayixu
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"The Statue" by cyanlaststar888
Queenly duties take Fyora across Faerieland every day from morning until night. Physically, being made of pure magic, she can’t feel tired. Mentally, though, she is exhausted. Rebuilding the city, holding back the wraiths, bestowing quests upon Neopets, all while managing the rarities within the Hidden Tower, takes its toll. This day begins in the garden, where she is meeting Brynn for a status report on security threats to the kingdom. When Fyora arrives to the courtyard, pages are already setting up a table, filling it with paper and quills and tea. The Queen takes a moment to enjoy the gardens, smelling the jewel blossoms and snap Draiks. Farther away along the grounds, she hears the songflowers singing. Without even realising it, Fyora begins to wander down the cobblestone path through the expansive grounds. She passes the elaborate fountain, then the greenhouse, then the hedge maze. When she was younger, when Faerieland was still in the clouds, she would walk to the edge of the gardens and stare out at the vast expanse of Neopia below. Now, all she can see is the sheer face of the crater surrounding the garden on all sides. And the statue, of course. The one of the angry-looking Xweetox, poised mid-run, arms outstretched.

Other Stories


Fyora's Grey Discovery
"Queen Fyora stepped outside of the Neolodge on a cool, cloudy morning. The weather seemed a bit gloomy for this time of year, but she..."

by endisnigh


Royal Lessons With Queen Fyora
"When it came to giving out punishments, no one approached them with higher care and delicacy than the Illustrious High Queen of Faerieland Herself. Fyora knew the most effective consequences for any of her royal student’s actions would be one that taught them the importance of giving back to their fellow denizens of Neopia..."

by alistair_returns


Fyora’s Five Finest Qualities
Today is Neopia’s finest day of the year! It is a day to celebrate the fairest and most powerful faerie in the land. Collab with oi_tio_to_na_globo

by tylerhuyser


Delicious Gourmet Foods this Fyora Day!
Welcome! Each Fyora Day, minds across Neopia turn to the elegant ruler of Faerieland, Queen Fyora.

by _brainchild_


Team Faerieland's No.1 Fan
Team Faerieland is always popular in the A.C., but their number 1 fan might surprise you! Collab with _bright_spark

by fivemilliononly


TNI #2: Fyorced Interview
The things we do to stay relevant...

by elshastara

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