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Hey TNT! Star Wars day came and went and I was surprised to see no themed items! Can we get a lightsaber themed item or something for our pets to wield? Thanks! ~hauntinq
Hello! Thank you for the suggestion! While we cannot make any promises, we will do our best to use the force on this request… ~~Adler

Hello there! Quest Log has been such a great way of introducing new weapons. I hope there will be more! Snowager Pendant, Wand of Flamebolt, Mayors Top Hat all unique ways to fight Fire. ~_vape_
Love these ideas, we’ll keep this in mind for the future! Thanks for writing in! ~~Sunpotato

Why are Neocash winners of the Customisation Spotlight almost always wearing 4 or less items? For the past 6 weeks, every Neocash winner is wearing 4 or less items, while Neopoint winners are frequently wearing 6+ or as many as 12 items. The contrast seems too obvious and consistent for it to be a coincidence. I buy Neocash and enjoy dressing up my pets in full outfits, but I feel like I have no shot at winning because of this. ~stardial
Hi there! With the recent introduction of NC Pet Styles, these Pets are unable to wear any wearables other than backgrounds and foregrounds, and as such, we have seen a big increase in submissions of NC Pet Styles. We do our best to diversify the winners, however, there aren’t always a lot of entries of non-NC Pet Styles in each round. We did have some NC winners in the most recent contest that had some cool wearables! Go check 'em out if you haven't already! Thank you! ~~Adler

Hi! I love love love the Tyrannian Albat that was released on Tyrannian Victory Day, however when I go to give my Lupe's Albat a fitting makeover it says the colour isn't available! Would you be able to activate it so that we can finally paint our cutie the colour he is meant to be? ~hillary890357
Hi there! Thank you for bringing this to our attention! Rest assured, you should now be able to transform your Albat into the Tyrannian colour he so desires! Happy customising! ~~Adler

How often should you enter a spotlight? I'm trying to get into the Gallery Spotlight and I'm scared I submit my gallery too often. Should it be every week, or only once in a while? ~fridflynn
Hi there! We get a varying amount of entries for each contest, however, we judge the Gallery Spotlight specifically on Tuesdays. In terms of the frequency of submitting, know that we do our best to go over each entry, so submitting once in a while should be enough! Hope this helps! ~~Adler

I NEED to know the answer for this. Please TNT! In the description for Tomb Chips it says "Tasty chips in a super-cute tombstone container. GOTHD!" What is GOTHD? ~hotpinkfishfood
I’m gonna be honest. The Tomb Chips came out in Year 7 and we do not know where they came from. So to not step on the toes of their creator we’ve decided not to speculate on what that could mean. ╮ (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.) ╭ If anyone can provide concrete proof on what it means we will give you the biggest virtual hug or high five of your choosing! /genuine ~~Stone

I think someone put the wrong date on this week's Neopian Times issue. Shouldn't it be the 17th day of Hunting (for issue 1007)?
Hi there! I think you are mistaken. Issue 1007 was released on the 3rd day of Hunting, and Issue 1008 was released on the 17th day of Hunting. Thanks for your concern! ~~Goldfish in Bowl

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