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New Series

The Queen's Gratitude

"Queen Fyora breathed a sigh of relief as she sat down at her desk in her office. Finally, back in her chambers after a long day filled with meetings, she was free to handle..."

by black_skull725
Faeries Land

"Xenia, a young Wocky witch, swung the end of her broom back and forth as she flew over the Faerieland woods on her way to the castle. Below, a tall tree that was cascading rainbows from its clouds distracted her...Collab with joanna_lewis

by kebicorn
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Eat like Royalty: 10 Fyora Themed Foods

Have you ever dreamed of sitting at Queen Fyora’s Dinner table? Or perhaps, you're looking to add a little more ‘fancy’ to your typical dinner rotation? This list is here to help! Whether you’re the Queens #1 fan or you simply want to add a bit of magic to your daily routine, these Queen approved eats are sure to make you and your Pets feel like absolute royalty. Sit back and relax while I take you through ten of the most decadent Fyora themed foods in all of Neopia. 1. Deluxe Fyora Day Cake Have you ever seen a cake so magical and decadent? I certainly haven’t and I bet your Pets haven’t either. I mean, how often do you stumble across a sparkling cake with wings? That’s what I thought. With three luxurious tiers of white cake generously decorated in whipped raspberry icing, this dessert is pure royalty. At such a reasonable price point, it’s perfect for your pet's birthday or as a gift to a close neofriend. Did I mention it’s also a gourmet food? 2. Fyora Apple If you’re looking to feed your Pets a fancy breakfast, look no further than the Fyora Apple. This apple is crisp, it’s juicy, and it might fly away when you’re not looking… so be careful. Yes, I know it’s a bit pricey, but this special apple comes directly from Fyora’s garden, and it’s been rumored that eating one a day will keep Dr. Sloth away. Good for your health AND for avoiding the most evil villain in Neopia, what more could you ask for in a piece of fruit? Pairs nicely with a Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich. 3. Fyora Spritzer Hailing from Faerieland is the fanciest refresher you’ll ever dare to find. It comes in a perfectly purple glass that screams ‘royal’ and is generously garnished with both a lime and wings. But the fun doesn’t stop there - this beverage also comes equipped with a mini staff so that you may point it at people and issue royal decrees while you sip your spritzer.

Other Stories


An Audience with the Queen
Sylvie crept through streets and narrow alleyways, darting from nook to nook, carefully avoiding the watchful eyes of any potential witnesses.

by dennykins


The Statue
"Queenly duties take Fyora across Faerieland every day from morning until night. Physically, being made of pure magic, she can’t feel tired. Mentally, though, she is exhausted..."

by cyanlaststar888


Fyora’s Five Finest Qualities
Today is Neopia’s finest day of the year! It is a day to celebrate the fairest and most powerful faerie in the land. Collab with oi_tio_to_na_globo

by tylerhuyser


13 of the Best Desserts to Celebrate Fyora Day
Happy Fyora Day to everyone! Celebrating Queen Fyora and her coronation means spreading kindness, happiness, and merriment all around Neopia. Collab with maddyf24

by tamimarieb


Blossoms~ Digging Deep Part 12 (Fyora)
Why won't these things leave me alone??

by twillieblossom


Snack Attack
It was just a bite!

by leighlizzzie

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