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Your questions answered!

Read the answers to the most commonly asked Neopets questions this week in the Editorial section. Each week the most popular questions will be answered by one of the creators of Neopets, so keep checking back to stay updated.

Quote of the Week

The council meeting room featured a long pink marble table. The walls were lined with small Faerieland shields. The chairs covered with soft seat cushions, and name tags at every spot. Fyora hovered over to the head of the table and took a seat. A few minutes passed and she stood up as councilmembers filed into the room…

Delicious Gourmet Foods this Fyora Day!

---Starring Lerlifia the Chocolate Draik, Lervilia the Candy Draik, and Christine, their owner!--- Christine: Welcome! Each Fyora Day, minds across Neopia turn to the elegant ruler of Faerieland, Queen Fyora. A lot of Neopians idolize her, in fact, as evidenced by the many Fyora-themed items across Neopia. Therefore, in honour of Fyora Day, my foodie pets, Lerlifia and Lervilia, and I will be sampling some Fyora-themed foods. All are gourmet, so rejoice, Gourmet Club members! Without further ado, here are the foods: ---Deluxe Fyora Day Cake--- Christine: This luxurious cake was baked to honour everyone’s favourite Faerie Queen! At 200,000 NPs on the player market, the price isn’t too out of control. Lervi: Or you can restock it rarely at the Faerie Foods shop. Lerli: Very true. Anyway, this cake is HUGE. We will definitely have some leftovers! Lervi: ---chomps into cake--- Lerli: Cut a piece instead of taking a bite out of the whole thing, you animal! Christine: Please do not use the word “animal” as an insult, Lerli. I love animals! Lervi: Anyway, this cake is delicious! It tastes just like a birthday cake. Lerli: ---cuts slice--- Not bad. Christine: ---eats cake--- I could eat this whole thing! Lerli: You had better not. I want some leftovers, too... ---Faerie Queen Smoothie Bowl--- Lerli: Because this item is priced at 800,000 NPs no matter where you go, I went to the Faerie Foods shop and stole the cook’s recipe book. Now I have made my own! Christine: ---sigh--- Lerli, please go return that book. Lerli: Not until I have copied all the recipes! ---sticks tongue out--- Lervi: Anyway, let me try it. ---takes a spoonful--- The berries and cream are delicious, but I think this would be easier to drink out of a cup. Lerli: Very true. You have food dripping all over your clothes, you Ownow! Lervi: ---scowls--- At least it’s tasty. ---Lerli pours the remaining liquid into a cup and drinks it.

Eat like Royalty: 10 Fyora Themed Foods

Have you ever dreamed of sitting at Queen Fyora’s Dinner table? Or perhaps, you're looking to add a little more ‘fancy’ to your typical dinner rotation? This list is here to help! Whether you’re the Queens #1 fan or you simply want to add a bit of magic to your daily routine, these Queen approved eats are sure to make you and your Pets feel like absolute royalty. Sit back and relax while I take you through ten of the most decadent Fyora themed foods in all of Neopia. 1. Deluxe Fyora Day Cake Have you ever seen a cake so magical and decadent? I certainly haven’t and I bet your Pets haven’t either. I mean, how often do you stumble across a sparkling cake with wings? That’s what I thought. With three luxurious tiers of white cake generously decorated in whipped raspberry icing, this dessert is pure royalty. At such a reasonable price point, it’s perfect for your pet's birthday or as a gift to a close neofriend. Did I mention it’s also a gourmet food? 2. Fyora Apple If you’re looking to feed your Pets a fancy breakfast, look no further than the Fyora Apple. This apple is crisp, it’s juicy, and it might fly away when you’re not looking… so be careful. Yes, I know it’s a bit pricey, but this special apple comes directly from Fyora’s garden, and it’s been rumored that eating one a day will keep Dr. Sloth away. Good for your health AND for avoiding the most evil villain in Neopia, what more could you ask for in a piece of fruit? Pairs nicely with a Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich. 3. Fyora Spritzer Hailing from Faerieland is the fanciest refresher you’ll ever dare to find. It comes in a perfectly purple glass that screams ‘royal’ and is generously garnished with both a lime and wings. But the fun doesn’t stop there - this beverage also comes equipped with a mini staff so that you may point it at people and issue royal decrees while you sip your spritzer.

13 Questions with Queen Fyora

In honour of Fyora Day, The Neopian Times (NT) wanted an exclusive interview with the honouree. “Queen Fyora, hello and thank you for taking time out of your busy day ruling Faerieland to fit in a 13 question interview with The Neopian Times.” I, Archibald Grimsley, The Neopian Times celebrity and culture writer, said to the Faerie Queen as she opened the Hidden Tower door. “Oh, it’s not a hassle at all!” Fyora replies, gesturing for me to enter the Great Hall. To ease the excitement and anxious energy of being in Her Majesty’s presence I think of a quick question to break the ice. “So what has been keeping you occupied these days?” I humbly asked as I gazed at all the banners and portraits that decorated the hall. Wow, she has quite the collection. Queen Fyora, simply smiled at my wonder and replied “ Oh, just managing my shop and spending time with my fellow faeries.”

Other Stories
"The Hidden Tower Heist" by maddie_bangz
“Good morning Queen Fyora!” Fyora glanced over her shoulder at the Faerie who had just entered the Hidden Tower. “Good morning!” She called back cheerily, then turned back to the customer who was admiring the Sword of Skardsen in front of them. “This would be a wonderful addition to your Battledome set and at a fantastic price with your 10% discount. Just don’t let the others know or they might get jealous.” She said with a wink, causing the Aisha in front of her to nearly fall to the floor. He and the other customers in the shop were all staring at Fyora in admiration, clearly devoted to the Queen of Faerieland. The Hidden Tower was fairly busy today, which was surprising considering the secretive nature of the tower itself. Fyora made sure that her tower couldn’t be discovered on any map and was only shared by word of mouth to her most trusted subjects. Only the most devoted of the Neopets and Faeries in all of Neopia were allowed to shop at her tower. The morning went by in a blur as Fyora helped customer after customer. Finally, as the sun began to sink in the sky, the Battle Faerie walked in and began to approach Fyora as she started to lock up her unsold treasures. “Hello Aethia. What brings you into the shop today?” Fyora asked kindly as she...

"The Statue" by cyanlaststar888
Queenly duties take Fyora across Faerieland every day from morning until night. Physically, being made of pure magic, she can’t feel tired. Mentally, though, she is exhausted. Rebuilding the city, holding back the wraiths, bestowing quests upon Neopets, all while managing the rarities within the Hidden Tower, takes its toll. This day begins in the garden, where she is meeting Brynn for a status report on security threats to the kingdom. When Fyora arrives to the courtyard, pages are already setting up a table, filling it with paper and quills and tea. The Queen takes a moment to enjoy the gardens, smelling the jewel blossoms and snap Draiks. Farther away along the grounds, she hears the songflowers singing. Without even realising it, Fyora begins to wander down the cobblestone path through the expansive grounds. She passes the elaborate fountain, then the greenhouse, then the hedge maze. When she was younger, when Faerieland was still in the clouds, she would walk to the edge of the gardens and stare out at the vast expanse of Neopia below. Now, all she can see is the sheer face of the crater surrounding the garden on all sides. And the statue, of course. The one of the angry-looking Xweetox, poised mid-run, arms outstretched.

"Royal Lessons With Queen Fyora" by alistair_returns
When it came to giving out punishments, no one approached them with higher care and delicacy than the Illustrious High Queen of Faerieland Herself. Fyora knew the most effective consequences for any of her royal student’s actions would be one that taught them the importance of giving back to their fellow denizens of Neopia. But even she knew from the look on the two celebrated Water Faeries’ faces in her courtroom that a little more convincing was required for this particular case. “I must interject, my Queen,” a rather heated Marina stated, “Surely there is some mistake. This brute of a Peophin threw multiple Exploding Snowballs into my healing springs. Not only is this a huge danger to the Neopets who visit for healing, but also one snowball shattered the Golden Statue, which is destruction of public property!” The Royal Peophin prince lounging on a nearby Fluffy Cloud Sofa rolled his eyes as he shined his golden hooves, “Shattered is a severe overstatement, I only knocked off the wings. You’d think with all the knowledge you Water Faeries claim to accrue, you’d know that Water Faeries don’t HAVE wings. If anything, I made an improvement!” Marina didn’t have to bite her tongue for long as her...

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